What to do masks from wrinkles around the eyes?

To preserve your youth for a long time, you should use masks
from wrinkles around the eyes. After all, under the eyes is the most
tender and sensitive skin that has a tendency to early
wrinkles due to loss of collagen. And this, in turn,
not the best way affects the appearance: creates tired
kind of, adds age.


  • How to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles
  • How to eliminate wrinkles
  • Preparation and use

How to prevent the early appearance of wrinkles

With age, the thin skin around the eyes gradually loses its
properties, it becomes not so elastic and resilient. It’s no secret that
visual appeal is of great importance to any
modern woman. A beautiful skin, radiant health and
freshness, always attracts attention. This is why it is so important.
care carefully and properly care for the skin around the eyes.
To prevent the occurrence of such unwanted wrinkles under
eyes, you must follow the simple recommendations:

Wrinkles around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is especially tender, the first wrinkles on the face
appear on it, visually adding besides over age
also a painful look.

  • spend more time on rest and proper sleep, thereby
    preventing the appearance of swelling under the eyes which
    promote wrinkles;
  • try to be less nervous and resist stressful
    situations and negative thoughts, emotions, because the skin is very
    affected by stress;
  • eat right, including in your diet more useful
    products that contain trace elements necessary for the skin and
  • play sports because exercise
    fresh air, they have a strengthening effect on the organism as a whole and on the skin
    in particular;
  • avoid direct exposure to the sun’s delicate skin
    the rays that dry it, use the tools with high
    degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • make moisturizing and nourishing masks for the skin around the eyes,
    allowing to get rid of dryness and exhaustion of skin.

How to eliminate wrinkles

Not every woman can afford expensive
anti-wrinkle products around the eyes. The same goes for
modern cosmetology procedures that are presented in
wide assortment in any beauty salon. Therefore, to the front
plan out skin care treatments
at home. Homemade cosmetics made from
natural natural ingredients are often very
effective and efficient. In this cosmetic procedures in
home conditions significantly save money and

mask against wrinkles around the eyes

To preserve the elasticity and youthful skin around
the eye should be moistened regularly. Moisturizing procedures
recommended in the morning, and before going to bed,
in the evening, it is worth putting a nourishing mask.

The most effective means for smoothing
wrinkles around the eyes are considered natural cosmetic

Such folk methods of maintaining youthful skin have in their
Arsenal a variety of natural products
provided by nature itself: fruit and vegetable juices, medicinal
plants and herbs, essential oils. Components for masks can be
even the simplest products that can be found in any kitchen.

Preparation and use

Prepare a miracle mask against wrinkles around the eyes
pretty easy. It is necessary to mix the right ingredients in the right
proportions. The most important thing is to choose the right skin type and
the purpose of the component. For this, you should elaborate on
considering the recipes of the best and most effective masks.

homemade anti-wrinkle eye mask

Very simple moisturizer that is great
just for use under the eyes – this is aloe juice. Get it not
is labor – this plant is in almost every home, and
You can buy aloe juice at any pharmacy. Enough daily to put
this juice to cleansed skin around the eyes, preferably at bedtime.
Then the skin will retain its natural moisture.

Excellent result gives the use of olive oil. it
The oil stimulates the retention of collagen in the skin. It can be applied in
pure form, and you can add to the mask. With it you can
safely remove makeup.

The most affordable anti-wrinkle eye mask is
of bread. On the skin near the eyes must be applied soaked in
vegetable oil crumb of white bread. The resulting gruel should
be warm Hold for about twenty minutes and rinse with water. With
regular use helps to smooth small

On the area of ​​skin around the eyes from wrinkles get rid pretty
not easy, but a honey-based mask can make wrinkles
virtually invisible and prevent the emergence of new ones. Useful
properties of honey are known from ancient times. It contains a whole
complex of trace elements capable of maintaining healthy skin.
Prescription mask for wrinkles around the eyes based on honey: mix by
one spoon of honey and wheat or oatmeal with beaten egg
protein, hold until completely dry on the skin and rinse.

The most common potatoes can also serve as an excellent mask.
It is recommended to stir it, having previously rubbed it, with cream and
spread on the skin around the eyes. Wash off after twenty minutes.
The effect of the tightened skin is provided.

Also useful properties are famous fruit masks. For
smoothing wrinkles around the eyes often use mashed up

This mixture is usually supplemented with sour cream. Skin becomes much
softer immediately after application. Vitamins that are large
quantities are in apricot fruit and strawberries, the best
affect skin repair processes.

Infusion of flax seeds is also successfully used to combat
fading of skin areas that are under and above the eyes.
Seeds are poured boiling water and infused. This infusion follows
wipe your eyes, wetting it with a cotton pad.

Applying any mask around the eyes at home should
be very neat. It is recommended to carefully apply masks and
creams with your fingertips without pressing too hard. Sharp and
rough movements can damage sensitive skin under the eyes.
You can not pinch, pull, knead the skin on this gentle area.
Only then will the mask effect be maximized.
positive effect.

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