What to do if the skin is dry? Rules care and homemade cosmetics for dry skin



  • Causes of dry skin
  • Rules for the care of dry skin
  • Dry skin type treatment
  • Recipes for homemade products for dry skin

Owners of dry skin do not know what is shine,
enlarged pores and acne. However, they
suffer from the shortcomings of their type of epidermis, as their greasy
glands do not produce enough fat. It makes
skin is vulnerable to the adverse effects of the environment.
The lack of a protective film and the lack of moisture in the cells lead to
its drying, constant peeling and rapid aging. To
to avoid this, requires competent, appropriate care for dry
skin of the face that maximizes the harmful effects
various factors (external and internal) that contribute to its
drying out. To fight take off, you need to start them at least
to find out.

Dry skin of the face

Causes of dry skin

To get rid of the dryness of the skin of the face and have at least
any chance of success, you need to know the reasons that lead to
dehydration and lack of fat produced by the sebaceous glands.
If these are hereditary factors, the only solution is
regular care for this type of skin throughout life. If
it will be possible to establish that others are the cause of dryness.
circumstances that you are able to change and even eliminate,
You can become the owner of a normal skin type and no longer
so suffer from premature aging, constricted pores,
sensitivity and flaking. Causes of dryness can be:

  • Heredity;
  • Age changes;
  • Disorders in the sebaceous glands;
  • Internal diseases of the body: problems at work
    gastrointestinal tract, nervous system;
  • Improper use and selection of skin care products
    (frequent peeling, use of soap when washing);
  • Avitaminosis;
  • Long stay in the sun or frost;
  • Incorrect skin care: for example, frequent washing too
    hot or chlorinated water can dry out skin

If dry skin is a consequence of one of the factors
you can somehow influence, be sure to do it to
tidy up the water balance inside the cells and stabilize
him. In parallel with the elimination of the causes need to ensure the skin
appropriate, competent, very thorough care.

Rules for the care of dry skin

Care for dry skin should be regularly, regardless of her
causes and conditions. Wrong about this only in
case of exacerbations when the face is covered with a flaky crust or
under the eyes appear merciless “crow’s feet.” Everything
owners of dry skin should understand one thing for themselves
the unshakable rule: the frequency of care is a guarantee of success in this
hard business.

  1. Wash is recommended only in the evenings. Fat is removed in the morning.
    which developed glands during the night, and the skin loses the right one
    protective barrier. This makes it vulnerable to external
  2. You can wash with water at room temperature. Using
    hot water is excluded. Accordingly, baths and showers should also
    be warm
  3. About tap water, no matter how familiar and comfortable to
    use it was not, you need to forget. For washings
    settled, filtered or cooled after boiling.
  4. The washing procedure excludes the use of any soap. Need
    Special moisturizing gel or foam.
  5. After washing, do not rub your face with a towel: just blot a little
    moisture remaining on the skin.
  6. You need to carefully choose the means to care for this type of skin.
    First, they should all be from the same series (or
    at least one manufacturer). Secondly, they must
    be marked: “FOR DRY SKIN” or “MOISTENING”.
  7. It is recommended to carefully study the composition of the funds you purchased:
    it should not mean alcohol, which ruthlessly dries the skin.
    When making homemade masks and lotions, also gently consider
    this fact.
  8. The use of makeup should be very
    discreet and competent. It is allowed to apply on the skin only.
    moisturizing concealers and powders that contain in their
    composed of all kinds of protective filters.
  9. You can not go to bed without removing the remnants of cosmetics from the skin. For
    Make-up remover there are special tools – cosmetic
    Milk, for example.
  10. Correction of the drinking regime is necessary: ​​with dry skin
    It is recommended to drink at least two liters overnight
  11. Proper nutrition is another important point of care for dry type.
    skin. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of spices and spicy,
    too salty foods. Coffee, alcohol, carbonated water are
    diuretic, contribute to the rapid evaporation of moisture from the cells that
    worsens the condition of the epidermis.
  12. Twice a year it is necessary to use multivitamins. With
    aggravations (when the face is covered with a flaky crust)
    It is recommended to drink separate vitamins – A and E (in any form, including
    including as part of fish oil).
  13. You need to constantly ensure that the room is fresh,
    humidified air. Therefore, at work and at home you need to regularly
    air or have a humidifier on hand.
  14. Experts recommend owners of dry skin less
    use saunas and chlorinated water pools. Classes
    sports that sweat profusely are also undesirable.
  15. Before swimming in any water or pool necessarily
    Apply a thick layer of fat cream to your face.
  16. Do not expose the skin to prolonged exposure to sunlight.
    and low temperatures. Be sure to use protective
    creams before going out in heat, cold or strong
  17. If the desire to give the skin the necessary moisture is great,
    have to force yourself to quit smoking.

These recommendations, which give experts, easy and complex
at the same time, but the one who wants to achieve results will cope with
them. If the problems of dryness are hidden much deeper or
skin condition is already running, it is better to turn to
professionals who will conduct the necessary examination and appoint
appropriate treatment.

What to do if the skin of the face is dry

Dry skin type treatment

For cosmetologists, the abnormal work of the sebaceous glands (in this
case – insufficient amount of subcutaneous fat), and
the inability of cells to retain moisture in themselves is serious
diseases that require treatment. According to experts in this
area, it involves the professional hydration of the skin
cover in the cabin and, already as a supplement, the corresponding home
care. To date, the most effective therapeutic procedures
for dry skin are:

  • Hot compress expands pores, blood vessels, improves
    microcirculation, removes dead skin cells and dust, warms the skin;
    as a result of this procedure, the evaporation of water from the cells stops,
    the stratum corneum is absorbed by moisture and swells – so the most dry skin
    in just one procedure, it becomes soft, gentle, unbelievable.
  • Salt cleaning;
  • Peels (mechanical, hardware, chemical) remove dead
    cells, renew the skin;
  • Collagen mask tightens the skin, moisturizes and tones
  • Different types of cosmetic massage improves blood circulation,
    remove old cells, refresh the complexion;
  • Acid mesotherapy (administration of therapeutic injections) saturates
    deep layers of the epidermis with fatty acids;
  • Biorevitalization – the introduction of hyaluronic
    acid by injection which is different
    excellent moisturizing effect;
  • Various saloon programs of active nutrition and emergency
    moisturizing the skin.

Qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology try
optimal selection of treatments and treatments for dry skin
persons according to individual indicators. Moisturizing and protective
programs of such therapy are effective and very popular today.
If the condition of the skin is not so critical, to apply for
medical care, you can use home remedies that
can improve the condition of dry skin.

Recipes masks for dry skin

What to do if the face skin is oily:

How to improve the condition of sensitive skin? About parlor and
folk methods.

Recipes for homemade products for dry skin

Homemade cosmetics for dry skin
exhausted by some masks and creams. You need to carefully
pick and foam (or gel) for washing, and scrub, and tonic. And
they need to be applied not from time to time, during the period of active
peeling or increased sensitivity in the offseason. Regularity
their use is a guarantee that in the very near future the cells
the skin will have enough precious moisture and the face will acquire

  • Hot compress

Terry towel folded strip, dip in hot water
(so that the skin can endure and burn did not work), put on face
until complete cooling of the fabric. This procedure increases blood flow,
removes impurities from the skin, relaxes muscles. It can be carried out
once every two weeks after a relaxing bath.

  • Chamomile Steam Bath

Three tablespoons of pharmaceutical chamomile pour three liters of water,
simmer for about 15 minutes. Remove from heat, put on
a chair or a low table, lean over the pan, cover your head
a terry towel. You need to last for 10 minutes. As you cool down
broth face should be lowered lower and lower. After this wash
cool water and wipe the skin with a moisturizing lotion.

  • Oatmeal mask

One tablespoon of oatmeal pour 50 ml of hot milk
with a high percentage of fat content. Insist 10 minutes.
Apply on face for 15 minutes, rinse with cool water. Mask rarely
causes allergies. You can do it twice a week for
of the month.

  • Vanilla scrub

Purification of dirt and exfoliation of dead cells is an important step in
care for dry skin. You can not deprive it of peeling using soft
scrubs that clean gently and very delicately. Once in
a week for such a procedure would be quite enough. Mash with a fork
pulp ripe, without black banana, add granulated sugar (3
tablespoons), honey (a teaspoon) and vanilla extract. Scrub
applied to the skin with light circular movements, for a couple
minutes the face is massaged, and then the mixture is washed off cool

  • Home tonics

Tonics for dry skin should provide its cleansing and
moisturizing. You can wipe your face before applying the cream broth
parsley Make it very easy: chop 200 grams of green, pour
liter of water, boil, cool, strain. It is stored in
refrigerator and is able to give the person an incredible freshness, saving
from the feeling of tightness. Milk tonic for dry skin is also no less
effective. Just wipe your face twice a day with cool.

  • Dry skin cream

The cream is usually applied after a moisturizing tonic. If a
prefer store products, choose a tool that consists of
which are indicated liposomes, nanospheres, ceramides, linoleic,
gamma linoleic acid. You can make homemade cream, which
It will be equally effective to care for dry skin.

One tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile pour boiling water (250 ml),
close the lid, cool, drain. Add to two dining rooms
spoons of the resulting infusion of a little vegetable glycerin (a little
less teaspoon). Melt one tablespoon of cream.
butter or margarine, mix with one teaspoon of castor
oils, add essential oil of geranium (not more than three drops).
Mix all the ingredients, mix with a mixer, put in a jar and
put in the fridge. You can keep the moisturizing mixture for
five days. If you add a teaspoon of camphor oil to it, the term
storage will increase by a few more days.

This whole set of tips developed by cosmetologists need
must be used to preserve youth, freshness and
beauty dry skin. Full care, healthy lifestyle,
regular beauty treatments at home and in salons
will allow to ensure that no one guessed that your type
facial skin – dry. Moisturization and protection methods are available today.
every beauty, and you need to put them into practice right from the earliest
age Then neither time nor aggressive factors will be
to rule over the beauty of your always fresh and so young

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