What is phenol peeling

Phenol peeling is the most common cosmetic
facial treatment among women.

Currently, cosmetology is common
industry in the provision of medical services. She is active
invents, practices and introduces new cosmetics in
beauty industry.


  • What is cosmetology and what it does
  • What is phenol peeling
  • Contraindications to the procedure phenol peeling
  • Phenol properties and effects

What is cosmetology and what it does

Cosmetology deals with the elimination of aesthetic deficiencies
skin and adjusts a person’s appearance. With the help of therapeutic and
surgical action.

In therapeutic cosmetology, first of all, they fill in the visible
skin imperfections with:

all sorts of techniques where often resort to cosmetology
preparations to eliminate skin imperfections, creams, masks,
tonics, etc .;

  • complicated procedure – injection;
  • physiotherapy.

When using the techniques applied to cleansed skin
cosmetic means for cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and
skin toning.

An injection is a specific device that is injected with
syringe into the skin depending on the desired results of the client. it
may be mesotherapy, botulinum toxin, contour plastic.

Often prescribed: ultrasound, laser therapy, herbal medicine and
magnetic therapy.

Magnetic Therapy Procedure

Magnetic therapy

Surgical cosmetology is a set of solutions by
surgical intervention. Here more global ones are being solved.
problems, but there are times when a customer requires: more
breasts, shorter nose, flat stomach, narrower hips – this
non-cosmetic problem, but simply a whim of a person, by virtue of his
own complexes. There are congenital aesthetic diseases.
on the face or other parts of the body, a surgical

Thanks to Russian medicine, in 2009 officially appeared
new profession: cosmetologist. After studying medical
Institute for the therapeutic department, last year you can
choose exactly this wonderful profession by distribution.

What is phenol peeling

Phenol peeling refers to therapeutic cosmetology.
Carboxylic acid of phenol is used together with the complex according to
skin exfoliation.

Typical composition of phenol peeling: phenol, glycerin,
propylene glycol, oil, for accelerated absorption of the epidermis and
carboxylic acid and distilled water.

Before you make a phenol peel you need to first find
an experienced specialist, a guru in his business. This procedure is different
high toxicity and without prior medical
kidney, liver and cardiovascular examinations are not
perform. Before you perform a phenol peeling doctor –
anesthesiologist makes anesthesia. The procedure is performed when
the existence of a heart monitor.

After completing the procedure requires a long rehabilitation
about one year. During this period you need
“listen” to your body, as may arise
complications that should be responded to immediately and
seek medical attention.

Indications for use of phenol peeling.

  • significant age deformations;
  • increased hyperpigmentation;
  • scarring of the tissue;
  • the presence of deep scars;
  • deep wrinkles;
  • significant skin damage due to acne;
  • flabbiness of skin.

Phenol peeling is effective in the world of cosmetology services. Leather
quickly smoothed out. However, this procedure cannot be attributed to
surgical intervention even decisive enough
in a way. Only small drugs are injected into the skin.

The effect of phenol peeling

In modern cosmetology, phenol in the form of a solution
low concentration is used as resorption and cautery

If a patient usually has a flaw on the face, which
brings deterioration in his life, then eliminating him in other ways
impossible, then the injection is an effective solution to the problem. AT
in other cases, with the help of a cosmetologist’s consultation,
try to use alternative ways.

Psychological discomfort to a person brings, above all,
reflection in the mirror. Sometimes, making a phenol peel, just one
procedure, I want to continue. Before starting any radical
cosmetological procedures need examination by a psychologist,
to make sure the client’s responsibility.

Contraindications to the procedure phenol peeling

Contraindications are – minority, pregnancy,
breastfeeding, the presence of allergies to one of the components
medication procedures, heart disease, cancer,
hypersensitivity, the presence of burns on the skin, diabetes,
menstruation, psychological disorders, fever,
meteosensitivity, hypertrichosis, fungal infections, presence
numerous viruses, a violation of the epidermis, any injuries in place
intended treatment, kidney and liver disease, age after
60 years, as well as the use of isotretinoin in the previous half a year before

The procedure has positive and negative sides.
compared with other types of peels.

Positive sides:

  • control the amount of distribution of the composition;
  • fast rejuvenating and healing effects compared to others
    types of peelings;
  • stable prolonged effect for a period of from seven to
    ten years;
  • the ability to use the procedure only once.

The results of the phenol peeling procedure:

The results will not take long – they appear
instantly. Many women immediately like their reflection in the mirror.
You will become more attractive and confident and younger on
5-15 years. The skin becomes smoother, firmer, hydrated,
light and tender. Excessive amount of pigmentation is eliminated.
Deep and fine wrinkles and scars disappear. The general tone increases

Negative sides:

  • the existence of a large number of contraindications;
  • rehabilitation can be as long as one year;
  • long-term medical examination period
    preparation for the procedure;
  • prepeeling training;
  • stress on the kidneys, liver and heart system;
  • soreness;
  • anesthesia (when superficial exposure is used local
    painkillers, with deeper exfoliation – intravenous
  • must have a heart monitor;
  • the possibility of severe complications.

Phenol properties and effects

Phenol is a carbolic acid in the simplest
classroom phenols. It has a powerful and long-lasting fragrance.

Getting on the skin, begins the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteins
which is the main quality of elasticity, strength and elasticity

Phenol (carbolic acid) is recognized as a toxic substance. Penetrating
through the skin, it passes through all the cells of the body and dissolves in
of them. After 10 minutes, the phenol substances are already absorbed in
gastrointestinal tract, brain cells. Work may be disrupted
central nervous system. Irritation will appear in the respiratory system.
pathways, cramps, skin can become blue.

Then the carbolic acid is absorbed into the liver cells, where under
by the action of enzyme systemicity it splits into harmless
soluble metabolites that are excreted by the kidneys.
Such mechanization of phenol elimination does not allow accumulation and
demonstrate delayed toxicity.

It is generally accepted that when small amounts of phenol are applied to small areas
no face toxicity detected. The liver immediately neutralizes this.

The beautician, working with people, must be benevolent, and
because of how polite and courteous he depends
customers. Very much depends on the literacy of the cosmetologist.
The main consultant in the selection of medical cosmetics, which can
advise, having examined the type of person – it was he. Coming to the reception, we
immediately pay attention to the equipment, as far as it is
improved and on the means by which the cosmetologist will
to enjoy.

The system of cosmetology care is performed on
on the basis of voluntary client acceptance of a course of treatment after
relevant information. It is based on personal interest in
objective opportunities and its implementation. As a result the patient
will receive competent cosmetology assistance, reliable effect, and
The team of the beauty parlor – authority and profit.

We will not always be young as in 20 years, time is running and changing.
Even resorting to this procedure, we will rejuvenate, but use it
can only be once. Each age has its pros and cons and
this must be cherished. Be healthy and beautiful!

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