What is the effectiveness of a face mask from turmeric?

How effective is a turmeric mask for the face? The question is relevant,
since turmeric is familiar to most people in our locality as
Eastern seasoning. To decide whether to use it in
For cosmetic purposes, applying on the face, you should first find out:

  • what is turmeric;
  • what are its benefits and harm;
  • what are the effective masks.


  • What is turmeric
  • Benefit and harm
  • Effective masks

What is turmeric

This is a monocotyledonous herb of the Ginger family. Have
Most species of this genus of rhizomes and stems contain essential
oils and curcumin (yellow dye). Although the genus has more than 90
Three types are most often used: two in confectionery and liquor
production, and the third for the manufacture of seasoning. These three
The sought-after species is also called Indian saffron.


Turmeric is an oriental spice widely used.
for preparation of second courses, confectionery, drinks.
Due to its special properties, the spice is often used as a primary
component of many cosmetics.

At home, turmeric is widely used. In our own area
it is known more as a seasoning that can color food into a pleasant
yellow color and give interesting taste. With the help of turmeric stained
margarine, yoghurts, cheeses, cookies, mustard and other sauces and
salad dressings. Recently, turmeric has been turned over
close attention, having studied its useful properties, and now she
often used for cosmetic purposes.

Benefit and harm

Turmeric is a natural antibiotic and has a therapeutic effect.
action on the whole body:

  • increases body tone;
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • able to stop the formation of kidney stones and liver, and
    also the growth of cancer cells;
  • normalizes blood sugar levels;
  • treats cuts and burns;
  • helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

For cosmetic purposes, turmeric is used to strengthen hair;
anti-itching head and dandruff. To improve skin condition
turmeric rub the body before taking a bath or massage. Turmeric,
diluted with castor oil, softens the hardened skin on the heels.
Curcumin – one of the constituent elements of the plant, is
An antioxidant that can protect the skin from harmful external
impacts. And in combination with the ability to improve the flow
blood prevents fading and flabbiness of the skin, early appearance
wrinkles, ie, has a rejuvenating effect. Turmeric
can eliminate the most common facial skin problems:

  • eliminate pigment spots and shine (normalizes the robot
    sebaceous glands);
  • cleanse the skin, narrow pores, remove puffiness;
  • relieve inflammation of the skin (heals pustules);
  • reduce acne and acne;
  • smooth out scars and shallow wrinkles.

Benefits of using turmeric for face and body in general
obvious, but caution should be taken into account.

For example, the owners of sensitive and very light skin
use of turmeric in the form of masks is not recommended.

mask of turmeric

The coloring effect of the face mask passes after 2-3
hours It is best to do the procedures before bedtime so that the skin can
restore the natural color. Neutralize yellow color
it’s easy if you put a mixture of kefir and lemon juice on your face (2-3
drops) and oat bran.

It is also impossible to apply it under the eyes, since the skin there is especially delicate
and has no fat. Any spice can cause allergies.
To avoid an unpleasant skin rash, it is first worth
try the mixture on a small section of the wrist, where the skin is thin and
sensitive, and wait up to 20 minutes. Perhaps the biggest
minus in the use of turmeric for the face is the yellow color that
it leaves on the skin. Therefore, it is better to use such masks in
weekend before bed. Another reason to apply the mask in the evening:
it warms the skin and possibly redness, so it’s best
stay indoors.

Effective masks

Thoroughly clean before applying any mask
face skin from makeup and dust.

  1. Exfoliating mask. In equal proportions take turmeric,
    olive oil, salt, cinnamon (1 teaspoon), add 2
    tablespoons of coffee grounds. Apply to the skin massaging
    movements, then wash off.
  2. Anti-inflammatory. Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric and milk
    (can cream), add a couple of drops of aloe or peach juice
    oils. Stir, apply on face for 15 minutes. If skin is good
    perceives the procedure, you can do 4 -5 times for two
  3. For rejuvenation. Mix 1 tsp of milk, turmeric and
    honey Apply to skin and rinse off after 20 minutes. Instead of honey can
    be fat cottage cheese.
  4. With oily skin. Mix 1 tablespoon honey, the fourth part
    a teaspoon of turmeric and lemon juice. If watery, add
    Rice flour, apply for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  5. In the fight against acne. Take 1 tablespoon of white or blue
    clay, diluted to the consistency of sour cream and add 1 teaspoon
    spices. Apply to dry, then wash off. Such a mask
    dries the skin and acne themselves. A similar mask will help with acne,
    but with an additional ingredient (1 tablespoon of oatmeal or

This is the most effective face masks. The result will be noticeable.
almost immediately. When starting to use them, stock up with gloves or
cosmetic brush, because the spice will make yellow not only the skin,
but also hands and nails. Enjoy your experiments.

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