What will be the cosmetology of the future?

In anticipation of the holiday – International Beauty Day,
which the whole world celebrates on September 9th, I want to touch on the topic of
future cosmetology opportunities: what will it be? what from her
expect? After all, no field of science is developing so rapidly
as cosmetology. Over the past decade a lot of
innovative technology, revolutionary techniques and devices that
forever changed the essence of cosmetology, making it not just an industry
beauty and health industries, and independent science
of the future.


  • How to keep eternal youth
  • Cosmetology present and future
  • How to become a god

How to keep eternal youth

At all times women wanted to preserve youth and beauty.
After all, beauty is the aesthetic need of human nature.
Therefore, many scientific forces, discoveries and achievements were thrown on
to realize the dream of humanity of eternal youth. Need to
say that at present it is practically possible. Modern
women do not have age, that is, they cannot be attributed to a certain
age group. At age 40, they can look both for 29 years and
30, and at 38, and in general be just young women.
Modern cosmetology does not just improve the appearance of a woman, but
gives self-confidence, self-love, and social
activity for many years. Once a 40 year old woman was considered
deep old woman, and now in women “in 40 years life
just beginning. ”

However, time does not stand still, it rapidly flies forward and
cosmetology is also rapidly developing. If women
past had a chance to see modern cosmetology devices and
lasers, creams, masks and emulsions, their surprise would not be
chapel. Accordingly, we are interested in what cosmetology will be.
of the future, will the dream of eternal youth come true? Than
Beauty industry experts will be surprised and pleased in the future, let’s say
so in 20-30 years?

Even in ancient times, they knew that facial skin care prolongs
youth and beauty. However, then the beauty was not elevated to the rank
science. Now even schoolgirls are well aware that they need skin
take care from youth, without waiting for the first signs of skin aging.
After all, at birth, each person is given some stock.
resources that he must spend throughout his life. it
helps to keep their appearance in a young and flourishing state.
What if all reserves are used up? After all, there comes a moment
when the body has no strength left to regenerate itself. All functions
that were designed to keep the skin young,
excised and stop working. That cosmetology of the future should
develop ways to replenish these reserves.

Of course, the elixir of eternal life, like the elixir of eternal youth,
not yet found, however modern medicine can prolong life
man to a very deep age. So can cosmetology
the future also keep the person young to a very deep
age? Or will old age be completely abolished?

Let’s look at what revolutionary technologies are already
Now and what may appear in the future.

Cosmetology present and future

Currently, existing equipment is improving every day.
and materials. For example, in plastic surgery there will be new
tools from new materials, differing in quality and
reliability. Already used robotic four-armed
Da Vinci systems that are managed by a surgeon and help him
see the operative field in an enlarged 3D format. Soon
time such operations will be carried out at a distance, that is
remotely. A doctor in Moscow will be able to operate on a patient
Vladivostok. This will make plastic surgery available for
all, without exception, people.

Also, materials for implants that are being introduced into
human body. They will be made of materials that are not
will reject and cause allergic reactions. This will allow
perform plastic surgery without complications and
rehabilitation period. Yes, and the plastic itself will be a relic
past, because patients will prefer medical
cosmetology, which will firmly replace surgery.

Lasers play an important role: such methods of rejuvenation
will rise to such a qualitative level that the procedures will be
be completely painless and completely without rehabilitation.
Laser correction methods will save face contour and condition
skin at least 60 years, and even for life.

Lasers will be further improved and eliminated from
body fat cells in a natural and safe way. AT
the result – a natural correction without liposuction will
as usual, and the word liposuction will sink into oblivion or
will take on a different meaning.

Mesotherapy products will be enriched with growth factors,
activating autologous fibroblasts, botulin will become
non-immune resistant, and the fillers will not cause edema, especially
after excessive administration of hyaluronic acid.

The possibilities of botulin expand. With it will eliminate
scars and scars, as well as adjust the contours of the body. However on
some people do not have botulin, so in the future they will

Very soon, the beauty industry will be involved stem
cells, after all, even at present, work with stem cells
gives impressive results. Also more carefully will be studied
plant stem cells that are powerful antioxidants, and
also methods for incorporating them into a cosmetic composition.

To improve the transport ability of the cream is now
time using nanotechnology. Cosmetics with nanoparticles
radically different from the rest of the cosmetics. Nanoparticles
penetrate deep into the skin, bringing there the necessary components:
vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid and collagen. It does not
the protective – barrier layer of the epidermis is broken. Creams with
with nanoparticles, invasive injection
methods that are quite painful and often cause complications.
After all, nanoparticles quickly, easily and safely introduce all those into the skin.
the ingredients she needs.

Creams will be made individually for each specific
person It is possible even now, however, alas, far from
all In the future, this will be possible for the broad masses of the population and
the appearance of “individual creams” is not far off. Ingredients such
cream will be aimed at eliminating the problems that exist
human, and will also be able to reproduce the structure of young skin,
what he had in his best years.

Also in the future will develop a new direction of cosmetics,
existing now – neurocosmetics. Such cosmetics before
just slow down the aging process of the nervous system. After all, stress,
nervous tension and psycho – emotional state instantly
affect the condition of the skin. Already now
Japanese scientists who created neurocosmetics improve it
drugs. And now this method of rejuvenation is beginning to apply in
Europe and America.

Last time on the Internet you can find the phrase
holistic cosmetics that has a systemic effect on
the whole body, rather than eliminating a single problem, for example,
age spots or rosacea. This cosmetics was developed in Asia, where
believe that rejuvenation is impossible without a healthy body.

Also currently invented an apparatus for skin grafting
Skin Gun, which works on the principle of a spray gun. Spraying out
spray can a special solution containing stem cells
patient, a person acquires a new skin. Therefore creating
laboratories for growing your own skin – very soon
will become a reality. After all, now the device helps to increase the skin
on large areas in two to three days. Of course first
The technique is intended for skin transplantation after burns, when
old damaged skin is replaced by its own healthy skin.

Now there are new installations of modular type with photos and
laser devices. They work on quantum systems that
allow you to immediately solve several problems. So, for example, you can
at the same time eliminate pigment spots, rosacea, treat seborrhea,
epilation and correct the first signs of age

In the future, it will completely eliminate such an unpleasant phenomenon as
pigmentation. It is well known to cope with age spots.
incredibly difficult. Now they are testing drugs
based enzymes that completely defeat pigmentation. Also
methods of preventing pigmentation will be developed. Often
It appears after laser procedures. Therefore, now
There are laser devices that reduce the risk of pigment
stains. This laser facility contains thulium isotope, which
when radiation heats the upper layer of the epidermis, but does not damage

Soon lasers will appear that will eliminate all color
pigments on the skin. A lot of people have made tattoos in their youth,
from whom they want to get rid of. So, currently impossible
remove all colors, but in the future this problem is quickly resolved.

Very interesting future tablets are so-called “pills
perfume. “A woman can take a pill in the morning and exude all day
favorite flavor.

Wrinkles, irregular facial features and body obesity forever
disappear from the life of a woman. However, this does not mean that everyone will
standardized appearance. On the contrary, new time – new
mentality. Stereotypes and patterns, which are now very
common in the beauty industry. The standard of beauty will not
models and actresses, and women who have managed to keep their
individuality. Each person has a unique appearance.
which is to adapt to generally accepted templates is just silly. AT
Present beauty is imitation of standards. Special
well it can be seen in Asian countries, when you can go to the cinema
see beauties on one face.

How to become a god

In the future, it will be possible to lay the beauty “in the genes” of a child with
moment of conception. Genetic engineers could
program the appearance of the future baby at will
parents already in fetal condition. How ethical is it
difficult to judge, because in this case the genetic set of parents is not
will be saved, children will not be like their parents. So,
order for the child’s appearance will be carried out according to the catalog: color
the eye, their incision, growth, skin tone, the shape of the nose and lips, etc.
Gene selection has been around for 20 years, but primarily with the goal of
embryo scanning for hereditary pathologies. Today can
choose the sex of the child, why not choose his appearance?

Of course, such a fantastic scenario is a bit scary, however
man will have to realize what truly makes him beautiful.
Most likely – this is a person who gets along well with the body,
given to her by birth. After all, true beauty is in the soul of man,
self-sufficiency and ability to live happily.

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