What is tartar and how to remove it?

Tartar is the cause of inflammatory gum disease
and teeth. Every second person suffers from these ailments most often because
that pays little attention to the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.
The actual question is how to get rid of tartar. But first it is worth
determine where this problem comes from and whether it can be avoided.

After eating the teeth remain bloom, and if you do not get rid of it
in a timely manner, it hardens, turning into lime deposits,
consisting of salts of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. Considering the teeth
in the mirror, you can see brown spots of different shades. If on
cotton wool apply a solution of iodine and rub his teeth, then the deposits
will become especially noticeable in smokers, they will be black or
Brown color.

Plaque on the teeth

Tartar, also known as calculus
(mineralized plaque) leads to a change in color and appearance
stains on the teeth.

Types of tartar:

  1. It may be located above the gum, usually yellowish.
    Most often visible on the front lower teeth from the inside or
    root upper jaw. Over time, it becomes the basis for another
    An unpleasant problem is caries.
  2. Poddesnevoy – more solid, appears in the pockets of the gums, and
    it can only be detected by a dentist with special
    tools. This species is brown, sometimes black;
    contributes to the occurrence of inflammation of the gums.


  • Why appear lime deposits on the teeth
  • How to remove tartar
  • Problems with the stone in children and animals
  • Prevention of stone formation

Why appear lime deposits on the teeth

Plaque in the form of a film occurs on the teeth at the joints with
gummy. It contains bacteria, as a result of which
acid is formed. This acid is neutralized by human saliva. But
if, after eating, the plaque is not removed, the acid becomes dangerous.
Initially, a soft patina reaches hardness in 12
days Accumulating, it leads to inflammatory
diseases in the oral cavity.

Causes of stones:

  1. We do not brush our teeth well: we do not completely clean them from plaque,
    we pay little time to this.
  2. Lack of foods rich in vitamins and
  3. Diseases of the digestive tract.
  4. Long-term medication, including antibiotics.
  5. Contributes to the intensive accumulation of plaque smoking.
  6. Incorrect tooth placement.
  7. The use of low-quality toothbrush (it is better to take with
    non-stick artificial bristles
  8. Frequent consumption of soft foods.
  9. When chewing, only one side of the jaw is involved.

Knowing the danger of tartar, you can prevent this phenomenon.
More plaque is observed on the front lower teeth, where
saliva accumulates. And if you notice a hardened raid, then
clean it with a brush and paste is no longer possible. In this condition, the gums
start to bleed already while eating. But usually people don’t
pay attention, and in vain, because in the future the disease progresses and
there is an exposure of the teeth, which become mobile.
Inflammation leads to early loss of teeth, which could
save if time was treated.

Gum disease can develop as a result of gum disease.
upper respiratory tract may worsen the general condition

How to remove tartar

How to remove tartar, only the doctor will tell.
It is impossible to remove these deposits mechanically independently, therefore
It is necessary to contact the clinic. Moreover, medicine
the dental equipment is being improved along with it. AT
ultrasound scaling is currently being applied or
using a laser. Laser therapy is expensive, and
The ability to use such a method is not in every
the clinic. Pros: salt deposits are destroyed without pain and washed away
air-water mixture; condition improves

Brushing teeth from stone

To protect yourself and your health as much as possible,
need after meals to use dental floss or
chewing gum.

Ultrasonic removal of tartar occurs without pressure on
other fabrics, and enamel does not suffer. With the help of a special apparatus
An ultrasound is sent to the tooth and the deposits are cleaned.
Sometimes local anesthesia is used. When this is achieved
anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect.

If there is discomfort after the sediment removal procedure,
it is recommended to rinse your mouth with infusions of medicinal herbs: chamomile
or sage. 1 tbsp. l herbs poured a glass of boiling water after 20
minutes infusion ready.

To prevent this problem from re-occurring, use
special toothpastes that contain phosphorus, magnesium, calcium.
Massage the gums with a brush to increase blood circulation.
helps to strengthen enamel and dentin.

Toothpaste from tartar presented whitening
by means of “LAKALUT”, “PRESIDENT”, “REMBRANDT”. There are others
which the doctor will recommend. Such funds are used no more often than
1-2 times a week after professional cleaning.

But no toothpaste can cope with large deposits in
running form.

Problems with the stone in children and animals

Improper oral care can lead to the formation of
tartar and in children. Teeth in infants need to be cleaned from the very
their appearance. Silicone is enough for such a child.
brush Deposits may also appear on baby teeth due to
that children are often given sweets, and carbohydrates are food for germs,
which combine with mineral deposits and epithelial cells.
In children, the stone may be formed from insufficient use
tough food. It is important for teens to explain that the appearance of such
problems provokes smoking. And remove the stones no folk
funds will not help, need qualified child help
a dentist who will recommend how to get rid of tartar
The child has.

Dental calculus in dogs

Domestic animals also suffer from gum disease and teeth:
dogs and cats. Among cats there are breeds more prone to this.
Ailments are Siamese, British and Scottish. In animals, too, to
inflammation in the gums causes plaque, more
accumulating on the canines and back teeth. The film hardens and
turns into hard clusters. How to remove tartar from
animals, prompt veterinarian. And not to bring to
caries, stomatitis and tooth loss in your favorite pets, also
you need to brush their teeth, accustomed to these procedures from an early
age To do this, use special toothpastes and brushes.
for cats or for dogs.

The state of the oral cavity of animals, as well as internal organs,
The digestive tract depends on the quality of the food. When feeding dogs and cats is important
combine liquid and solid food to make it necessary
chew food, gnaw. Special food with vitamins can
purchase at pet stores.

Prevention of stone formation

Avoid pain, discomfort, keep a beautiful smile and
health will help the prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums. Observe

Prevention of tartar

  1. Be sure to eat hard food: raw vegetables, fruits,
    crackers and others
  2. Every six months, contact your dentist.
  3. After eating, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth 2 times in
    day carefully. Do not let leftover food sleep in your mouth,
    remove them before bedtime to prevent them from taking root.
  4. Chew food you need on both sides of the jaw.
  5. It is important to choose brushes that clean their teeth.
  6. When cleaning the plaque stops growing on the teeth, but under the condition
    if you clean them properly. It is necessary to turn the brush so that
    the bristles were at an angle of 45 degrees to the area where they connect
    teeth and gums. Movements must be circular to be cleaned alone.
    tooth after another. Do not forget those places where germs hide – between
    cheek and teeth.
  7. Use the thread. With careful movements skip
    the thread between the teeth. When she reaches the gumline, bend her into
    form the letter “c” around one tooth and slide between the teeth and
    gum until you feel some resistance. Then
    proceed to another.
  8. If there is no paste on hand, you can brush your teeth with water, the brush will be
    remove leftover food.
  9. When there are no brushes at hand, you can chew gum
    sugarless. While you chew, saliva will wash your teeth and neutralize
    acid. But do not do this if you have a seal.
  10. Change the brush every 3 months.
  11. Use pastes with fluoride.
  12. Eat more apples, cabbage, carrots – those
    vegetables that will help remove plaque after eating.

The most accessible and surest way to prevent
stones on the teeth – the right care for the oral cavity. Remove
remnants of food and flocks with a brush and teach them to
rule your children as early as possible. And then maybe not
will need tartar cleaning.

And then these diseases will not become a stumbling block on your
life path. Be healthy!

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