What kind of soap can I use for acne?

To face skin was always clean and well-groomed, you can
for this use soap from acne. It is not only
helps people to maintain personal hygiene, but also allows you to cope
with skin inflammations, various rashes and acne.


  • The use of soap and its varieties
  • Tar soap
  • Application of volcanic soap

The use of soap and its varieties

Currently there are quite a few varieties of soap,
helps get rid of acne on the face. But the main ones are
The following are considered:

Soap for acne

  • economic;
  • tar tar;
  • baby;
  • volcanic.

Acne laundry soap is the oldest remedy
allowing to clear the skin. In addition, many
For decades, it is used not only for personal hygiene, but also for
washing clothes, removing stains or disinfecting premises. Although
In fairness, it should be noted that many women
they are afraid to wash their face with them, because their composition is considered very
aggressive. And they do it in vain, because
most dermatologists have recognized the fact that laundry soap
for acne helps quite effectively.

Among the main advantages of this tool are such
as the naturalness of the ingredients used and the absence of
harmful substances. Moreover, it is very inexpensive.
cost, which allows the use of laundry soap from acne
almost anyone.

The principle of operation of laundry soap is quite simple. is he
is that its composition contains a large number
alkali. With regular use of household detergent
an alkaline environment is created on the surface of the epidermis, which will be
prevent the spread of bacteria and subcutaneous mites. More
In addition, laundry soap breaks down skin fats, which helps
eliminate the problem of sebaceous blockages.

To avoid damage to the epidermis layer after use
this remedy, it is necessary in 15-20 minutes after washing to lubricate the face
emollient lotion. This will allow the skin to avoid excessive
drying out and not losing its natural elasticity.

Tar soap

Tar soap from acne is a very popular remedy.
while its cost is rather low. Moreover, in its composition
there are only natural ingredients that do not contain
harmful chemical additives. Tar soap from acne
made from traditional soap, in which
birch tar is added.

Tar soap

Birch tar is an excellent anti-inflammatory and
disinfectant. In addition, he has
regenerating and regenerative effect. Thanks to these
features not only cleaning the skin from
bacteria and germs, but also improves the process
blood circulation. Damaged cells are restored and work
sebaceous glands normalized.

In this case, tar soap from acne must be properly used,
only in this case it will allow to achieve the maximum
recovery of the epidermis. Like any other detergent, soap
tar recommended to use no more than 2-3 times a day.
It is best to use it to wash your face in the morning and
evening hours At the same time it is recommended to put on the night
Facial surface emollient milk.

In that case, after starting the use of tar detergent
the composition of acne has not disappeared, do not despair. Due to this
that the visible result of treatment can be observed not earlier
after 2-3 weeks.

Application of volcanic soap

A new remedy has now appeared to remove acne –
volcanic soap. It is produced from the ashes of volcanoes, which requires

Soap from the ashes of a volcano

Soap from acne from the volcanic ash has absorbent
properties, so it absorbs dirt and excess
subcutaneous fat.

As a result of this process, the pores are cleaned.
excluding the appearance of acne. Moreover, acne soap from
volcanic ash is enriched with beneficial trace elements, which allows
lighten darkened skin and remove pigment from its surface

If clay is added to acne ash from a volcanic ash, then it
allows you to remove swelling and various irritations from the face. Besides,
volcanic clay helps to soften the epidermis layer, which is not
requires the use of moisturizing compositions. It also blocks
further development of foci of inflammation that interferes with acne

Adding to the composition of the detergent made from
volcanic formations, coconut oil will help to avoid
the appearance of scars and ulcerations on the body. This is very important.
because long-lasting ulcers lead to their
education. This can greatly spoil the look.

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