What to do with curly hair? Stop fight and start to take care.

Gorgeous mop of curly hair is the dream of all women whom
nature cheated curly curls. And only the owners themselves
This gift of nature can tell how difficult it is to tame the curly
hair, make them obedient and well-groomed. How much strength, money and
time is spent laying, and how all efforts are wasted
due to the slightest moisture. But curly curls indescribable
beautiful, and just require a special approach.

Curly hair: what are they?

If you look at the cut curly hair through a microscope, you can
see that it is not round. The oval cut, the steeper

Despite the apparent volume, the amount of wavy hair on the head
less than straight. Consequently, fewer hair
the follicles in the skin secrete less surface fat.
It is not enough not only for a protective coating, but also in order
to smooth the scales of the hair. This leads to the fact that hair
stick with each other, get confused and break.

A variety of curls

Curls, too, are different. According to the degree of spring they can
divided into several types.

Spirals – cool curls that look especially thick, but
in fact, they are brittle and thin. Hair is often confused, their
combing turns into real torture.

Elegant curls (Botticelli curls) – a cascade of soft curls. it
curls especially beautiful shape, give the hostess a romantic
feminine look.

Waves – weak curls that appear only when raised
humidity and use of hair dryer. From this hair you can make that
From steep, mischievous curls to loose curls.

How to care for them?

Care for curly hair should consist of normal procedures.
but most aimed at hydration and nutrition.


Such hair does not need daily cleansing. With frequent
washing the scalp dries even more, protective fatty film,
which is not enough, it is completely washed off. Hair remains
defenseless to the negative effects of the environment. During
procedures allow water to naturally drain and rinse hair.
If you have recently used shampoo, you can only
air conditioning.

Shampoos, creating a volume, it is undesirable to use. Such
means even more open the cuticle, do not completely wash off and
make hair even weaker and more naughty.

Disobedient curls just need full hydration
the program. Shampoos, masks, lotions, balms, conditioners – all
This can be purchased in special curly care series.
hair Pay attention to the composition of funds. Ideal if in
They have an extract of coconut oil – a powerful natural
humidifier. White lotus and cornflower flowers will have a healing
act. The enzyme papaya juice will strengthen and prevent the cross section.


No matter how much you want to speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer
not worth it, but it is desirable to forget about him at all. No hair
The case does not need to rub and squeeze. They need to be dried patiently
towel wetting, gradually giving the strands a natural

If you still can not do without a hair dryer, then the nozzle-diffuser is your
savior. Hot air through it is cooled, dissipated, which
does not allow hair to dry out.


The easiest way to pack – braid immediately after washing
“French” braid, let it dry naturally, and then
to weave out.

Another way of laying. Apply gel to wet hair.
Carefully slide your fingers along each strand, giving it the desired
form. Spirals can be fixed invisible, and after drying
dissolve them. Laying ready!

As for the comb, it is better to use quality
plastic, with good polishing. Comb will not cling to
hair, injure them and tear.

Take care of

Hair care products for curly hair can be purchased now.
in any store. As a rule, they include nutrient extracts
oils – components that moisturize and remove static

Magnificent care for wavy hair give folk remedies.
Masks with yogurt, kefir, cream, heated to 37 ° C, cause
on the head and hold for half an hour. Fluffiness decreases and it turns out
intense moisturizing.

Masks with oils – sea buckthorn, olive, avocado – nourish
hair will maximize moisturize and protect, giving them healthy

Heal hair and give a good mood to their hostess
“sweet mask” with chocolate mixed with jojoba oil and

In the hair conditioner you can add lemon juice. It will give
amazing healthy shine.

Silky curly hair will give lavender sprays.
When the hair seems dirty and it is too early to wash it, the essential oil
Lavender will give a dazzling glow.

Hair coloring is not forbidden, but still undesirable. For
ordinary hair the effect of chemicals is detrimental to
cuticle, and for thin and brittle curly all the more. Choose for
Curls highlighting is a kind of more gentle coloring, which
the safest professional will produce in the cabin.


  1. What to do with curly hair, if the fashion perfectly smooth?
    We have to straighten them. There are many ways to straighten –
    from home to professional.
  2. Pulling and straightening curls special
    hair dryer
  3. The iron rectifier – gives ideal smoothness.
  4. Lamination is a procedure when every hair is enveloped.
    special composition, as a result of which it becomes brilliant and
    even. The effect lasts two to three months.
  5. Chemical straightening – the effect lasts for a year. This
    the procedure cannot be performed on dyed or bleached hair.
    The result can be unpleasant consequences in color.

If you do the straightening procedure, take care of the protection.
your hair. Apply a special tool on each treated

If straightening is impossible, then give your curls
the correct form. A true form of curl will allow
to cut hair so that the curls will not push and look
will be great.

Love yourself and your curly hair – are they naughty spirals?
or elegant curls. Stop fighting them and start caring
for this generous gift of nature. Then the question of what to do,
if your hair is curly, you will not be disturbed, and luxurious curls
Become a secret of your charming appearance.

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