What is the diet of acne on the face?

The face acne diet is part of a range of activities
aimed at reducing the rash on the face and body. Often
skin problems occur due to malnutrition. To this
contributes to the excessive consumption of fatty and sweet foods. AT
As a result, pores are clogged, purulent formations and acne appear.
Of course, this causes aesthetic inconvenience, especially
teenagers and women.

Before taking any action, you must for certain
establish that the cause of acne and blackheads lies in the diet.
In this case, a well-designed diet and acne diet
will help reduce the number of lesions on the skin or completely
get rid of them.

What foods need to be consumed to avoid the appearance

To get rid of chronic acne, you need to pick
products so that they help excrete unnecessary. AT
cellulose rich in fruits and cereals will help, with this
rice. Eating fruits in large quantities contributes to
removal of waste products through the pores of the skin.

Protein-enriched foods must be part of
face acne and acne diets. Your diet needs to be enriched.
dairy and dairy products, suitable bird, lean
varieties of meat.

For the skin in general, especially for the face, acne diet
should include vitamins A and E. They nourish the epithelium, saturating it
macro-and microelements. However, do not immediately run to the pharmacy,
The body is best influenced by vitamins, which are contained in
food products. Vitamin A is found in large quantities in
carrots, liver, spinach, sorrel, tangerines. Vitamin E Dose
a person gets when he eats nuts, and in all varieties.
Carrots, along with lemon, ginger, parsley, have high
bactericidal properties, which contributes to the speedy healing

In addition to eating foods enriched with vitamins and
microelements, it is necessary to observe drinking mode. Diet from
acne and water are inseparable from each other. Clean water is the key
skin and body health in general. To maintain the body in
Normally, you need to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day. Available in
mind water in its pure form, excluding coffee, tea, juice, other

It is worth having before your eyes the list of products that need
categorically exclude from the diet if there is a desire to get rid
for acne forever. Bakery products, sweets, are harmful to a time
smoked foods, alcohol, strong drinks (tea, coffee). This does not mean,
that these “goodies” must be abandoned forever – enough
there will be at least some time to refrain from the use of such
products, and then consume them in limited quantities. Such is
simple diet of acne.

Hidden causes of acne

It is necessary to focus your attention not only on products and their
quality, but also on how the diet is organized during the day.
People, especially adults and busy, do not have a clear timetable
eating, which in turn greatly affects the state
organism as a whole. The skin acts as a conductor in
human life. Thus, proper nutrition –
the guarantee of health and beauty.


Acne, the scientific name for acne, also requires

The acne diet is the same.

It should be understood that if the true causes of acne
on the skin lie in hormonal changes, prolonged stress, in
other reasons, the diet will help, but will not bring the desired
cleansing. Thus, before the treatment of the skin is necessary
consult with a specialist to identify the causes of skin
rashes. However, whatever treatment system is prescribed,
only medications will not help get rid of the rash,
so diet and proper nutrition will play anyway
positive role.

Dermatologist who deals with this issue
during the initial examination will certainly take an interest in the patient’s diet.
After this, an acne diet will be prescribed. Diet from acne and blackheads
may be recommended by a beautician and physician.

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