What to do if hair climb heavily?

hair fall out Alopecia suffer
most of the male population, but women are not immune from
such an illness, especially since in their eyes it takes
catastrophic scale. For a bald man adequately
perceived by society, and a bald woman, at least, causes
bewilderment And the presence of thick and long hair is
a cherished dream for many women. When strongly fall out
hair, people can not immediately recognize, this is a common phenomenon or
clinical On average, a person loses about 100 hairs a day, but
unless someone will be engaged in these calculations, except scientists? If a
hair loss passes far beyond the average norm,
then it is baldness.

Why do hair climb very hard? First of all, it can
be genetic predisposition or severe and prolonged
disease. This is followed by stress, exhausting diets, poor selection
vitamins or side effects of drugs.

If the hair falls out very much, you need to immediately solve this.
the problem. There are plenty of tools and technologies that will help
return the hair, and even make it more thick and healthy. Well
and in case you do not suffer from severe hair loss,
should not relax. It’s better to spend 30 minutes a day on yourself
and then enjoy a long-term result.

To be treated, treated and once again treated …

First of all, to combat baldness, you need to fill the stock
vitamins and minerals in the body. To do this, visit the doctor,
so he picked up the optimal complex of vitamins.

For those who are in constant stress, also not worth it
postpone a visit to the doctor, but not to the therapist, but to
psychotherapist. It will help to cope with the problem in the case of
needs write out sedatives.

But if the problem is genetic in nature, you can make a trip.
to a hair restoration clinic. This procedure is not dangerous, and
carries almost no side effects, and
The result is long-term and high-quality. But there is
contraindications of which professional cosmetologists
Be sure to warn their patients.

Grandma’s secrets

But there are enough vitamins and minerals in the body
There is no stress, but hair is still climbing hard, what to do? Then
should look to the past, to the origins. Simply put,
do everything yourself and from the improvised ingredients.

One of the reasons may also be a bad ecology, flow
water or hair cleaners. In fact, shampoos and masks do not
should have a negative impact, but as they say,
year and stick shoots. No need to immediately throw away all cosmetics in
trash can, but you can limit its use. Before when
there was no soap, people used various folk remedies for
hair cleansing: someone with egg yolk, someone with mud or kefir.
There were a lot of recipes.

First of all, the hair should be washed with boiled water, but not
diluted with flow. Allow it to cool and proceed.
washing your hair, having prepared a shampoo or a mask in advance.

Shampoo without soap

hair fall out Earlier in
Shampoos used natural soap root,
which is now all replaced by lauryl sulfate. It is not very useful.
for scalp and hair, but cheap and well foams. If
use shampoos, then without it.

The easiest is rye shampoo. To make it
need black bread and water. The crust needs to be cut, and the crumb
put in a small amount of water, in which case the water is always
then you can add. When the bread goes soft, it needs to be ground,
Better through a sieve, because then the pieces will be difficult to wash out

The resulting gruel is applied to the hair. Massage your head and
hold this composition for about 5 minutes. Such a shampoo mask will make
hair thick, voluminous and shiny.

Another simple option. Kefir diluted with hot water and
wash the hair with the resulting composition, then rinse it clean.
water But the drier the hair, the fatter the kefir should be, and
respectively the opposite.

Starch will help wash your hair quickly, efficiently and without water.
A small amount of this substance should be whipped in the hair, as
when washing with shampoo, and hold on the head for about 5 minutes. Then
wipe the hair with a towel and remove the starch residues with
thick combs.

The following recipe is not original, but fast and
effective. Egg yolk should be applied to wet hair,
Massage the head, hold for 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Hair growth masks

The mask with onions and honey is, of course, very effective, but there is one
but … Onion smell is not so easy to remove. So those who seek
to thick hair and ready to endure more than one day the smell of onions,
we offer the following recipe. To one tablespoon of honey add
three tablespoons of onion, shabby on a fine grater. Mask need
rub into the scalp and soak for 40 minutes, then rinse with a soft

With the help of mustard, hair begins to grow like yeast,
which, by the way, are also good as masks. But about the mustard. Her
should be diluted in warm water until a consistency is formed, which
will not spread and apply on the hair roots. If the hair itself
dry and thin, the mask can be diluted with oil, fatty kefir or
egg yolk.

You need to wrap your head in a towel or wear a warm hat on
half an hour, then rinse under warm water.

You need to take care of yourself constantly, and not periodically, and then
virtually no problems with appearance will not disturb you
to enjoy the life.

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