What kind of women do men like?

Question “How do you like a man?” no one cares about women
head And now do not break your brain, because men themselves
answered what women like them more
The study of European psychologists shed light on
a huge mystery about which women like men. In polls
A significant number of men of different ages took part,
professions, hobbies, different countries and even continents. And here are their

What kind of women do men like best?



  • Men like well-groomed women
  • Men like feminine women
  • Men like extraordinary women

Men like well-groomed women

  • Male hearts begin to beat faster when their noses
    feel the aromatherapy of freshly washed female hair. More
    just attracted male attention notes of vanilla, peppermint,
    fruit and citrus flavors. And of course, men do not like
    excess of hair styling products – varnish, gel, foam, which
    turn women’s hair from soft natural waves to hard
  • Men really like not too bright, natural makeup
    women. But cleanly washed face without a hint of makeup to men, too
    not like it. From a male point of view, the perfect makeup should be
    so: thickly painted long black eyelashes, slightly underlined
    pink blush cheeks and delicious lip gloss.
  • Looking at the female face, the masculine look constantly
    lingers on the lips. The soft and moist lips of the woman immediately create
    desire to kiss them. That is why the failed transparent
    lip gloss is very attractive to men. At the same time among the colors of lipstick
    men prefer not purple and juicy shades, and not pale and
    pastel, and natural colors.
  • When meeting with a woman, a man will definitely appreciate clear skin,
    without rashes and peeling. Even if a woman has a luxurious figure,
    untidy face and neck will not forgive her.
  • Men really like when a woman shows off beautiful
    parts of your body. For example, it emphasizes the shoulder line with clothes,
    thighs, breast relief, roundness of the knees. And of course, beautiful
    body underlining should not be confused with vulgar protrusion.
    Therefore, it refers to the sense of taste and measure in a woman.
  • If a woman likes a man, he will want to touch her
    hand, take her hand in his. And because men immediately pay
    attention to a neat manicure without huge pointed “claws”,
    as some of them said. On thin women’s hands with
    elegant manicure they can watch for hours. Do not like
    Red, black, purple, blue and gray colored varnishes. But im
    the most pleasant to contemplate is pink and natural beige
    colors, and also golden and nacreous shades.


Men like feminine women

  • Men always look at a woman with a beautiful light
    gait. By the word “gait” they picked up such epithets: flying,
    smooth, swift, like mannequins, with swaying hips.
    According to men, a beautiful gait of a woman is a sure sign
    that she loves her body, knows how to emphasize his virtues and
    attract to yourself.
  • Feminine woman can emphasize her beauty
    extraordinary clothing that will set it apart in a crowd. And before
    just for the men’s eyes.
  • Men are delighted with a woman who knows how beautiful, fashionable and
    to dance in style.
  • Men also love the ears and the beautiful female voice sounds for
    them as a delight. Velvet, tender voice can be a trump card
    for a woman who is not very gifted with beauty. To conquer
    the ears of a man and his heart should speak slowly and quietly
    so that the voice is soft and deep.
  • Men are delighted when a woman looks straight into her eyes. If a
    her eyes run around his face in bewilderment, it betrays her reluctance
    to contact. But the ability to hold the eye will prove your sincere
    interest of the interlocutor.

Men like extraordinary women

  • Women of creative professions and occupations are given to men
    extremely interesting and sublime. After all, in the image of such a woman
    there will always be an original “highlight”, and she certainly
    will be an interesting conversationalist.
  • Men like when a woman eats with appetite and does not sit with
    sour face over a plate of salad. And generally, permanent
    female talk about diet and weight loss cause in men
  • Men love the unpredictability of female behavior. Is not a fact,
    that they publicly admit it, but in fact they
    mesmerizing unpredictability in the nature of women and unexpected
    deeds from her side. Unexpected reaction and behavior of a woman
    it may surprise and sometimes even annoy, but that’s what
    attractive to a man and encourages to know her all
    more and more.

In general, men like the best women!


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