What should be the right home care for hair?

hair washOften feel at
100% prevents the problem of oily hair. To quickly a hair does not
dirty and sebaceous glands normalized, needed
proper care for oily hair using
appropriate cosmetics. It is possible at home.
Follow the rules below to keep your curls always
were silky and healthy.

You can wash your hair every day, the main thing is

Firstly, it is very important to use properly selected.
shampoo, so when buying stop choosing where
There is a mark for oily hair. If every day to wash
head with a soft shampoo, the desired effect you do not
will achieve. Oily hair remedy dries the scalp and
strands, so it is recommended for use only in case
strong gore hair. If not, we advise
stop on shampoo for normal hair. It contains
active substances, the softness of which allows for daily washing
head, without irritating the scalp and without damaging the structure

Scalp care

A lot of fat is secreted by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, and all this
due to increased sensitivity to the hormone testosterone. Most
strongly this sensitivity is manifested in the period of sexual
ripening. At the end of this period, you can notice it.
loosening. Get rid of this problem forever cosmetic
means will not work, but significantly reduce the release of fat
still possible, and thus avoid unnecessary effects on
sebaceous glands. The scalp is irritated for several reasons:
unsuitable shampoo, wrong water temperature (better not to wash your hair
in too hot water), frequent use of a comb and
use hair dryer.

Light massage with spray or tonic applied before
combing, will be a relaxing effect on the scalp.
Home hair care involves the use of medicinal
drugs that have a beneficial effect on hair. For example, various
masks that can be purchased at the pharmacy or cook
self prescription. You can opt for
preparations that contain medicinal plants, the benefit
the choice of such funds is large enough.

Medicinal plants perfectly fight the appearance of dandruff and
soothe the scalp.

Try not to blow dry your hair!

hair dryerOften
use a hair dryer is absolutely impossible! This device is very dry
strands, while irritating the sebaceous glands. Frequent drying can
lead to the split ends of the hair and the “exhaustion” of the hair. If a
there is no opportunity to dry the curls in natural conditions, will
it’s better to do it with a warm air jet, not hot,
you need to lift the strands at the roots with a brush or fingers.
A head of hair that is often dried with a hair dryer needs extra care.
behind the tips of the hair, as they will be dried out.

Tilt your head down while drying hair. So movement
air will occur against the growth of curls, which will allow
add additional volume to the hair and keep its structure.

Shampoo should be applied only to the roots!

Especially so you need to do, caring for damaged fat
hair, that is, when the tips are dry and the roots are greasy. Slightly
Massage your scalp with shampoo on it, the main thing is not
Overdo it as a strong massage is a provocateur
excretion of fat. For such washing professionals recommend
use a bottle of paint (with a special “spout”).
The tool is applied to dry hair (only on the roots), after which
churn and wash off quickly.

It is important to keep a distance between the hair and the scalp!

Care for dry, weak, split, porous, thin,
oily hair should be special. Depending on the problem, with
which you encounter, a suitable tool should be used.
(cosmetic or traditional medicine). Try to make such
hairstyles, at which it will be possible to lift hair at the roots,
will provide an opportunity to reduce the interaction of curls and sebaceous glands.
Lift hair is not so difficult: dry them with
formative spray and make sure that the air flow affects
scalp as little as possible. If necessary, apply on
head of hair foam for fixing and styling.

And never despair, because greasy hair is not a sentence.
People successfully cope with split ends of hair, fat
strands, rare curls and other problems with the hair, and you
sure to handle. Just follow the five above.
rules, and your curls will always look well-groomed and beautiful!
Good luck!

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