What is the coloring of hair and is it worth do?

coloring hairColoring
hair is a method of dyeing hair with individual strands
several close tones. Shades of dye can be from three to
fifteen! If you use close natural tones, then
it will turn out to give volume to the curls, and to cut the desired texture. And to
make the image winding, it’s enough to use contrasting

To check, you can take a photo of the result and compare it with
option “to”. Color coloring will transform you without
cardinal changes, it is suitable for any curls. Outside
whichever hair coloring will be carried out
a hair salon or at home paint is necessary
use only professional.

The procedure is suitable for all women, regardless of age, but
experts advise older ladies to use one range of color
transitions. Stylists who are professional in their
work, there are many different ideas with close
shades are not applied equally on all strands. it
allows you to significantly change your everyday look: depending on
styling can come out in different tones.


Depending on the execution, the coloring is divided into the transverse and
longitudinal The last option involves the application of different
shades along the entire length of the hair. As for the first option,
here you need to make smooth transitions from dark to light. But such
the method is considered very difficult, so doing the procedure at home
conditions we do not recommend. For transverse staining, the color will be
stay much longer.

Depending on the appearance of painting is divided into
pearl, Californian, multicolor, neon and patterned.
When multicolor use many shades that fit almost
all Coloring dark hair makes it possible to emphasize
on dark and light strands. Pearl painting gives pearl
transfusion effect.

Such coloring on blond hair will give the appearance
presentable. Neon painting includes bright, sometimes
crazy colors, it used to choose punks, emo and others
representative of subcultures. Today, people prefer to make neon
painting several strands. Such coloring on light brown hair
will produce a stunning effect.

The essence of the Californian species is that it is smooth
the transition from dark roots to platinum tips, something similar to
armor. As a result, the girl looks very natural
as if she recently returned from California beaches and her hair
burned out a little. California coloring blond hair will
look great

As for the patterned coloring, it can be safely recognized
a work of art. After all, you need to have golden hands to
make certain patterns and drawings on the strands using stencils.
Patterned coloring on black hair in combination with light
the pattern will make your hair really unique.

Which view to choose?

tips on coloring hairIf you – the owner of the dark
the head of hair, the color coloring is a great way to change
image. You can combine the lateral coloring with the longitudinal
most pointing to their originality and creativity. And if you
like experiments, advise patterned or zonal coloring.
We hurry to please blondes – for them in coloring restrictions
not! Any coloring for blondes will look great,
whether patterned, Californian, longitudinal or zonal

Depending on the length of the hair you should choose certain
types of staining. For example, those who have long curls, especially
do not have to limit yourself. And coloring on short hair
not any suitable. So should exclude Californian and patterned,
multicolor will choose only the most risky. People short
more transverse coloring than

In general, if you decide on such a painting, the main thing is correct
choose the type of painting to hide flaws and emphasize
dignity of their appearance. Coloring hair at home
conditions are not easy. Independently make it unlikely
it will turn out, the help of the girlfriend (mothers, sister, etc.) will be required. If a
You know how to make coloring, and decided to do it in
home conditions, stock up with all the necessary tools for
of this.

It would be nice if the person involved in painting,
versed in the hairdressing business. Anyway, at home
conditions rarely achieve such results as
professionals in the cabin, yet they know better how to do
coloring of hair.

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