What to do if hair falls out? Identify and eliminate the causes of severe hair loss on the head



  • Causes of hair loss
  • Rules for care for falling hair
  • Treatment with drugs
  • Folk remedies for hair loss
  • Recipes for homemade hair masks

It’s hard to describe that unpleasant feeling when you see it on the comb.
whole shreds of your own hair. This disease is rapidly gaining
momentum, and now you have to watch the placer of precious curls
everywhere – on clothes, chairs, in the bath. Sometimes the process is so intense
that the panic begins: if the matter goes on at such a pace that
stay on your head? Yes, with no treatment and on time
measures hair loss can lead to alopecia –
baldness. To prevent this from happening, the disease must be fought.
in all possible ways.

What to do if hair falls out

Causes of hair loss

First you need to think about what could lead to such
joyless phenomenon. Causes of hair loss may be the most
different – you need to analyze all the factors that have a place
to be in life and that could provoke this disease. More often
the problems are health, poor lifestyle or
improper hair care.

1. Health problems:

  • Injuries, scars, head wounds, severely damaged hair
    bulbs, including hair loss may be a consequence
    head surgery;
  • Depression, persistent nervosa, chronic
  • Autoimmune diseases, low immunity;
  • Infections of fungal and bacterial origin;
  • Impaired thyroid function;
  • Prolonged fever, fever, increased
  • Lupus erythematosus;
  • Long reception of various potent medicinal
    drugs (from cancer, hypertension, depression, gout,
    arthritis, etc.), including contraceptives;
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Age after 50 years;
  • Heredity;
  • Hormonal failure during pregnancy or menopause.

2. Problems in lifestyle:

  • Smoking;
  • Alcoholism;
  • Mental and physical overload;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Improper nutrition: an abundance in the diet of fried, spicy,
    pickled, canned food, carbonated and alcohol
    drinks, fast foods and lack of fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Hair care problems:

  • Regular procedures in the barber shop, destructive structure
    hair: perm, lamination, dyeing,
    build-up, fashionable African braids, etc. – under the influence
    chemicals hair follicles weaken and strands
    fall out;
  • Tight hairstyles, excessive use of hairpins and elastic bands,
    heavily constricting hair;
  • Improperly selected cosmetic care products
  • Temperature changes, the rejection of hats when leaving
    the street.

Correctly identified cause of hair loss should be
fixed as soon as possible. Only this can stop further.
dropout process.

You can be treated with the most modern techniques, drink the most
effective drugs, make the best masks, but without eliminating
factor provoking the disease, the treatment will be futile.
The best place to start is to learn how to care for patients falling out.

How to care for falling hair

Practical tips on how to make hair thick and

Effective procedures for the restoration of damaged

Rules for care for falling hair

Competent, careful care for the locks in the period of their intensive
loss – a guarantee of speedy recovery. Based on data
recommendations can be stopped and in the future prevented loss
precious strands.

  1. It is necessary to comb more often. This useful
    The procedure improves blood circulation, nourishes and strengthens the roots.
    It is recommended to purchase a massage brush specifically
    intended for the scalp.
  2. No need to get involved in tight rubber bands, hairpins, pins. They
    make the haircut well-groomed and beautiful, but too expensive:
    tightening hair, violate their structure and damage the roots.
  3. Frequent staining, perm and other procedures in
    barber shop must be eliminated on
    treatment time.
  4. It is recommended to change the line of home care products.
    hair, no matter how perfect it is. It’s better not to navigate
    as much on cosmetic as on medicinal, tonic
    shampoos, masks and balms based on herbs for hair loss,
    which are sold in the pharmacy.
  5. You can not comb wet strands: you need
    wait for them to dry completely.
  6. The temperature of the water for washing the head should not exceed 40.
    ° C
  7. It is necessary to dry hair only in the natural way, without the help
    hair dryers, irons and tongs, the use of which should be limited to
    minimum not only for the period of treatment, but also in the future, so that
    avoid disease recurrence.
  8. Food must be present in the diet.
    rich in vitamins essential for nutrition
    hair: liver, fish, meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits,
    cereals, nuts, eggs.
  9. It is necessary to protect the nervous system from stress. At the time of treatment
    It is recommended to take a vacation and relax.
  10. We’ll have to give up smoking and drinking alcohol

Many people underestimate the rules of hair care during their period.
falling out, rushing to immediately make a mask and drink pills. With such
approach to the problem it will not be eliminated.

First – getting rid of the problem, then – full treatment,
which can be carried out and drug, and folk

Care for falling hair

Treatment with drugs

Hair loss is almost always caused by serious disorders.
in the body, so it is often very difficult to cope with it.
without the intervention of medicine. The ideal treatment option for this
diseases – an immediate appeal to the trichologist (specialist,
dealing with problems of the scalp and hair condition). He is after
medical examination will help identify the cause of the disease, and
prescribe the appropriate course of therapy. There are effective
medicinal products that perfectly strengthen hair follicles,
stopping hair loss.

1. Vitamins:

Vitamins can be consumed in the form of individual capsules, consisting of
complex, by intramuscular injection in ampoules. With
body hair loss is needed:

  • A, F and B5 to strengthen the roots;
  • B1 as an anti-stress agent;
  • B2 to restore root follicles;
  • B3 and B6 for the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • B7 – the best remedy for baldness;
  • B8 helps to absorb the remaining vitamins;
  • B9 and E for cell renewal;
  • B12 for enriching the roots with oxygen;
  • C to strengthen the immune system.

Vitamins – the basis of treatment against hair loss.

2. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a well-known vasodilator that often
prescribed for alopecia. He is able to slow down and
stop hair loss by stimulating new growth and strengthening
old ones Its only drawback is the duration of the course.

3. Oils

Pharmaceutical oils on a vegetable basis (castor, burdock,
almond, dwarf palm, wheat germ, avocado, etc.) –
the best basis for making homemade masks and compresses against
hair loss.

4. Restorative procedures

Physiotherapy and head massage – growth stimulating procedures
new hair and firming roots.

An intelligent person understands that drinking medications from
hair loss is possible only on the recommendation and prescription of a doctor,
although you can buy them today at the pharmacy and without a prescription. For example, when
Regina’s wrong dosage (its main active ingredient is
minoxidil, described above) the process of hair loss may become
more intense. Even with vitamins it is not so simple: you will drink
multivitamin complex, while your body will lack
only nicotinic acid. As a result, no
no effect will follow – strands will still fall out.

Unfortunately, only 10% of the population addresses trichologists,
suffering hair loss. And then they come to the doctor when the disease is already
started and there are all signs of soon balding. The remaining 90%
people prefer to use folk remedies.

Treatment of falling hair

Folk remedies for hair loss

Home remedies in the fight against hair loss can be
used as maintenance therapy for the main course
treatment that is prescribed by a doctor or is independent
solution to the problem.

  1. For rinsing hair after shampooing is recommended
    use not ordinary water, but infusions and decoctions that strengthen
    herbs – sage, St. John’s wort, calendula, burdock root, nettle,
    calamus, bay leaf or immortelle.
  2. You can use aromatherapy: stop falling out
    hair essential oils of pine, bay, mint, rosemary, ylang-ylang,
    lavender, tea tree, coriander, calamus. They can be included in
    the composition of the home masks, add to the bath or hold daily
    aromatherapy sessions. To do this, drop a couple drops on
    wooden massage brush for the head and for 5–6 minutes
    comb hair.
  3. Compresses from pharmaceutical oils, used once a week, are also
    can improve the condition of the hair and scalp when strands fall out.
    To do this, the oil is slightly heated in a water bath, applied to
    roots and keeps under a plastic or cellophane cap and
    towel for an hour or two.
  4. Regularly applied home masks,
    well-chosen, also excellent help in dealing with
    hair loss.

Sometimes you have to try different tools to
achieve a certain result and stop the strands from falling out.
It is possible to combine several methods within reasonable limits. the main thing
– know the measure in this matter, because an excessively active attack on and
already damaged and weak hair follicles can cause
to the opposite effect. The most popular folk remedy against
hair loss are homemade masks of their own

Recipes for homemade hair masks

The main function of such masks is to restore the disturbed
blood circulation and ensure proper nutrition of the roots, thereby
strengthening them. As a result, the fallout will gradually stop, and
hair will be shiny, well-groomed and beautiful. Masks need
keep at least half an hour under polyethylene
hat and towel. They are applied to wet, clean
hair, and the processing of the strands themselves can not be made:
enough to rub only the roots. You can rinse without shampoo,
if the composition of the mask does not include any oil. You can do them
once every three days, and the effect to wait only after 8-10

  • Onion

Freshly rub the onion, squeeze the juice from the resulting mass.
Mix it with castor oil (1 table. L.), Alcohol tincture
calendula, brandy, warm honey (1 tsp. l.) and raw yolk.
Beat with a blender. Rinse out of onion smell
after the mask with a weak lemon solution (dilute a glass in a liter of water
fresh lemon juice).

  • Yeast

Warm water to dissolve pressed yeast (about 50 grams) so
to get a mushy mass. Leave to swell for half an hour.
Add to the resulting mixture warm honey, brandy (1 tsp. L.),
raw yolk.

  • Honey

Lower the leaves of aloe in the fridge for a day.
Squeeze the juice out of them, mix in equal quantities (1 table per liter) with
warm honey, burdock oil and castor oil.

  • Cognac

Mix cognac (1 table. L.) With raw yolk and warm honey (1
Chin l.). Rinse with lemon juice solution. Do not use
when flushing with shampoo.

  • With essential oils

Mix warm honey (1 table. L.), Raw yolk, olive oil
(1 tea. L.), Essential oils of cedar and rosemary (3 drops each).

  • Mustard

Dissolve the mustard powder with hot water (2 tablespoons).
It turned out a creamy mixture. Add raw yolk to it, any
oil – olive, burdock, castor (2 tables. l.), warm honey (2
Chin l.).

Knowing how to stop even the most intense hair loss,
you can keep intact and intact not only your curls, but
and nerves. Swim in a bath in your own hair or take a lock of hair
strand with a hairbrush – this will deprive anyone of emotional balance. Sometimes
it is enough to normalize the lifestyle so that the problem disappears,
without resorting to expensive medications. To hair
were thick, long, strong and pleased you with their volume,
just take care of yourself and try to live a healthy lifestyle – this is
best prevention from their loss.

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