What should be full hair care summer?

Self-care is bound to start from the heart, otherwise
no cosmetics will help. Coco Chanel

As a rule, healthy and well-groomed hair is not only
the result of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Indeed, the condition of the skin, nails and hair, directly depends on
of what we eat—

However, despite this, the true cause of gloss and silk in
hair is careful and careful care of them.

Summer hair care

Sun, wind and water are not the best friends—

The content of the article:

  • Sun, wind and water are not the best friends—
  • Casual summer hair care
  • Hair care at sea

So, the right hair care in the summer – the pledge of their healthy
shine and softness. What factors have a negative impact on
hair condition in the summer season.

The sun. The sun’s rays adversely affect
on the general condition of the hair. Under the influence of direct UV rays, they
dry out and become weak and brittle,
lose their luster and characteristic silkiness. Some people
there is a process of discoloration of the structure of the hair shaft
(“burn out” in the sun).

Wind. The effect of summer hot wind is easy
compare with drying hair with a powerful hair dryer. As a result,
catastrophic dehydration of hair along its entire length, which
leads to their fragility.

Water. The salty composition of seawater contributes
leaching of proteins and keratin, which causes a change in structure
hair (they become stiff), loss when combing.
Chlorinated water in bathing tanks (pools) also
detrimental effect on the “well-being” of hair.

Casual summer hair care

What you need to do to hair in the summer remained
soft and silky?

For example, summer salon hair care includes
a certain set of procedures with the use of cosmetics,
moisturizing and restoring their structure.


The most popular procedure is still
lamination. In the process of laminating strands performed
hair treatment with special preparations that do not contain
contains destructive ammonia. A variation of the procedure is
phytolamination, in which the hair is covered with the finest
breathable film that protects against negative
atmospheric influence. The result of hair saturation with keratins and
protein is their luster and volume (increased by 15%).

Lamination of hair

No contraindications to the cosmetic procedure
No, therefore lamination is recommended for women with bleached
(blondirovannymi) and graying hair.

Keratin Recovery

Another equally important hair care procedure in summer
period is keratin straightening (recovery). After
procedures they acquire a protective ionic shell that returns
natural moisture, perfect smoothness and
amazing shine. This effect is obtained by applying
hair treatment with a high concentration of keratin.

keratin recovery

Of course, keratin is not only used in wellness
purposes, but also for straightening “naughty”, scorched by the sun
strands. The action of this component has a beneficial effect on
damaged hair structure.

Hair care at sea

Special attention is given to hair care at sea!
Preparing for the upcoming summer vacation, you need to advance
take care of them.

Hair at Sea

Hair care “before” and “after” – this is a mandatory visit
to the hairdresser. The purpose of applying to salon services

  • lamination (biolamination, glazing, cauterization,
    shielding) – covering the hair with protective compounds (transparent and
  • Hot scissors cutting – hair soldering for removal
    The split (split) tips of the hair shaft;
  • intensive nutrition – moisturizing and intensive hair care
    with the help of cosmetics (Table 1).

The way of applying cosmetic products, as well as the composition and
The care products are listed in the table below.

Tab. 1.Cosmetic products for hair care
Hair care products in summer The effect of the application
Shampoo Multicomponent moisturizing, giving softness and shine
hair products that contain water and surfactant
(surfactants). In addition, as part of shampoos
there are inorganic salts, preservatives, flavors, natural
oils, vitamins and other components.
Balm-conditioner (conditioner) Universal remedy liquid consistency. Application means
changes the texture and appearance of hair, since it consists of
moisturizers, reducing agents, preservatives, as well as acidulants
(acidity regulators), oils, thermoisolating polymers,
antistatic additives, components for adding shine, etc.
Protective sprays Thermal protective multi-component means, the use of which
accompanied by spraying the contents of the bottle on wet hair.
Principle of action: formation of the thinnest film that serves
invisible protection for the hair shaft.

Information on how to determine your hair type, as well as
learn how to combine funds to suit individual
features in table 2.

Tab. 2. Summer hair care depending on their
Hair type
Fatty Normal Dry Combined
Washing frequency Every day, because by the end of the day 1-2 p. in Week 1 p. in Week 2-3 p. in Week
Electrification Never Seldom Often Most often hair tips
Volume The volume of hair decreases, because at the end of the day the hair roots
grow fat
Satisfactory Increased (hair “fly away”) Normal – at the roots, hair tips fluff
Hair care products in summer
Shampoos, conditioners Means with vitamins A, C, E, Zn trace element, beer
Egg shampoos With moisturizing ingredients based on jojoba oil and
grape seed
With active components of double action (including egg
Balms With nettle, coltsfoot, sage, seaweed extracts
With herbal ingredients based on sage, calamus
With nettle, calendula, coltsfoot, lavender extracts With nettle extracts, seaweed
Nourishing masks
  • mustard
  • kefir
  • orange
  • chamomile
  • thyme
  • herbal
  • potato
  • bread (rye bread)
  • egg
  • oily
  • sour cream with aloe juice
  • from avocado
  • tomato
  • lemon
  • onion
  • dandelion

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