What to do if dandruff appears – causes appearances and how to treat

The appearance of dandruff is a fairly common problem with
faced by people of all ages. White flakes in
head of hair can be like a cosmetic defect arising
due to minor problems in the body and the manifestation
serious illnesses requiring immediate attention to
a specialist.

In order for dandruff control to be effective, it is necessary
carefully study the causes of its occurrence.

In one case, antifungal therapy may be required, in
other drugs to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, in the third
adjustment of hormone levels. Some people suffering from this
disease, for recovery will be enough to organize the right
hair and scalp hygiene.

What causes dandruff?

The content of the article:

  • What causes dandruff?
  • What to do if a child has dandruff?
  • Types of dandruff
  • How to treat | Dandruff, the most popular means?
  • Effective anti-dandruff shampoo for women
  • Home treatment
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The causes of dandruff include:

  • Violation of the sebaceous glands of the scalp;
  • Reproduction of fungus;
  • The interaction of the scalp with external stimuli, for example
    hair dye or other chemical formulations;
  • Prolonged stress;
  • Unbalanced nutrition;
  • Chronic lack of sleep;
  • Abrupt climate change;
  • Taking drugs;
  • The lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body;
  • Irregular or improperly organized hair hygiene and
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Genetic predisposition.

Learn more about what causes dandruff.


Specialists in psychosomatics say that dry dandruff
occurs when tired of contact with the outside world. Suffering
this ailment a person takes on too much intellectual
load and running for wear.

Dandruff due to excess sebaceous glands, with
point of view of psychosomatics, due to heightened concern
human money, earnings and material achievements, since
“fat” or fat in our body is responsible for stocks and

Dandruff after shampooing

Any exposure to detergents dries the scalp. If skin
all the time annoyed, it may create a feeling that it is washing
head provokes the manifestation of dandruff. Actually the procedure
washing only makes dandruff more noticeable, and the true problem
lies in sensitive scalp. Can help in this case
careful selection of shampoo and, if possible, not daily washing

What to do if a child has dandruff?

You can rid the child of dandruff by the following means:

  1. Friderm Zinc Shampoo is a safe remedy,
    recommended for use for children from one year. Read more in the review.
    anti-dandruff baby shampoos.
  2. Skin cap – a means to get rid of
    anti-inflammatory and antibacterial fungus
    effect. Available in the form of shampoo, ointment, spray or cream.
  3. Ketocanazole-based preparations –
    antifungal agents, safe for children.
  4. Sulsena. Presented in the form of oil, shampoo,
  5. Bifon – lotion, quite carefully
    acting on the delicate scalp of the child, helps to remove everything
    major negative symptoms.

Important! In some cases, save the child from
dandruff can be a simple adjustment of the diet. For this
need to exclude from the diet foods that provoke excess
sebum production and add more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Types of dandruff

Let’s take a closer look at the types of dandruff:

  • Oily – this type of dandruff is easy to recognize by
    yellowish crusts that descend from the scalp layer.
    Symptoms are excessive greasiness of the skin, hair loss and
    severe itching.
  • Dry – | this kind of dandruff is formed intensively and
    has a small plate shape. Appearance of dry dandruff
    accompanied by dry hair, split ends, increased
    scalp sensitivity. It is easier to get rid of it than
    oily, the main symptoms disappear after a couple of uses
    preparations based on salicylic acid, maximum unpleasant
    manifestations last for three weeks.
  • Yellow – | dandruff of yellow color is a symptom
    reproduction of pathogenic fungi. It is a form of oily dandruff and
    quite often occurs in infants and children up to four years.
    The locks of a person suffering from such a disease look dirty or
    wet, even if hygiene is properly maintained. Large
    yellow dandruff flakes form during the day, even if washed
  • White – | white dandruff is manifested in the form of light flakes,
    easily separated from the scalp. Additional symptoms
    are dry hair and itchy skin.
  • Dandruff crusted – | Is a thick form of oily dandruff.
    Hair becomes stiff, scalp loses elasticity,
    becomes compacted, covered with a grayish-brown crust.
  • Itching and dandruff – dandruff accompanied by intense
    itching may be caused by an allergic reaction or postponed
    stress. Symptoms in this case do not include desquamation.
    skin, and manifests itself in the form of light flakes of dandruff and redness

How to treat | Dandruff, the most popular means?

Consider the most effective and popular treatment methods.

Nystatin tablets

The drug is an antibiotic with a pronounced antifungal
action, but for dandruff for use inside it is prescribed
rarely. The composition of this drug includes absorbent
substances that effectively combat dandruff by
external use.

Therapy involves the addition of crushed tablets.
directly into the head wash. Blend into a few
minutes left on the head to the active substance had
to have a detrimental effect on pathogens.

Creams and ointments

The most effective anti-dandruff preparations in the form of an ointment or
creams are considered the following:

  • Salicylic ointment – effective for oily and
    dry dandruff, inhibits the activity of pathogenic fungi. Applied
    a thin layer on problem areas;
  • Zinc paste Ketoconazole 2% –
    fast-acting tool, the effect of which is already noticeable through
    two days. Apply a couple of times a week, absorbed in 5-7 minutes,
    washed with shampoo. Renders pronounced
    antifungal and antiseptic action.
  • Pasta Sulsen – treats dandruff and
    restores hair structure. Paste is applied to wet hair and
    slightly rubbed at the roots. The procedure is performed twice a week. Course
    treatment – 1-2 months;
  • Mycozoal ointment – quickly leads to the desired
    result, thanks to the ability to fight intensively with the fungus.
    Apply twice a day with a thin layer on problem areas;
  • Nizoral – a cream that can completely relieve
    for dandruff, if applied for 2-3 weeks once a day
    on the scalp.


  • Vitamin A – prevents the appearance of dandruff,
    due to the ability to regulate the work of the sebaceous glands and hair
  • B2 (riboflavin) – supports the growth of strong
  • B6 (pyridoxine) – normalizes the process of fat
    exchange in the body;
  • Inositol – vitamin-like substance, lack of
    which causes dry skin;
  • B12 and B1 – in liquid form, they can be added to
    shampoo, for additional nutrition of the scalp;
  • B3 – lack of vitamin leads to dry skin
    and circulatory disorders;
  • B5 – vitamin responsible for the process
    correct renewal of the skin. Can be applied in liquid
    form on the scalp.

Important! Dandruff treatments are very helpful.
moderate sunbaths that promote the production of vitamin D.


Preparations for external use:

  • Alerana – blocks the reproduction of the fungus,
    normalizes the functioning of sebaceous glands, moisturizes the skin;
  • Nizoral 2% – eliminates itching, dandruff, reduces
    inflammatory process;
  • Perhotal – available in a concentration of 1 or
    2% effective against fungal skin diseases
  • Psoryl – tar shampoo with herbal
    extracts. The action of celandine, succession and hypericum effectively
    against greasy dandruff, relieves inflammation and itching.

Dandruff treatment with medication inside can
be carried out in the following cases:

  • The problem is caused by a breakdown. Doctor can
    prescribe sedatives – valerian, motherwort, Novopassit,
  • If dandruff is caused by digestive problems,
    get rid of the disease can Pancreatin.

More about anti-dandruff preparations

Effective anti-dandruff shampoo for women

Your attention the best shampoos, sprays and lotions that
effectively cope with dandruff, in addition, pay attention to
a list of pharmaceutical shampoos against dandruff.


2-in-1 anti-dandruff shampoo from Garnier.

Pyrithione fights white scales and their reappearance
zinc, as a result of using the hair becomes soft,
well-groomed, ailment recedes.


A product from Schaum, designed to fight dandruff, not only
helps to defeat the disease, but also cares for curls. Ruler
includes three shampoos for men:

  • Lemongrass;
  • Intensive;
  • The power of caffeine.

And one for women:

  • Almond milk.

Shampoo is effective due to the content of pyrithione


Shampoo-conditioner with zinc pyrithione is designed for
use for all types of hair and with regular use
successfully copes with the manifestations of dandruff. Most pronounced
The effect is given in the complex therapy in the treatment of oily dandruff.

Vichy Derkos

Intensive care shampoo relieves itching, eliminates desquamation,
helps your hair to maintain a fresh look longer. Effectively fights with
pustules on the scalp. Suitable for normal and fatty

Zinc Friederm

It has antifungal and antimicrobial action.
Recommended for use twice a week, in a course of two
of the month.

Dandruff spray

Excellent dandruff spray Belosalik,
containing betamethasone, providing
anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect, as well as
salicylic acid that inhibits fungi and

Treatment Dandruff Lotion

Kapous remedy helps to cope with the problem of dandruff
for several uses. Lotion must be applied to clean skin.
head twice a week, slightly rubbing. The remedy relieves itching
prevents re-formation of dandruff.

Important! Dandruff balm does not exist, instead
they use special ointment.

Home treatment

Next, we consider the most effective methods of treatment at home.


Rosemary decoction:

  • Grind five grams of fresh grass;
  • Pour the raw material with a glass of boiling water;
  • Walk on low heat for 15 minutes;
  • Cool the broth and apply as a rinse until removed.

Decoction of burdock:

  • Chop the burdock root and mix with water in proportion
  • Heat the mixture on the fire for 15 minutes;
  • Cool and rub into the scalp, or use as
    rinse. The course of treatment is 1.5 – 2 months.


Against dandruff effective alcoholic tincture of calendula, which
can be purchased at the pharmacy. Apply the tool as follows
in the following way:

  • 50 ml tincture mix 20 ml of castor oil;
  • Apply the mixture on the skin with soft massaging movements.
  • Procedure to spend at least 10 minutes;
  • At the end, wash off the product with shampoo.

Chemerichnaya water

It is a spirit tincture of helmer Lobel
(puppeteer). The means, in view of its toxicity, is applied
exclusively outwardly.

Before use, the product is warmed up for a few minutes.
water bath, shake it and, using a cotton pad, put
on the scalp. After applying the head you need to close the plastic and
sustain a healing mask for 40 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
using shampoo.


Broth from beet:

  • 1.5 liters of cold water poured into a three-liter jar;
  • Put the freshly cut beetroot into the container;
  • Put the jar in the sun for five days and wait for the formation
  • Ready infusion filter through cheesecloth and store in
    a fridge;
  • Use as a rinse after washing 2-3 times a
    a week


In the fight against dandruff, salt can be used in several

  • In the form of a solution;
  • In pure form;
  • By adding to shampoo;
  • The introduction of the various masks.

The application of salt in its pure form involves rubbing it into the roots.
hair, with a slight pre-wetting with water for more
viscous consistency.

Salt solution – a large handful, filled with water, is applied in the form of
compresses and lotions.

A handful of grains of salt is added to the shampoo. This option
suitable for those who wash their heads no more than twice a week.

By the same principle, salt is added to various masks against

Important! Salt therapy is not recommended.
with dry dandruff.


To beat dandruff, two aspirin tablets, diluted in
liter of pure water, can be used as a conditioner for


Dissolve four teaspoons of soda in 50 ml of water and rub in
scalp, evenly distributing. Wash off after 5 minutes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The most frequent and interesting questions from our readers.

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to comb dandruff?

It is impossible to comb dandruff, such a procedure is not only
ineffective, but can cause irreparable harm to the scalp and

Important! In the process of treatment for dandruff need to use a comb
with soft bristles, make movements easy and smoothly, without touching

Which doctor to contact?

At the first sign of dandruff, refer to
dermatologist or trichologist. After diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe
effective drugs and complex care products

Is dandruff a fungus or not?

Reproduction of pathogenic fungus on the scalp – the main, but not
the only cause of dandruff.

Is dandruff contaminated?

If dandruff is caused by a malfunction of the body, then its form
is not contagious. If the cause of the disease becomes fungal
defeat, then use towels, hairbrushes or rubber bands,
belonging to the patient may lead to infection.

How to distinguish psoriasis from dandruff?

The main distinguishing feature of psoriatic dandruff plaque
is a clear expression of its boundaries. Dandruff covers all skin
heads. But an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a specialist after
conducting all the necessary research.

White spots appeared on the head like dandruff that

In addition to dandruff, white spots on the head may form.
microsporia, pediculosis or psoriasis. Determine the exact cause
the appearance of white spots can only be a doctor, he will appoint
appropriate therapy for taking pills,
adjustment of diet, the use of therapeutic ointments,
disinfection of skin and clothing.

Can itch your head for dandruff?

In most cases, itching is the main symptom,
accompanying dandruff.

The difference between dandruff and seborrhea

Seborrhea and dandruff are related to each other as a disease and one of
its possible manifestations. Seborrhea is a disease associated with
violation of the sebaceous glands, dandruff – exfoliation dying off
skin particles on the head.

How to distinguish dandruff from lice?

  • Lice eggs are always the same size, dandruff flakes can
    differ in shape and size;
  • When pressing on live nits, a click is heard, flaking skin
    no sound is heard from the head;
  • Dandruff flakes easily shake off to strip off hairs
    larva lice, you need to make an effort.

How to treat dandruff and sores on the head?

Shampoos, which include
selenium disulfide, zinc pyrithione, clotrimazole and ketoconazole.

Also effective are products containing ichthyol and tar.

If dandruff occurs, you need to sound the alarm at the most
early stages of the disease. The earlier action will be taken
to combat the disease, the easier it will be to overcome. At first
symptoms cope with the annoying white flakes can be as
usually with cosmetics and adjustments
power supply.

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