What should be a teen manicure?

Nail care should be at any age. Since the early childhood
girls try to imitate mom, trying on her outfits, shoes, sneaking
color lips and nails. At the age of 12-14, any girl tries
look good, caring for your hair, face and nails. But
young lady must understand that each age corresponds
a certain type of manicure, and that manicure for teens is in many ways
different from what her older sister, mom or
models from magazines.


  • How to care for nails in 12-16 years?
  • Teenage manicure to school
  • Festive manicure for teens

How to care for nails in 12-16 years?

When it comes to manicure for girls aged 12-14, then
The main goal that is pursued is nail care.
Teen manicure requires a special approach, since the nails in this
aged is still very resilient and contain much more moisture than
adult nail plate. Therefore, careful care
nails in adolescence is necessary, above all, in order
to prevent brittleness, breakage and stratification of nails in
the future.

Basic tips on nail care in 12-16 years:

  • nails should always be kept clean and dry to
    prevent infection and infection;
  • for teens it is better to give the nail plate a straight shape with
    rounded edges, as the peaked or rounded marigolds
    much weaker and much easier to damage;
  • you can not bite and bite your nails. Damaged nail plate
    is at high risk of infection;
  • do not use nail polish remover
    acetone, as this substance dries the nails, making them
    prone to delamination, brittle and fragile;
  • care must be taken to thoroughly sterilize
    nails: nail files, orange sticks, tweezers, etc. Otherwise, you can
    bring infection to the body;
  • always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
    nourishing, protective or moisturizing cream.

Manicure for teens, as well as for adults, you need
regularly, so that the girls nails always look beautiful and well-groomed,
as for going to school, for a holiday, and for every day.

Manicure for teens

Teenage manicure to school

Some schools have a strict dress code, which is all
pupils must abide by, therefore, using clothes for girls
impossible to stand out. However, schoolgirls 12-16 years old can show
their individuality with the help of beautiful and well-groomed marigolds.

Manicure to school should not only be attractive and
interesting, but relevant in the walls of the school. Well maintained and
schoolgirl tidy marigolds with a suitable lacquer color and minimal
the amount of decor look very fashionable, elegant and stylish.

Beautiful manicure for teenagers suggests clean and neat.
trimmed marigolds. It is better to wear coated nails to school.
ordinary lacquer reserved colors (beige, pearl,
pale pink, mother of pearl), because such a coating is very easy
wipe off with nail polish remover and every week you can
please yourself and surprise classmate new interesting
by design.

The main rule of school manicure is short, clean and
well-groomed marigolds!

Consider several types of manicure for school, which will
appropriate within the walls of the school and will not cause quibbles

  1. Coating colorless varnish. Such a teenage manicure is perfect.
    option for girls 10-12 years old. He will emphasize the beauty and
    natural well-groomed nails and will not attract undue attention.
    On the surface, you can add a little sparkles to shine manicure
    New colors and not contrary to strict school rules.
  2. Nails in pastel colors. For schoolgirl 13-14 years old is best
    decorative varnishes in light pastel colors, which
    emphasize the naturalness and elegance of the nails. Very dramatic,
    cute, stylish and discreet at the same time looks monotonous
    cover in beige, white, pink and peach shades.
  3. French manicure. A great option for a girl of 14-16 years.
    Classic french perfectly in harmony with the school uniform, and
    emphasizes the refined taste of a young lady. If school rules don’t
    very strict, then the standard jacket can vary the small
    patterns or drawings in the form of a butterfly, a flower, a bow.
  4. Nails with a newspaper print. Very unusual decor for
    high school students, provided that school rules allow
    nail decoration in this way. The words printed on the nails,
    figures, musical notes or mathematical formulas to the fullest
    correspond to school subjects. And such an unusual design will cause
    interest not only classmates, but also teachers.

Manicure to school should be discreet and inconspicuous. As
a modest manicure approximate teenage girl can be applied decor
not all the nails, but only one, focusing on him
using a straightforward pattern or pattern. Drawn fine
brush picture will reflect the nature of the schoolgirl, emphasize
her personality, highlighting her among classmates.

School manicure

Festive manicure for teens

Teenage girls start to grow up, acquire
individuality and want to be visible, stand out. Young women of fashion
copy girls from popular magazines of their mothers, and for girls
12-14 years old is very important to feel stylish, fashionable and
attractive. Therefore, for many teens, bright festive
Manicure is a way of self-expression and self-affirmation.

For girls 11-13 years old, an adult version can be offered,
but not devoid of childish spontaneity. Bright patterns and patterns with
depicting fruit, sea creatures, cakes, emoticons
should be not just flashy, but reflect the mood of a little
fashionista. Teenage marigolds can be issued in a funny cartoon
option. A manicure with your favorite characters will please the eye and
cheer up the baby. Animals, flowers and butterflies – far
not a complete list of possible design solutions.

For girls of 14-16 years old, you can make nails with shellac for the summer.
Such a persistent manicure would be appropriate for a trip to the sea or in
children’s camp, when the girl will not be able to regularly
take care of marigolds and apply a new coating. And if the school
you can not wear bright nails, then birthday, beach party,
disco for teenagers is just a reason for bright, screaming
nails with challenging pictures. You can decorate all the nails or
focus on one of them.

Manicure for holidays

Manicure for teenagers is not only nail care, but also
A great way to show your personality. Therefore girls
must be allowed to be bright, at least in those days when it is not necessary
Go to school. And in an educational institution a manicure can be more
restrained and moderately strict.

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