What women look like with and without makeup

Go without makeup and show your natural beauty?
Or go with cosmetics and skillfully hide their flaws? Despite
On the attitude to makeup, every woman should know where possible and
You can not go without makeup on the face.

All women want to look attractive in every situation.
Make-up helps to emphasize their appearance, skillfully
hide flaws and focus on the merits. Thanks
make-up can even out the tone of the face, emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes
and even do a creative make up right from the catwalk. However in
Recently, there is a tendency to appear in public without
makeup, motivating the fact that a woman is beautiful by nature.

With or without makeup

Is it possible to consider a woman without make-up beautiful and each
the fair sex, regardless of age and
natural data, should use cosmetics. As in any
there is a certain etiquette in the use of cosmetics,
compliance with which will help to look appropriate in any situation.

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  • Where you can not go without makeup
  • Where can I go without makeup
  • Where to go with cosmetics and without cosmetics
  • Where you can not go without makeup
  • Where to go without makeup

Where you can not go without makeup

Outside. Psychologists and psychotherapists make the creation
make-up can many women cheer up and improve
self-confidence. If you have naturally small eyes or
thin and colorless eyelashes, and you are ashamed of it, that’s right
Selected shades and mascara will deprive this complex. Woman,
who is confident in her appearance, always walking down the street from high
head up.

Kem Kardashian

Where can I go without makeup

On the beach and in the pool. Refuse to use cosmetics in
time to visit the beach and pool. Your main bait should
be not a face, but a beautiful figure and swimsuit. If you are shy
your reflection in the mirror without makeup, then apply makeup immediately
after a shower in the pool or after changing clothes on the beach for

Before immersing in water, be sure to remove the decorative
cosmetics from the face, because to keep it in perfect shape anyway
will not succeed. After water procedures it is very good to apply immediately on
body and face moisturizer.

Ann Hataway

Where to go with cosmetics and without cosmetics

On a date. If you go on a date with a man, give up
applying lipstick. Men really don’t like kissing a woman
which put a thick layer of lipstick on the lips. Can use
moisturizing balm with a color shade. Delicious shine and
fruity scent on the contrary will attract a man who wants you
kiss. However, the lack of bright lipstick means that
emphasis on the face should be expressive eyes. Mascara,
shadows and expressive arrows will help make the shape of the eyes

Where you can not go without makeup

To work. If you have rashes and redness on your face,
the minimum that should be on your face is tonal
the foundation. The fact is that for a woman, it’s just impolite to appear on
when the face is covered with acne and irritation. Before going out
people try to mask the flaws as much as possible, and at home
change cosmetics and apply a therapeutic gel or ointment.
In addition to the tonal basis, you can use the concealer.
or proofreader, which act precisely pointwise.


Where to go without makeup

To bed. Do not forget to remove makeup before bedtime. Women,
who neglect this golden rule, then suffer from
the appearance of acne and deep black spots. At night, the skin needs
rest in full purity, so our duty is to thoroughly clean it from
environmental pollution and decorative cosmetics.

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