What to do if the tips of the hair split? Treatment and splitting hair care at home


The cuticle, the protective layer of the hair, may break down and expose
horny scales that begin to move away from the main trunk.
Outwardly, it looks like a bundle of hair and the appearance of it
several tips. This can occur over the entire length.


  • Causes of split ends
  • Professional treatment
  • Home care
  • Recipes masks against split ends

The cuticle, the protective layer of the hair, may break down and expose
horny scales that begin to move away from the main trunk.
Outwardly, it looks like a bundle of hair and the appearance of it
several tips. This can occur along the entire length of the strand.
The result is disobedient, poorly styled curls,
which stick out in different directions and prevent to look well-groomed. With
staining they cannot fully absorb pigment, therefore
the paint falls unevenly and the desired shade is achieved very

Every second long-haired beauty asks what
if hair splits, how to restore their structure and again
Look good. Similar hair damage is a disease
which can be prevented by prophylaxis
medical procedures, competent care and homemade masks. But for
First you need to figure out why this happened.

Hair whipped

Causes of split ends

The reason for cutting hair is that at some stage it starts
not enough power. Protective cuticle unable to anymore
perform their immediate functions, breaking down and exposing
internal structure. Different factors lead to this, and in each
in a separate case, it is necessary to clarify them or at least
to assume. It turns out to do this – you will need to do
eliminating this negativity from life, which leads to such
sad consequences. Experts believe that most often
causes of split ends are:

  • Malnutrition: fast foods, fatty,
    fried, sweet, spicy, spicy, alcoholic and carbonated in large
    quantities does not provide the scalp with essential vitamins,
    because of which the protective shell of the strands is destroyed;
  • Environment: ultraviolet, low
    temperatures or their sharp drop, the salty waters of the sea, bleach in
    swimming pools, polluted air – all this causes
    environmental stress for curls;
  • Cranky nervous system: depression,
    stresses, constant experiences, breakdowns, nervosa taken from
    the body’s strength, depletes it not only emotionally, but also
    physically affecting the condition
  • Internal diseases: impaired
    the work of one system instantly affects the health of the hair, often
    total split ends – a consequence of gastrointestinal diseases
    tract or circulatory system;
  • Bad habits: it is scientifically proven that
    alcohol and nicotine actively destroy cells, and curls are affected
    one of the very first;
  • Avitaminosis: lack of elementary body
    vitamins instantly affects the state of the strands;
  • Inadequate care: prolonged non-attendance
    barber shop, abuse of hair dryer and
    other hot appliances
    hair care products, permanent dyes and chemicals
    Curls steadily lead to their excision, thinning and

Most of these factors can be caused not only
splitting hair, but also other problems – feeling bad,
nervousness, rash on the face, slow growth and prolapse
strands. After their elimination not only
damaged curls, but comes back to normal and life itself. Is not
one-day process, therefore, to consolidate the results and help
sick hair get better faster, you can turn in parallel
for help from professionals.

Why hair split

If the hair loss has become disastrous, it’s time
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about medication and home remedies and methods.

Professional treatment

Modern cosmetology knows many techniques how to deal with
split hair and restore their structure for minimal
number of treatments. Trichologists conduct a comprehensive
analysis of the state of the strands, identify the cause of the disease and select
the most optimal treatment method for each individual case.
There is no lack of choice, and each of them has already managed himself
recommend in the beauty industry as effective and

  • Hot wrapping helps you get
    dry, injured strands shine, strength, elasticity, solve
    split ends problem; this procedure in a single complex with
    cutting with hot scissors will quickly restore the hair;
  • Employment is the effect on
    damaged microparticles with cuticles for
    penetration into them of therapeutic agents; the result is brilliant and
    healthy curls;
  • Biosapping split ends is their
    restoration using a specially developed complex
    ceramides and natural extracts that fill damaged
    zones, strengthening and nourishing them;
  • Mesotherapy involves the introduction of the skin
    heads of biologically active substances that eliminate the treatment,
    feeding the roots;
  • Therapeutic massage for blood flow to
    hair roots, the condition of which depends largely on
    blood circulation;
  • Keratin hair restoration—
    treatment of strands with liquid keratin, which, penetrating into their
    structure, fills cracks and repairs damaged

Professional treatment of split ends in appropriate
centers and salons – it is always an excellent result, which, to
Unfortunately, not everyone can afford. Time trouble, the high cost of these
procedures, distrust in hardware and injection techniques – the main
reasons that only 20% of women resort to treatment
faced with such a problem. What do others do?

Split hair treatment

Home care

Competent care for split ends – an additional measure to
professional treatment of damaged curls, prevention
diseases and immutable law for those who want to be
truly well-groomed and beautiful. A number of rules developed
trichologists, cosmetologists, dermatologists, hairdressers and others
experts will help in the difficult task of repairing damaged

  1. Normalize food: limit consumption
    fast food, fatty, fried, sweet, spicy, spicy, alcoholic
    and carbonated, include in the daily diet of vegetables, cereals,
    fruits, nuts, meat, dairy products.
  2. Protect hair from negative,
    aggressive exposure from the outside: wear hats, going to
    walk and going to swim.
  3. Restore the nervous system: calm down
    eliminate empty experiences from life, if possible avoid
    stress, contact a psychologist and drink away the course
  4. Pass a medical examination: you need
    to find out if a worm is sharpening health from the inside. Highly
    often split ends – this is a sure sign of serious
    diseases that need to be treated.
  5. Get rid of bad habits: if there is no strength
    quit smoking, you need to try to at least reduce the daily
    the number of cigarettes smoked. Give up alcohol – one more
    right step on the path to healthy hair.
  6. Drink vitamins: need to ensure curls
    necessary nutrition and be treated with any multivitamins.
  7. Trim split ends: if the problem is not
    leaves, you have to solve it every month in this way.
  8. Refuse high temperatures: do not wash
    head with hot water (optimal temperature – 40 ° C), not
    use hair dryer, ironing, curling iron, tongs, thermal
    curlers or at least limit their use.
  9. Combing often: this simple process
    improves blood circulation in the scalp, and through the blood the hair
    get oxygen that moisturizes and nourishes split, dry,
    thin, lifeless strands.
  10. Choose the appropriate line of products (shampoo +
    balm-conditioner) one manufacturer with a label on the bottles
    “RESTORING”: they regenerate damaged strands from the inside with
    using various chemical formulas.
  11. Make masks: do not forget one or two times
    a week before shampooing do hair repair masks
    at home that prevent many problems with
    curls and give them a beautiful and well-groomed look.

You can go every month to cut split ends, every
half a year to undergo treatment in cosmetology centers, but
constantly return to this problem. Only competent home
care will help break out of this vicious circle and restore beauty
and shine healthy, well-groomed hair.

Today, many doubt the appropriateness and action
home masks for the restoration of whipped strands, however, in their
effectiveness or worthlessness can be seen only by trying
their own experience.

What to do if hair splits

Recipes masks against split ends

Someone claims that splitting hair is too serious
the problem is that simple homemade masks from
products. Someone testifies that the curls after them in fact
In fact, they are being restored and cease to split. Anyway
It’s worth trying, because they all nourish the hair roots, and
the destruction of the protective layer is due to the lack of
good nutrition.

It is easy to apply such masks: put on the roots, strands, copiously
moisten the tips, wrap in heat (plastic cap + terry
towel), soak for half an hour or an hour, wash off and enjoy
the result.

To see the desired effect and fix it, you will need not
less than 10-15 such procedures.

  • Mask with yogurt

Sour milk is rich in active substances: it contains yeast,
lactic acid sticks, streptococci, acetic acid bacteria,
proteins, vitamins B and E, various biocultures. Penetrating into the cells,
they actively repair damage and regenerate tissue.
Homemade yogurt is slightly steamed,
rubbed into the scalp, roots, distributed along the length
strands, and whipped ends you just need to dip in this healing
liquid and hold for 2-3 minutes so that they are soaked with it.
At the same time the head may be dirty, it is better to slightly moisten the hair.
Keep yogurt mask must be insulated for at least an hour.
Rinse better with decoction of chamomile with shampoo.

  • Mask with cosmetic oils

For the treatment of split ends, such oils are good.
pickled, peach, coconut, almond, flaxseed,
burdock, jojoba or macadamia. To cook a mask on their
basis, you will need 2 tablespoons of oil and a pair of eggs. Bye butter
heated by a pair, the yolk must be carefully separated from the protein and
grind it. Then mix the yolks with butter, beat and apply on
hair, including the roots and scalp. The mask is easily washed off.
shampoo, if you apply it immediately to the hair, not wetting them. For
rinse can use a weak lemon solution.
There are a lot of polysaccharides, sterols, proteins, essential oils in
oils, tannins, fatty acids, mineral salts and
vitamins that are known for their regenerating properties.

  • Night mask

Very effective reviews on the basis of cosmetic
oils that were listed in the previous recipe. Half an hour before bedtime
you need to steam the selected oil (very small
quantity – a tablespoon). Moisten in a warm mass splitting
tips so that they do not drip. In half an hour the oil is absorbed, and
so go to bed. Flushing is not required.

  • Peach mask

The tasty mask is enriched with vitamins (A, C, E, PP, B), nutritional
fibers, organic acids and minerals (potassium and
calcium). To cook it, you need the pulp of two peaches
turn into a puree, mix thoroughly with fat milk (3-4
tablespoons), add oregano essential oil (4-5 drops).
This mask is recommended to do on the dirty, slightly moisturized.
hair, keep compressed on the hair for about half an hour, wash off

Your hair is splitting – what to do? Yes, you can pave the path
to the hairdresser, constantly cutting off lifeless ends and
shortening the precious strand length. Every woman
must understand that such a struggle with the investigation removes from the decision
Problems. Infinitely trimming curls, losing centimeters, through
week again you will find the cuts. Therefore be logical in
your actions: find out the cause, eliminate it, take a course
treatment and regularly engage in the prevention of this disease.
Only then can you enjoy the long, thick, irresistible
a cascade of healthy curls without cuts.

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