What is shugaring and what are its advantages


Even in ancient Egypt and Persia beauties enjoyed perfectly
smooth skin without hair due to sugar depilation. Today
shugaring successfully used in salons and at home, since the millennial
The procedure has many advantages and a minimum of drawbacks.

Sugar depilation has existed for several thousand years, but the recipe
and the method of application has not changed. Today shugaring
remains the easiest, most affordable and economical way to remove
hair. The possibility of infection during depilation sugar
equal to zero, because it is known that sugar is a natural preservative and
sugar syrup is detrimental to most bacteria.

Hair removal with sugar paste is not as
as painful as wax depilation. And unlike wax,
sugar can not burn your feet, because sugar paste does not require
heating. The procedure of shugaring is very simple, because it requires
only a small ball of thick sugar paste.

Benefits of Sugar Depilation

  1. Short hair removal. Sugar paste penetrates deep into
    follicle, therefore, qualitatively removes hairs of any length, including
    including and ingrown.
  2. Without irritation. Hair removal occurs in the direction of growth
    hair, which prevents the occurrence of inflammatory reactions.
  3. Long-term effect. The effect of smooth skin lasts up to three
    weeks, but not the first time. By removing hairs from
    bulb slows their growth.
  4. Hypoallergenic. Sugar paste industrial production
    consists only of natural components: glucose, fructose and
    water, does not contain dyes and chemical additives, does not cause
    irritations and allergies.
  5. Painlessness Depilation procedures are not removed.
    living skin cells, so it is practically painless even for
    very sensitive areas of bikini, armpits and antennae on
  6. New hairs do not grow into the skin due to hair growth.
  7. After the shugaring procedure, the skin remains smooth, moisturized,
    without redness and irritation.
  8. Nice temperature. Shugaring is performed at body temperature,
    which eliminates the possibility of burns and vascular dilation. Sugar
    depilation can remove hair even with severe capillary and
    venous network.
  9. Clean. After sugar depilation, the skin remains clean and
    non-sticky, and the paste remains easily washed off with water.
  10. Universality of the method. Sugaring is suitable for removing all
    hair types from fluff to hard on all parts of the body of women and
  11. Hygiene. Sugar prevents the development of bacteria, therefore
    after the depilation procedure there is no inflammation of the hair follicles
  12. Skin care. Sugar depilation removes superficial
    dead skin cells, due to which there is a soft peeling and
    moisturizing the skin.
  13. Hair removal technique in the direction of growth provides
    venotonic massage, relieves swelling and guarantees lymphatic drainage

Contraindications to shugaring

Shugaring virtually no contraindications, but not worth it
do the procedure in the presence of diabetes or purulent wounds on
skin surface. Burns, bruises and cuts are also
contraindication for sugar depilation.

You should not make shugaring and pregnant women who have not previously
tried wax or sugar depilation because during
pregnancy can significantly increase the pain threshold.

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