What is the difference between fleas and lice and what harm put to man

The difference between lice and fleas

Both fleas and lice are blood-sucking insects,
capable of carrying a number of diseases. Parasites in the same
degrees are dangerous to human and animal health. To fight them
Different methods are required, so it’s important to know how they differ
these insects are between themselves.

What is the difference between fleas and lice

The content of the article:

  • What is the difference between fleas and lice
  • What are human lice and fleas, what is the difference
  • What harm do these parasites
  • Living environment of lice and fleas and differences in lifestyle
  • Whom do these parasites bite
  • What are the similarities of lice and fleas
  • How to get rid of parasites

Fleas and lice have similar properties, but there are also between them
the differences. Both types of parasites feed on the blood of the victims,
but lice belong to the order of the bloodsucking, and fleas – to the eared. From
both are hard enough to get rid of, and both the first and second
able to carry infections and provoke discomfort.

Fleas are larger than lice. Lice are not able to fly and
jump – they move only on their paws, and
fast enough. Fleas can move by jumping and
jump to a height of 1 meter, because the hind legs have
quite developed.

Lice lay eggs and breed in the scalp
human, fleas are able to reproduce in any
place, even in pet rugs. Lice infect
people, and fleas – mostly pets. Bite man they
capable in rare cases.

REFERENCE! There is a difference in the development of larvae and eggs.
parasites. Lice lack a pupal stage. Chitin Shell
they have a gray color, while fleas have it
brownish black.

Different sources of infection by parasites. Pediculosis
most often occurs due to contact with the carrier lice.
Lice can attack a person either by direct contact with
sick or using contaminated personal items
(comb, towel, hats). Vector fleas can
to be both domestic cats and dogs, and rodents, wild and domestic
birds. Parasites can get into the house with shoes or clothes, go
from neighbors. They also enter the room through attics, basements,

What are human lice and fleas, what is the difference

Lice and fleas are even different in appearance

When looking at parasites in the vicinity you can see obvious
differences in their appearance:

  • Fleas are larger than lice.
  • Lice have a translucent light body that may have
    gray, beige, brown, it is dark in fleas, looks like
    almost black.
  • The color of fleas changes as they mature. The older the parasite
    the more brown his chitinous shell will become.
  • A louse has a flat body similar to a crab body. On paws
    there are small notches allowing the parasite to be kept
    on the victim’s hair. Insects are not able to jump – they only
  • Fleas have a flattened body at the sides. It is covered with small
    bristles, allowing them to fasten on the hair of animals. Have these
    insects longer and developed hind legs, thanks to which
    they are able to jump in length and height.

What harm do these parasites

Most often, human lice infect the scalp

The main danger borne by both types of parasites is
infection with serious diseases.

Several centuries ago, during plague and typhoid epidemics, lice
considered deadly because they transferred data
diseases. Today they do not represent such a threat, and with them
can be easily managed with medication.

Fleas are distinguished by promiscuity in the diet, so they
able to carry a wide range of diseases from worms
to severe infections. In addition, serious discomfort is caused by themselves.
insect bites. Biting the victim, the parasite highlights a special secret.
He, getting into the circulatory system, provokes a strong
allergic reaction, and because of this, an unbearable

A person or animal is combing bite spots before appearance
wounds, due to which pathogens can get into
affected area and cause infection, suppuration and some
dangerous complications.

Living environment of lice and fleas and differences in lifestyle

Both lice and fleas feed on blood

Both fleas and lice can use human blood for
power supply. But lice are more legible – they don’t
will attack animals and live exclusively on human
hairline. Fleas are not attached to their prey, and if
for a long time they do not get food, they can bite
other animals and even humans.

IMPORTANT! Lice live on the body all the time.
man and do not leave him. Fleas are able to live and
to multiply outside of their prey, feeding on its blood at
of necessity.

There are some differences in lifestyle. Unlike lice
fleas are able to jump, giving them the opportunity to chase the victim
and at any opportunity to attack her.

Reproduction features of parasites differ. Unlike lice,
fleas are able to lay eggs not only in places of sleep and rest
victims, but also in animal cages, in trash heaps, living environment
there may even be food products (mostly groceries).

Flea nits look like poppy grains brownish yellowish
colors. After some time, the larvae appear from them. They have not yet
able to feed on blood. Somewhat later, they become dolls.
An adult full-fledged individual appears only when leaving the cocoon.
The complete development cycle of a flea takes no more than 30 days.

Lice grow, multiply and die without leaving the human body.
They are able to move on to another victim only through close contact.
Although the life cycle of parasites is short, they can postpone up to 150
eggs – nits. The latter are glued to human hair due to
special secret with sticky properties.

Unlike fleas, lice do not have a pupae stage. Adults
parasites appear from the capsules within a week.

Whom do these parasites bite

Fleas can easily migrate to any warm-blooded animal.

Both fleas and lice can feed on human blood. But
fleas don’t care who to bite – it can be
almost any animals. Lice in this regard is very
picky and hit only people, and, finding one victim,
they usually don’t leave her.

A flea, in the absence of a nearby permanent host, can easily
use as food any warm-blooded animal.

ATTENTION! If at least one survives after treatment
the female, both fleas and louses, may be the product of a new colony

What are the similarities of lice and fleas

Watching flea bites is always painful.

Both types of parasites as a food source use
blood. In the absence of food, they die enough
quickly. Insect bites are painful, and usually after them.
small wounds remain. If habitat conditions for parasites
unfavorable, they may hibernate, in which all
their body processes are almost entirely stopped. This gives
insects the ability to save power and energy, and when changing
more favorable conditions they can easily return to
of life.

But the main similarity is the problems that can cause
these parasites. Immediately after their identification, you need to start
treatment, as both lice and fleas are extremely fast

Both species of insects lost their wings during evolution and retained
piercing-sucking mouth with a proboscis, giving them the opportunity to suck
blood. On this similarities, in fact, end. Differences between
parasites, as can be seen from the above, are significantly

How to get rid of parasites

Treatment of the apartment from lice and fleas

Both lice and fleas after their detection require dealing with them.
Fleas are difficult to destroy. Their elimination
includes several steps:

  • the destruction of parasites on the victim;
  • processing of residential premises;
  • processing of common areas;

For the destruction of fleas in dogs and cats, special
shampoos for animals. Also use different drops: Barrier,
Neo, Blohnet, Dana Ultra. For animals there are special
flea collars.

IMPORTANT! All the nooks in the house or apartment,
mats and pet mats need quality
vacuum and wash using insecticoacaricidal agents.

For the treatment of premises can be used such drugs
like Raid, Geth, Raptor, Clean House, Dichlorvos.

The fight against pediculosis is simpler. In the pharmacy
You can purchase numerous tools to help cope with

Therapy consists of two stages:

  • the destruction of adult parasites;
  • elimination of nits.

For animals apply special means for fleas

Almost no effect on nits
medicines. They are removed manually or use a special
scallop with frequent teeth. When treating pediculosis is also important
wash and boil thoroughly all clothes, underwear and bedding

When identifying signs of pediculosis, refer to
dermatologist. He will prescribe medications to help eliminate
parasites, for example, Butadion or Full Marks. Funds are issued
in the form of shampoos, ointments, gels, sprays, solutions. Also therapy
can be supplemented by folk remedies. Medicines applied on
scalp and hair and remain for a required period. Then means
washed away, and the dead parasites and nits combed. Later
certain time processing needs to be repeated to destroy
newly hatched insects. Understand the difference between lice and
fleas? danet

Lice and fleas cause a lot of trouble. But if you define
their availability to take necessary measures quickly and in time;
soon forget about the existence of parasites. Selection
antiparasitic medications today are quite wide.
Dealing with lice is somewhat easier than coping with fleas, but in both
cases need to start treatment as early as possible.

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