What vitamins will help strengthen the nails?

Beautiful nails are not only an attractive element, but
and indicate health. The appearance of the nails is peculiar
indicator of the state of the body, which determines the emotional and
physical health. If the nail plate often breaks,
exfoliates, grows poorly, looks dim, it means that
The body needs vitamins to strengthen the nails. Which ones
vitamin complexes need to drink?


  • Why do nails need vitamins?
  • Vitamins and minerals for nails
  • How to take vitamin complexes?

Why do nails need vitamins?

The nail plate consists of several keratin layers with
a layer of water and fat, but the nails need not only these
substances, but also other minerals and vitamins. The main part of the useful
substances nails are obtained from nutrition, so a healthy diet is very
is important. But sometimes these compounds are not enough and then there is
avitaminosis of the nail plate, the main signs of which
is an:

  • weak and thin marigolds;
  • exfoliating and brittle nails;
  • fragile and rough nail plate;
  • big moon and nail bed;
  • loss of shine;
  • horizontal or vertical white stripes;
  • chronic fungus.

When nutrition cannot cope with vitamin deficiency, to strengthen
nails need to drink complexes of synthetic vitamins and minerals.
Because even if there is not enough of a single vitamin, you need
use and other useful substances for the body. For example,
proteins will not be absorbed without vitamin A, and without vitamin D
Calcium is absorbed, etc.

Vitamins to strengthen the nails

Vitamins and minerals for nails

To eliminate the lack of nutrients in the body, we need
Special multivitamin complexes. There are two options.
use of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the nails: rub into
nail plate or drink vitamin cocktails in the form of drops,
mixtures, syrups, tablets, dietary supplements. Reception of useful components
inwardly more effective, because in this case multivitamins
absorbed not only nails, but also hair, eyelashes, skin and

What vitamins to drink with problematic nails:

  • to strengthen and smooth the nail plate need such
    substances like vitamin A, C, E, calcium, silicon, zinc, iron,
  • for rapid growth – multivitamins D and B, phosphorus, and iodine;
  • so that the nails do not break and do not exfoliate you need to drink vitamins
    groups B, D, E, C, biotin, protein, copper;
  • folic acid, iron and zinc will help shrink the moon
    nail bed and eliminate strips;
  • multivitamins of group B and acidophilus will help with the fungus;
  • strengthening, firmness, correctness of the structure of the nails will provide
    calcium, iron;
  • Silicon and vitamins C, E are needed to increase elasticity;
  • sulfur will save from inflammation of the cuticle and nails.

Thus, the best vitamins to strengthen the nails –
these are A, B, C, D, E and H (biotin)!

All listed vitamin complexes can be taken without
doctor’s appointments, but which nutrients are needed in each
A specific case, the prompt only specialist.

Minerals for nails

How to take vitamin complexes?

First of all, you need to follow the instructions for use and
storage of drugs. Some multivitamin complexes are drunk
after eating, others before meals, and many dietary supplements are consumed during
food Time. Admission rules must be observed, otherwise the effect
will not be!

Improper storage of preparations, for example, in hot
place or in light, destroys a significant portion
of vitamins.

The most effective and beneficial vitamin shakes – injections. But
When taking them, it is very important to monitor the condition of the nails, skin and
body while taking medications. When itching, rash,
redness, temperature and other side effects or unpleasant
sensations need to immediately stop the use of drugs.

It is better to drink drugs from well-known manufacturers, so less
the probability of acquiring a fake, and before using a multivitamin
It is better to read reviews about the selected company on independent

Modern vitamins to strengthen the nails in the majority
are hypoallergenic, but with diabetes or an allergy to
any kind of mineral then better before consuming medicinal
Means to consult a therapist or a nutritionist. And the rest
multivitamin preparations only benefit the body.

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