What you need to know about the treatment of inflamed ingrown hair and how to avoid it

If on the surface of the skin, in places of hair growth, one appears
or a few small dark, pink or whitish bumps with
scales, then we can talk about ingrown hair.

In itself, this phenomenon is not dangerous to health, but in some
cases may lead to persistent changes in skin color
(hyperpigmentation), scar, scar or, even worse, to the occurrence
skin infection. Yes, and it is often accompanied by unpleasant
sensations in the form of an itch.

Therefore, it is necessary to start treating sore ingrown hair as
it is possible earlier, and even better, to master the complex of measures that
help to avoid this unpleasant cosmetological phenomenon.

The nature of the origin of a similar phenomenon

The content of the article:

  • The nature of the origin of a similar phenomenon
  • The causes of the problems and methods of dealing with them
  • If the hair has grown, what to do?
  • Remedies for the treatment and prevention of rotation
  • Alternative and safe ways

A similar problem occurs when a hair
acquires a very sharp finish that pierces the surface
skin in the “wrong” place and begins to grow beneath it, instead of
in order to grow as usual – vertically upwards.

Causes of hair lossThis most often occurs in
the result of shaving when the tips become pointed and
stick out in different directions.

The result of such an abnormal growth is education.
on the surface of the skin is a small bump, or even rather, a sac, in
which is seen growing hair. (If he has
a twisted view, meaning the problem has been around for quite some time, and
all this time, growth continues under the top layer of skin).

The causes of the problems and methods of dealing with them

In fact, the prerequisites for the appearance of inflamed ingrown
hair treatment, which can take a lot of time and effort
so much. And therefore, it is much easier to avoid mistakes when leaving
beyond the surface of their skin, rather than heroically combating
a problem. Moreover, these skills and methods are extremely simple.

The reason for hair ingrowth Prevention methods
Shaving Use only a sharp razor, perform the procedure with
intervals of several days and only in the direction of hair growth,
exfoliate before and after shaving the skin, moisturize before
Waxing Only according to the instructions, not aggressive
Blocking hair follicles Timely cleansing of the skin surface from dead cells,
use of special cosmetics (scrubs)
The presence of hard hair Softening by special means (gel or shaving foam,
lotion or cream after shaving)
Rubbing the skin with clothes Wear appropriate size and cut clothing.

In addition, it should be noted that the owners of very hard hair
or curly, already by their nature are prone to the tendency of ingrowth and
To avoid this, you should regularly use a special
cosmetics for hair treatment – softening and moisturizing creams and
lotions, scrubs.

If the hair has grown, what to do?

depilationIf for some reason (improper care or
the lack of it at all) hair is still ingrown, then let this
process to drift or grab the needle and tweezers to his
delete cannot be.

In this case, you need to seek help from a specialist,
which after a preliminary inspection will help get rid of
problems and tell you how to properly care for your hair so that
she did not repeat from time to time.

Only a hair doctor can determine if
to resort to removal, and if necessary will be able to execute this
The procedure is correct, or it will be enough to use
special means and do a massage, in order to hair
continued to grow in the right direction.

Remedies for the treatment and prevention of rotation

All the tools that fight this phenomenon and help
avoid it, can be divided into several categories and apply
exclusively for the intended purpose

Means Act Application
Chemical depilator Weakens the hair structure and blunt their ends Periodically apply instead of the usual shaving, for example,
through time
Vitamin A Cream Reduces clogging of hair follicles and the layer of dead skin.
Regularly and constantly
Cream based on eflornithine hydrochloride Reduces growth Twice a day, for 1 – 2 months
Topical antibiotics Relieve inflammation at the site of ingrown hair, accelerate
In case of increase, according to the instructions for the drug

In addition, you should know that modern cosmetology
has a number of ways to remove unwanted hair, not
subjecting them to shaving and other methods leading to growth.

Alternative and safe ways

Laser removal is the way in which
specialist not only reduces the amount of unwanted hair, but also
prevents them from growing, because the hair is completely removed,
accordingly there is no sharp end that leads to
the problem. The laser removal procedure itself does not take much
time and recommended for owners of hard and dark hair.

Electrolysis – a way that destroys
hair follicles and eliminates unwanted hair forever.
The procedure is very time consuming, with repeated sessions. But it fits
owners of any hair and can expose any area

Beautiful legs

In conclusion, I would like to note that no matter how you remove
was chosen by a man – in any case it is a “stress” for hair and
the surface of the skin, which can lead to unwanted growth.
To overcome this “stress” you definitely need to use
special emollients, moisturizers and exfoliating cosmetic
products and creams that will prepare the treated surface for
impact and smooth out its effect.

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