What to do if peeling after peeling?

Many women who visit the cosmetologist’s office have
fear that peeling appears on the skin after peeling. By this
The reason most of them simply avoid this procedure. Have
The number of female fans increases every year.
This procedure, when properly performed, benefits the skin.
improves its structure and color, helps to restore the tone,
removes pigmentation and fine lines on the face.

The procedure itself is characterized by the following process – active
acid (often fruit) penetrates deep into the epidermis and
becomes the impetus for the natural regeneration of the skin. AT
the first time after the procedure, the skin may turn red,
start to peel off or even swell. Recovery time
skin – about a week (in each case it is


  • Peeling peculiarities
  • Typical and atypical effects of peeling
  • Peculiarities of skin care after peeling
  • Shelled skin – what to do?

Peeling peculiarities

If you decide to undergo this procedure, you should start
make sure of the professionalism of the beautician who will be her
do. Pay attention to the relevant documents and
certificates for the components that are used for peeling
the role is played by reviews in social networks. An important step is
preparation of skin for carrying out a cosmetology session, at the same time
the cosmetologist’s advice selects special skin care products
which prepare it for this type of procedure.

Peeling Features

Today, the median chemical peel with
using TCA acid of various concentrations and in various
combinations with other agents become universally accepted

The next step to emphasize,
is the season and climatic conditions, because the middle
Peeling can not be done in the summer and with intense solar
rays. It is better to do it in late autumn or in winter. If you
live in conditions of high solar activity, will have
be patient and sit out at home or indoors for a week (do not go out
beach and similar places), be sure to wear a hat with
wide-brimmed or panama, which will hide the face from the annoying and
dangerous in such a period of sunlight.

As for the type of peeling, then for each person he
It is selected individually, depending on the characteristics of the skin.
Regarding age, any cosmetic procedures are done from 18
years, the exception is obvious evidence (acne, which
need to be treated, or scars after acne), but consent is required
parents. Surface peeling is carried out from 3 to 6
procedures, rest after each of them is at least a week.
Median peeling is done by a course of 1 to 3 procedures, the interval between
they are at least 3 weeks. A course of any kind of peeling is not
recommended to be held more than once a year.

Typical and atypical effects of peeling

Normal reactions to such actions with the skin are:

Peeling of the skin after peeling

As a result of removal of the protective upper layer of the epithelium
dehydration of this zone occurs, its sensitivity to
UV and heat radiation

  1. Peeling skin after peeling – a natural reaction and not worth it
    panic at a given phenomenon. Individual characteristics
    the skin and the appearance of the median peel will affect how long
    peel off the skin. For example, after using trichloroacetic
    acid can appear not only peeling, but also puffiness.
    The average duration of this phenomenon is from 3 to 7
  2. Redness. Median peeling is in its principle
    a chemical burn that will come off with proper skin care.
    It can be described as a thin film on the skin, which later
    several days transformed into crusts. Such a process resembles
    sunburn. On the intensity and duration of such a reaction after
    cleaning is affected by the depth of exposure to chemicals (acids) and
    degree of damage. For example, after peeling using
    trichloroacetic acid and retinoic peeling redness persists
    for 5 days. Sometimes the skin may not turn red,
    may be pink or bright red. Most intense this
    the reaction manifests itself in the first minutes after the procedure, then
    gradually disappears.
  3. Puffiness and prematureness – appear on a thin layer of skin
    (neck, eyelids), such a reaction is the norm for the median

Such consequences are the norm and with proper care
skin are eliminated by themselves. But we must remember that if the red and
swelling increases, you can not hesitate, you should turn to
to your cosmetologist and take prescribed antihistamines

Atypical consequences are: excessive rash, acne.
This phenomenon occurs due to improper skin care.
after cleaning. To prevent such a problem, apply to the skin.
anti-inflammatory and anti-acne drugs. In case of severe rash
should visit the beautician. His appointments usually include
preparations containing zinc and antibacterial substances that
help eliminate acne.

Another atypical consequence are scars and scabs. Not in
In no case can you rip off the skin that slashes, it only needs
moisturize, constantly lubricating fat cream. If skin is ripped off,
blemishes and irregularities may appear on the skin. With proper care
the crust will peel off.

Another consequence is hyperpigmentation. Such a reaction
may be due to the wrong season for peeling.
To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to remember the irrelevance
this procedure in the summer and spring. Before the procedure you need
prepare the skin by treating it with kojic and retinol
with acids.

Peculiarities of skin care after peeling

After the surface peeling, you can wash your face through
day, as you feel the skin tightness, and on the face is formed
thin film. After the middle peeling you can wash
not earlier than 2 days after the face was covered with thin
shiny film, and the skin became constricted. Washing can be done
using thermal water and non-abrasive cosmetic
means. After any of the chemical cleansing should be processed
skin Panthenol or fatty moisturizers. Can not be
in the sun after the procedure and sunbathing in the solarium for a month
after cleaning.

Keep in mind the intense moisturizing of the skin, so it is faster
will heal and recover. Should be preferred
cosmetic products that have a gel structure, so
they are absorbed in minutes and moisturize well, eliminating
tightness and dryness of the skin.

But use any means in the first few days.
after cleansing is contraindicated only when skin peeling began
after cleaning, you can moisturize it intensively.

Keep your skin away from sun, wind, cold and other
irritants. So you can avoid hyperpigmentation. After peeling
focus on creams that contain
antioxidants. When going outside, apply to the skin with
high level of sun protection (50). This also applies to the care of
skin in the autumn period. Such funds should be applied even later.
2 months after dry cleaning.

An important factor is the rejection of decorative cosmetics.
at the time of recovery of the skin. No need to touch the face, do not use
makeup products for a few weeks. Subject to
simple rules can provide fast and comfortable
skin recovery after peeling.

Shelled skin – what to do?

Such a process is the norm after a cosmetic procedure.
This is a sign that the procedure has been executed correctly and is already running.
cell regeneration process. Do not be afraid and panic at the sight
flaky skin. Under the influence of aggressive substances on the skin
the upper layer of the epidermis is practically removed by
peeling. Dead cells are removed, new, young and
healthy. In the case of surface peeling peeling is not bright
pronounced and passes a day after the procedure. After
median peeling occurs exfoliation of the upper layer of the skin,
which begins a few days later and continues throughout
recovery period.

Complications after peeling

Uniform darkening of the skin that passes
independently after peeling (after 1-2 weeks).

No need to rip off the pieces that peeled off. To speed up
This process should follow the recommendations of cosmetologists and
properly care for your skin. This will ensure uniform and
painless exfoliation, after which scars will not remain and
dark spots. For skin care, use a cream with
the content of Panthenol, greasy cream, thermal water for washing.
All these tools contribute to the improvement of the protective functions of the skin and
give it the missing moisture for optimal cell regeneration. Not
need to be afraid to visit the office of a beautician. All consequences
individual and with a properly performed procedure are minimal.

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