What is SPRS-therapy

Among the currently existing methods of skin rejuvenation is
the most revolutionary and effective – SPRS-therapy. Unfortunately,
almost all modern injection techniques improve skin condition
only for a certain time. They do not rejuvenate the skin and not
turn back time, and only for a while eliminate wrinkles,
dryness and flabbiness. But the biological clock is inexorably going

To achieve a significant rejuvenation of the skin and body in
In general, it is necessary to prevent the aging of the body where it is
starts, namely at the cellular level. At the moment it is
impossible, but still there is some progress in this direction.


  • Why aren’t we getting younger using some modern
    injection equipment?
  • Stimulation of autologous dermal fibroblasts
  • What is SPRS therapy?
  • What is the essence of the SPRS method?
  • How is the procedure of SPRS-therapy
  • What is remarkable about the method of SPRS-therapy?
  • How many SPRS treatments do I need?
  • What skin characteristics improves SPRS therapy?
  • What effect should you not expect?
  • Is it possible to combine SPRS therapy with other cosmetic
  • Who is shown and contraindicated procedure
  • Are there any age limits when conducting
    SPRS therapy?
  • SPRS-therapy and stem cells

Why aren’t we getting younger using some modern
injection equipment?

Over the years, human skin undergoes significant changes.
Fibroblasts lose their activity, and as a result they are less and less
produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Other
words disintegration of substances responsible for the youth of the skin, prevails
over their synthesis. All these changes are the most pernicious way.
affect the appearance: the skin becomes flabby, dry, with a bad
turgor and relief. What to do in this case? How to return the skin


To fill the deficiency of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.
How? There are two ways to solve this problem:

  1. Introduce collagen, elastin into the skin,
    hyaluronic acid.
  2. Stimulate the activation of one’s own fibroblasts and the production of
    necessary substances.

The first method improves skin characteristics only for a while. AND
if you are not cunning, then no recovery of these substances in the skin
going on. In medicine, there is such a term as substitution
therapy. The purpose of replacement therapy in replenishing the deficit
substances (hormones or digestive enzymes) in which
the body needs. The body itself reproduces these substances in
insufficient volume. But long-term use of such medicinal
drugs leads to inhibition of the synthesis of these substances in
the body. That is, for example, collagen, acting from the outside, blocks
production of own collagen, and as a result does not occur
no rejuvenation of the skin, but only a temporary improvement in its condition.
And as soon as the intake of these substances from the outside stops, the skin
is rapidly aging. Because your own collagen and elastin is not
produced, the skin simply unlearned them

But the second method really contributes to the development
own substances for youthful skin. We will dwell on it
in more detail.

Stimulation of autologous dermal fibroblasts

In the world of cosmetology, there are several immutable truths,
which will always be. Whatever the manufacturers promise us
and advertisers, but our skin is aging. And this is a fact. Like the fact
that there is no magic elixir of youth capable
prevent the aging process. The best tool
rejuvenation is our own natural renewal system and
regeneration. Scientists, trying to find a cure for old age, drew
focus on the hidden possibilities of the body. After all, what could be
more natural to man than his own body? Based on these
observations innovative techniques were invented and
regeneration of the body by stimulating its own resources.
One of these innovative technologies is SPRS-therapy.
The invention of this method was made possible by the development of knowledge
about the mechanism of action of dermal fibroblasts that provide
self-regulation of skin processes. In order to run rejuvenation
skin, it is important to enhance the work of autologous (own)

What is SPRS therapy?

SPRS therapy is an injection method based on
regenerating capabilities of the body, namely the stimulation
autologous fibroblasts (connective tissue cells).
Fibroblasts are powerful cells that can activate
the production of three important components (collagen, elastin and
hyaluronate), which are responsible for the youth and beauty of our skin.
Why exactly fibroblasts play an important role in skin regeneration?
Fibroblasts as connective tissue cells are involved in the synthesis
growth factors and interact with other cells of the body,
directly affecting their work.

The main function of fibroblasts is to update and
regenerate extracellular matrix. Skin youth is known
depends on the cell population of the dermis: on the number of fibroblasts,
their structure, ability to divide and reproduce, functional

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that
fibroblasts are key elements in the process
skin renewal and regeneration.

SPRS therapy is different than any other radical method.
popular injection rejuvenation. SPRS – abbreviation
translates as: service for personal regeneration of skin, that
literally stands for service for individual restoration
skin. This method not only corrects the visual defects of the skin, but
and reorganizes its structure.

What is the essence of the SPRS method?

The essence of the method is what happens
replenishment of autologous dermal fibroblasts by young and
active cells by cultivating and growing them in
laboratory conditions. This makes it possible to effectively
correct age-related skin imperfections. In other words, this
one of the methods of regenerative technology that can affect
on dermal cells and regenerate the processes occurring in it.
That is what we talked about above: the fight against aging is
where its mechanism starts.

How is the procedure of SPRS-therapy

The procedure has several stages.

The first step is to take a biopsy of the skin (a piece of skin,
most often from the ear shell), from which the methods of standard
laboratory manipulations emit fibroblasts. Then biomaterial
placed in a test tube with a special solution and transported to
the lab.

The second stage is the selection and cultivation of fibroblasts.
It should be clarified that the selection and stimulation are only
young and active fibroblasts. Then specialized
In laboratories, fibroblasts are reproduced to the required

The third stage is to introduce cultivated
resident fibroblasts in the patient’s skin. Cellular
the material is delivered in special containers in
a clinic where patients are given a course of SPRS therapy. Conduct therapy
with needles for mesotherapy. The drug is injected into the problem
skin areas in need of correction. Often injections are made by
the entire facial parameter, evenly with a certain

There is a question that interests many patients.
how much time must pass from the moment of taking the biomaterial? it
depends on the condition of the skin and the activity of the fibroblasts themselves. it happens
so that in mature women fibroblasts are more active and functional,
than the young ones. All this is individual and does not depend on age. This
the procedure is worth undergoing at least in order to identify the biopotential
own fibroblasts. It can be said that the activity
fibroblasts is a meaningful indicator, eloquently
talking about how the patient’s skin will age and on what effect
from therapy can hope.

What is remarkable about the method of SPRS-therapy?

Why are experts fighting for him?

The first and main argument is that fibroblasts,
isolated from the patient’s body are his own
cells that are not capable of causing rejection of the biomaterial or
allergic reactions.

Second argument: cultured fibroblasts take root easily
and actively produce a complex of important ingredients that,
in turn, possess regenerating and reconstructing
abilities and that run natural renewal processes

How many SPRS treatments do I need?

Everything is purely individual and depends on the current state of the skin.
A standard course of SPRS-therapy includes two sessions with
at intervals of 5-10 weeks. The therapeutic effect has
incremental character. With each new skin injection
performance is improving, and the anti-aging effect is maintained at about
2 years. A beneficial effect on the skin is observed already after
first procedure.

What skin characteristics improves SPRS therapy?

Patients who have undergone a course of SPRS therapy notice:

  • improvement in complexion;
  • the disappearance of age spots;
  • skin firmness and elasticity;
  • the disappearance of fine wrinkles;
  • reducing the depth of wrinkles;
  • improvement in skin texture.

What effect should you not expect?


Definitely it can be said that cellular SPRS-therapy
improves the skin in many ways, but nonetheless
There are problems that this method cannot eliminate: this
lifting and ptosis of tissues. There is a slight slowdown.
development of ptosis, but completely eliminate this defect with the help of this
method is impossible. For the correction of the oval face will have to resort to
other injection methods such as face contour
based hydroxyapatite calcium or hyaluronic acid.

Is it possible to combine SPRS therapy with other cosmetic

In principle, there are no contraindications in this matter, but
it is advisable to resort to some hardware procedures to
conducting SPRS-therapy. Otherwise, collagen and elastin,
produced by young fibroblasts will be destroyed.
It is completely undesirable to expose the skin after the procedure.
aggressive exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Otherwise the effect
from the procedure will be promptly destroyed. In other words, all
additional cosmetic manipulations should be carried out before
SPRS therapy. Further for six months is not recommended.
carrying out cosmetic procedures of mechanical nature (peels,
laser procedures, mesotherapy). You can hold cosmetic
procedures based on Botox and hyaluron fillers.

Who is shown and contraindicated procedure

SPRS therapy has practically no contraindications, since
The active substance is its own cellular material. BUT
In this case, there is no rejection and allergic reactions. Shown
procedure in all cases of aging skin wilting.

But we must carefully consider this issue in the case of:

  • chronic diseases;
  • infectious diseases in the acute phase;
  • autoimmune connective tissue disease;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Are there any age limits when conducting
SPRS therapy?

Many patients are interested in the question, from what age
You can resort to cellular SPRS-therapy. Age restrictions
This technique does not have. Naturally, young women under 40
years it is undesirable to resort to cell therapy. But still weighty
The argument in this matter is the condition of the patient’s skin.


There are many reasons that allow you to apply
SPRS therapy ahead of time. After all, in life
a lot of unpleasant things happen that contribute to the deterioration
skin characteristics. For this reason, conduct this or any
another cosmetic procedure is decided only by a specialist, relying
on the study of skin indicators.

SPRS-therapy and stem cells

Important! SPRS-therapy has nothing to do with stem
cells. SPRS-therapy does not use stem cells, but their own
dermal fibroblasts (connective tissue cells). Fibroblasts
are not stem cells whose use is prohibited during
the whole world. Dermal fibroblasts are already defined.
differentiated cells, and stem cells are undifferentiated,
immature cells from which you can grow any
specialized cell of our body. We can say that
SPRS therapy refers to regenerative cellular technologies, but
no way to stem cells.

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