What is sugar shugaring? Features procedures

Sugar shugaring helps make the skin smooth and tender.
For centuries, poets have been singing the beauty of Persian beauties,
emphasizing their charm, charm and sophistication. Maybe this
because women knew about the right methods of maintaining beauty,
These include sugar depilation. In the East
the procedure has been applied for a long time: this method helps
get rid of unwanted hairs for a long time.
The word “shugaring”, derived from the English word “sugar”

Features of the procedure

Sugar hair removal has many advantages. You can spend it
independently or contact an experienced professional. Shugaring
involves the use of a special paste, based on
is caramel sugar. To make the procedure successful,
you must first cleanse the skin with a lotion and then
apply the paste. Before use, knead the paste thoroughly,
when she gets the right consistency, you need to put it on
skin against hair growth. A special feature of shugaring is that
paste should be applied against hair growth, and remove the strip on their

Shugaring is a very popular and effective procedure.

Sugar paste can envelop hairs of various lengths –
from the shortest to the very long. As a result, with the right
abrupt removal of the strip on the skin does not leave a single hair.

Shugaring procedure

The procedure promotes effective hair removal,
the result lasts about four weeks.

Sugar hair removal is effective in any area: it is often used
to remove hair on the face, arms, back, buttocks, in the area
underarms and bikinis. It should be noted that depilation with sugar is a method
far from pleasant, during the procedure you will need
to suffer Upon completion of the procedure, the skin must be applied
A special gel that soothes irritated skin. Additionally
You can apply a remedy against hair growth. To sugar procedure
did not give complications in the form of age spots, visit the tanning bed and
expose the skin to ultraviolet light is not recommended. Sugar epilation
differs depending on the paste used: to remove more
soft hair with a fluffy look should be used weak (
when removing the hair on the hands, above the lip). For epilating legs
medium paste is used, and for hair in the bikini zone and
Underarms fit thick. When using a particular composition
Cosmetologist takes into account the individual characteristics of hair growth.

It is worth emphasizing again: sugar hair removal is painful, you
need to suffer at least the first three sessions. AT
Further, the hair will not be so tough, and the bulbs will become
less sensitive. In some patients, the skin is very tender,
In this case, to reduce pain, a beautician may
apply a special tool that has an anesthetic effect. Have
For most women, skin is tolerant of this kind of procedure. Sugar
Hair removal has some drawbacks compared to laser hair removal: it does not
allows you to completely remove the hair follicle. Concerning
after a while the hairs appear, however, they are no longer such
tough. On average, the procedure should be repeated every 3-6 weeks –
It all depends on the features of the skin.

Shugaring and waxing: what are the differences?

Sugar paste is able to penetrate deep enough, so
This can be used to remove hairs of different lengths and
thicknesses. When the master shugares, the removal is by
the direction of hair growth, if wax is used, the removal should
produced exclusively against hair growth. Temperature
The compositions also differ: the wax can be warmed up to 40 degrees,
and sugar mass – up to 37. Techniques are also excellent.
movement. Shugaring has its own contraindications;
include varicose veins. Cosmetic mass should be applied
more than once: it takes several to achieve a result

Sugar epilation

The procedure is almost painlessly tolerated by people.
even with a low threshold of sensitivity, turning the shugaring into
truly caramel pleasure. This epilation is absolutely
safe for both women and men.

When the master conducts wax epilation, unlike shugaring
more hairs can be removed at once. With
carrying out waxing requires less approaches. To
remove sugar paste from the skin, it is enough to use warm
water The use of special tools and solvents is not required.
Many women are interested in the question of whether ingrown
hairs after shugaring. This effect is usually observed
after shaving. If the shugaring will be done by an experienced professional,
this just will not happen! It is also worth noting that the hairs and their
the structure of each individual, in this regard, some patients
there may be such a problem, others do not.

If you can not hold in the presence of diabetes. If
human reduced blood clotting, sugar epilation too
would be undesirable. First of all, it is recommended to be carried out on
clean, wound-free skin, and in the presence of serious skin
diseases it will be contraindicated. If there is an epilation zone
birthmarks, warts, it can not be. When pregnancy should
take into account the individual characteristics of the skin, in accordance with this,
choose the correct hair removal method.

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