What tools can help in the treatment of gray hair hair

Gray hair is the smoke of the old flame.

It is believed that the appearance of gray hair is a sign of impending
old age.

White hair

Most women find the first gray hair
experiencing shock and recorded for painting, buying up various
shampoos and balms, go to the doctors in search of funds and
ways to treat gray hair.

Most men do not pay attention to such problems, because
male gray is a sign of maturity and wisdom.

Should I worry about the appearance of gray hair

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  • Should I worry about the appearance of gray hair
  • Ways to combat gray hair
  • Treatment of gray hair folk remedies
  • The reasons for the appearance of gray hair video-expert opinion

Hair follicles are laid during formation
the fetus, while the hair of a person grows only from part of the follicles
(the rest are left as if by nature): this is the basis
all modern effective methods of dealing with gray hair and

The cells melanocytes contained in the hair follicles respond
for the production of the coloring pigment melanin. At some point
of life they completely stop producing melanin, hair
continues to grow, but no longer has color. The reason for this is
reduction in blood flow to the hair follicles, due to which
hair gets less nutrients. Interestingly,
growing hair becomes transparent, but with a large
the amount of such hair they appear white.


The problem of the appearance of gray hair, mostly starts to bother people
after 30 years. But there are times when young ones become gray.
people and even small children, which is not normal at all. The reasons
the appearance of gray hair at different ages are presented in the table.

Causes of gray hair at different ages
Age at which appeared
gray hair
Possible reasons
children severe stress, genetic diseases, diseases
youthful except for the above: depression, bad habits
young except the above: poor environmental situation, fast
pace of life, pregnancy (for women)
mature and elderly natural processes in the body

Strong stress and depressive states negatively affect
blood vessels, including those on the scalp, causing them to
cramps. There are cases when a person is saddled as a result of stress
just a few hours.

gray girl

Tendency to the early appearance of gray hair can be laid
at the genetic level. In addition, the gray may appear when
various heart diseases in which from insufficient
blood supply suffers the whole body.

In women, the first gray hair on the head may appear during
of pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body,
nutritional deficiencies as well as experiences associated with
carrying a child.

gray people

Harmful habits and poor environmental conditions accelerate
follicles aging process and can significantly accelerate the appearance
gray hair Abuse can lead to premature gray hair
fatty foods, alcohol and even tea or coffee.

Normally, a gray man appears at the age of 40-60 years. With
the appearance of pronounced gray hair (a few gray hairs – not in
account) before 40 years can talk about premature aging

Ways to combat gray hair

To restore the production of melanin in the gray hair
today is impossible. But you can maintain not lost
possibility of producing melanin follicles using medicinal
drugs, medical procedures, folk remedies. Professionally
treating hair trichologists – doctors who
specialize exclusively in hair and hairy diseases

To slow down the process of appearance of gray hair can:

  1. injections of 25% magnesia (magnesium treatment is carried out by courses,
    the decision on the need for such a course and its duration is taken
    doctor trichologist);

  2. reception of mineral complexes, which include zinc,

  3. shampoos with added copper, zinc and iron;

  4. Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure whereby under the skin on
    a depth of 2-4 mm is introduced vitamins, trace elements, amino acids that
    improves its nutrition and general condition (with hairy mesotherapy
    parts of the head are used substances necessary for normal
    functioning of hair follicles and enhancing the production
    melanin is vitamins of group B, calcium, magnesium, zinc, glycine,
    tryptophan, etc.);

  5. physiotherapy (hair treatment specialists using such
    medical procedures like laser therapy, electrostimulation,
    darsonvalization, etc. scalp will help
    activate metabolic processes in the scalp, enhance pigmentation
    hair, in which the process of production of melanin has not yet ended).

Before treating hair, a trichologist makes a diagnosis with
spectral analysis of hair on the content of microelements in them. With
diagnosing gray hair may be needed and advice from other
specialists. After final confirmation of the diagnosis trichologist
appoints the most appropriate in each individual case
facilities and procedures.

The effect of therapeutic procedures depends on how many inactive
the follicle can be awakened (growing hair will have
natural color for this person). Can not say that alone
procedures are better than others: it all depends on the case, the amount is not
activated follicles, the desire of a person to prolong youth
his hair and his perseverance.

Treatment of gray hair folk remedies

Henna is perhaps the most ancient treatment for
gray hair. Henna hair washing for some time allows
change the color of gray hairs so that the gray becomes less
noticeable. However, henna is quickly washed away and does not prevent the appearance
new gray hair. About whether he covers gray hair and henna,
Read our special article with reviews and polls. how
alternative to henna, you can use a decoction of strong tea.

To improve blood flow to the hair follicles can be rubbed
in the scalp various decoctions of herbs. For example: take in the same
proportions chopped burdock root and nettle leaves,
make a strong decoction and rub it into the scalp with lungs
massage movements.

folk remedies for gray hair

Masks from essential oils not only strengthen hair, but also
slow down the formation of gray hair. For masks you can take
burdock oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil and sesame oil, as well as
tea tree oil. Various hair masks against gray hair
our review article.

To slow down the process of graying hair products will help
copper, zinc and tyrosine. A large amount of copper is contained in
cabbage, baked potatoes, fresh beets; zinc rich
pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, cereals, cherries,
blueberries, mountain ash; tyrosine is found in almonds, sesame,

What to do if nothing helps? Little options, it is
staining, highlighting, coloring and other procedures
able to disguise gray hair.

More details can be found in the full guide on how
get rid of gray hair.

The reasons for the appearance of gray hair video-expert opinion

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