What you need to pay attention to if your baby hair fall out

Increased hair loss is an alarming symptom for parents
which is disturbing and sometimes not without reason. TO
Unfortunately, complete or partial hair loss becomes
common even in children. In many cases it wears
temporary, however, should be aware of the reasons for
hair in children.

Transitional age. The main causes of hair loss in

The content of the article:

  • Transitional age. The main causes of hair loss in
  • Other common causes of hair loss in children

Hair loss in children

At a young age, this problem seems to be literally
the end of the world. Many teens as a result of imbalance of hormones in
transitional age, stress, or a poorly balanced diet
excess hair loss. This phenomenon often leads to
development of complexes.

  • In adolescence, hair loss can be affected a lot
    factors. The main reason may be hormonal changes
    organism. Puberty often entails a surge
    hormones – this may be the basis for their loss in
    excess amount. There is currently no effective
    way to get rid of this kind of symptoms. Just gotta go
    this phase, however, should not be forgotten about proper hygiene and
  • Another cause of the existing problem may be
    wrong diet Most teens prefer
    fast food and sweets. Such a diet can cause acne.
    and hair loss. It is therefore advisable to include in your
    The diet is more greens, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and
  • Also affects the condition of the hair at this age is stress.
    The reason for this may be excessive school and extracurricular
    workloads, peer relationships. The pressure of these factors
    on the still immature psyche of adolescents can weaken and lead to
    hair loss
  • Abuse of hair colors, hot styling
    – all this exacerbates the problem. Bad habits such
    like smoking and beverages containing alcohol – may also entail
    a loss of hair on the head.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis may be one of the causes of loss
    hair in newborns. It is formed on the scalp as
    sufficiently dense peel. This ailment usually goes away within
    of the year.
  • Ringworm of the scalp is also pretty
    common phenomenon. This fungal infection is often easy.
    to recognize. In places of damage hair breaks at the base, forming
    baldness in the form of an oval or circle with flaky edges. Skin on
    The affected areas are red in color, itching is possible.
    The final diagnosis will help put a doctor-dermatologist.
  • Trichotillomania is a common phenomenon.
    psychological character. Children can pull hairs on their eyebrows,
    eyelashes and head, and sometimes eat them, causing harm
    digestive tract.
  • Traction alopecia is also a common cause of loss
    hair in babies, especially girls. Engage this trouble
    tight braided pigtails, tails, frequent combing,
    ottyagivanie, hot blow-dry. Growth usually returns
    but regrowth can be slow. Injured hair
    the bulbs heal slowly and often to return to the growth phase,
    they need a period to recover from 3 months or more.

Other common causes of hair loss in children

In fact, there are many causes of hair loss, these are only the main and
the most common. In addition to them, this problem can be caused by:

    • Excess Vitamin A
    • Hormonal thyroid disorders
    • Hereditary factors
    • Physiological abrasion of hair at all
      little children
    • High temperature transfer
    • Consequences of chemotherapy and other

In any case, noticing abundant hair loss in a child, you need
contact a specialist – it will help to quickly deal with
a problem.

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