What makes California highlighting from ordinary

California highlighting involves the use of several
tones of one color, and gives you the opportunity to create an image of beauty,
just returned from a holiday in the south. Hair looks light
burnt out in the sun.

California highlighting

Distinctive features

Californian differs from ordinary highlighting in that it
more gentle. This coloring technique is suitable for those who want
look natural. It does not require regular coloring of curls and
applicable at home. Hair in the root zone retains
its natural shade, the paint is applied only along the length.

Classic highlighting

Based on the type of appearance, you can choose a red shade, caramel
or darker. California highlights will look
Naturally only on blond hair. If the hair is by nature
dark, should be preferred “Venetian”

Thanks to Californian highlighting, various
glare and play that make a woman look more expressive.
The main differences of this technique are:

  • using the most natural shades (copper,
    nut, wheat, caramel), fully preserving
    structure curls. While in classic highlighting
    use violet, pink and other bright dyes;
  • creating smooth transitions between similar tones (in the usual
    often distinct color contrasts predominate.

Key differences lie in the choice of tones, the degree of contrast
and methods of applying coloring compositions. California
highlighting is worth trying to anyone who wants to have golden

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