What to do at home if the child Lice appeared – the best recommendations of Dr. Komarovsky

Advice of Dr. Komarovsky on pediculosis treatment in children

Pediculosis is a fairly common disease that
often affects children, even with proper observance
hygiene. Lice can cause serious discomfort for the baby, and
you need to start fighting with them as early as possible. In the treatment will
Useful tips from the famous pediatric doctor Yevgeny Olegovich

How can you get head lice and how dangerous are lice tips

The content of the article:

  • How can you get head lice and how dangerous are lice tips
  • Symptoms of Pediculosis
  • What to do and how to treat pediculosis in children at home
  • Necessary drugs and drugs, according to the doctor
  • What popular methods recommends Komarovsky
  • Disease prevention

The topic of pediculosis bothers many parents. Komarovsky
explains that lice are most often transmitted between children in
public places such as schools and kindergartens. Behind
one school lesson 45 minutes long the parasite is able to examine
the whole territory of the class, so you can pick it up from the carrier

Lice can hide in headdresses, hoods
jackets. Finding yourself on a coat rack where other clothes are located
children, the parasite begins to move. Wearing clothes in which
a malicious insect lurks, a child can get infected

REFERENCE! To prevent infection you need
know how to hang clothes on a hanger. Komarovsky advises
put the hat on the sleeve and turn the coat and jacket inside out. By
smooth surfaces lice difficult to move.

You can also become infected through combs, hairpins and other
personal items. This is a very fast infection method.
Getting on the head of a healthy child, an adult insect postpones
eggs for half an hour.

Komarovsky defines pediculosis as a simple parasitic
disease. Louse feeds on human blood quite
regularly – every 2-3 hours. This process continues in
for forty minutes, but the parasite drinks a small amount of blood.
Large blood loss is excluded.

The danger of lice is that they can tolerate various
diseases. Among them, typhus is a dangerous disease that
transmits only the head louse. In the process of feeding the parasite can not
pass the infection. However, when crushing an insect it
infected blood can get into the wounds on the scalp,
formed as a result of scratching.

Symptoms of Pediculosis

The main symptom of pediculosis is itching

The main symptom of pediculosis is itching. Usually
it occurs approximately 4 weeks after infection. how
it usually scratches the skin in the nape area or behind the ears where it is
very soft. Itching may persist for several more weeks.
after the elimination of parasites.

For the timely detection and prevention of lice
Komarovsky advises regularly and carefully examine the skin
baby head.

This is done as follows:

  • The child should be put in a room with good lighting.
  • On the table is placed white paper or cloth.
  • The scalp is examined for lice and
    nits Living adult parasites are hard to find because
    move quickly and try to avoid the light.
  • Nits are small white or brownish yellow
    tubercles firmly fixed around the hair roots. Their most simple
    see on the back of the head or behind the ears.
  • Hair need to wet and take a thick comb. They comb through
    small strands. After each of them, the comb is rubbed.
    a piece of wet cloth or paper towel.

ATTENTION! Hair should be examined carefully –
sometimes nits can be easily confused with dandruff,
dirt or drops of cosmetics.

What to do and how to treat pediculosis in children at home

You can get rid of lice at home

Komarovsky advises to start treatment as soon as possible.
head lice to prevent relapse and its
distribution in a team. Identifying this nasty child
problem, parents should immediately report it to the kindergarten teacher
either to the class teacher.

You can get rid of lice at home. It is not only important
destroy adult parasites, but also eliminate nits. Otherwise
case, the disease will again be felt after some

Drugs can effectively fight adult lice
based on permethrin. Nits need to be combed out and
remove manually, as many of them remain viable
even with the use of pharmacological drugs. For combing
head lice doctor advises to use a metal comb with small
frequent teeth. Plastic combs are used for

As for the haircut of a child or his shaving bald, today in
this is not necessary – medicines can cope with
pediculosis and without this measure. Clothing and bedding baby
must be thoroughly boiled, washed and dried on
open air. Dry laundry should be carefully ironed.

IMPORTANT! During therapy, the child should not
attend school or kindergarten, go to public places and
contact with other children. The duration of the quarantine should
be at least three days from the start of treatment.

In addition to the use of medicines Komarovsky advises to teach
child a number of important rules. Parents must explain to him the danger
use someone else’s combs, hats, headphones. Plays a role and
children’s clothing material, since lice can be transmitted through
her The doctor advises to pay attention to modern cloak

Necessary drugs and drugs, according to the doctor

Permethrin is the most effective component in the fight against head lice

Komarovsky identifies two methods of treatment for pediculosis:

  • treatment of hair and scalp external means;
  • use of drugs inside.

Internal medication is usually prescribed only
if there are contraindications to the use of local remedies.
Surface treatment is more common and
safe. According to the doctor, the most effective component
in the fight against head lice is permethrin. Popular tools on
its basis is Pair Plus and Nittifor.

Medicines for pediculosis are available in the form of shampoos, sprays,
creams, lotions. Preparations for children usually have a pleasant aroma,
allowing to make the treatment as easy as possible.

After the first treatment, the child can be considered
non-infectious. But it is important to repeat the procedure
which will help destroy new parasites. Only after it
the child may again begin to attend kindergarten or school.

Komarovsky insists that the medicine for the child
must appoint a specialist. In his opinion, the best means
are as follows:

  • Permethrin (cream 1%). The cream is applied to wet clean hair and
    washed off ten minutes later. It can be used for children from
    two months.
  • Pyrethrin (shampoo or mousse). The product is also applied to the hair.
    and remains for 10 minutes.
  • Malathion (0.5% lotion). The composition is applied to dry hair and
    washed off after 8-12 hours. It can be used for children from 6
    years old. It should be noted that the drug is flammable and can
    provoke burns.
  • Benzyl alcohol (0.5% lotion). The composition is applied to dry
    hair for 10 minutes. Re-treatment is carried out after a week.
    The drug is considered safe and is used for older children.
    half a year.
  • Spinosad (suspension 9%). Keep the product on dry hair
    need within ten minutes. It is applied at the age of 4
    years old.
  • Ivermectin (0.5% lotion). The drug is left on dry strands on
    10 minutes. It is used for children from 6 months. Means
    intended for single use – the remnants of the drug
    need to throw away, as it is not to be stored.

What popular methods recommends Komarovsky

Table vinegar can be wet hair to get rid of lice

Dr. Komarovsky advises not to use for treatment
lice folk remedies because they are not as effective
as pharmacological agents, and can harm a child.
The exception is the vinegar, which can
wet hair. But it does not help to destroy the eggs, but only
contributes to their detachment from the hair, after which they need to comb
comb Note that after this procedure you still need to
use of pharmacological anti-pediculosis medication.

ATTENTION! Popularly treatment of lice
kerosene. But Komarovsky strongly advises to give up
of this. This method is not only ineffective and outdated,
but also very risky.

Kerosene is a toxic substance. It can be easily absorbed through
skin harming the baby’s body. The same goes for treatment with
using alcohol or vodka.

Disease prevention

The main prevention - regular inspection of the head of the child

As the main method of prevention of pediculosis Komarovsky
highlights regular baby head inspection. Him
need to perform about once every two weeks. It is important to use a magnifying glass
and provide good light in the room as the parasites move
very fast.

Similar inspections should be carried out in schools and kindergartens.
This helps prevent the spread of the epidemic. Doctor notes
that special prophylactic agents for lice do not
exists. Only regular check-ups help
careful hygiene. The child should not use strangers
hats, combs, hairpins and other personal items through
which can be transmitted by parasites.

Pediculosis in children is an unpleasant disease. But, following the advice
Komarovsky doctor and other specialists, you can quickly get rid
From him. Pharmacies offer a number of medicines aimed at
quick and effective elimination of this problem.

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