What you need to perm your house by hands

Modern types and methods of chemical wave

The content of the article:

  • Modern types and methods of chemical wave
  • How to make a chem.zavivku at home?
  • Stages of the curl “curl”
  • Basic rules for the procedure
  • Curl without curling and curlers
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • What are the expected results after the procedure?
  • How to care for a perm at home
  • Hairstyles for hair with a perm
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Consider a few modern chemical perm techniques.


Radical perm is called so due to its specificity –
the drug is applied to the roots of the hair, to give the hair
additional volume.

Note! With the help of root
Chemistry, you can make the correction of the classic perm or give
the volume of hair with a natural curl.


Long-term styling, carving or gentle curling is the way
to give a hairstyle the desired shape without harm to the structure of the hair
rod. The effect of this styling looks very natural –
Curls are soft and careless. If your goal is clear
outlined spirals, select something else.

Curl “curl”

The “curl” tool is a chemical basis for
permanent styling. It is very easy to use, so
It is in demand among lovers of home experiments. Effect
can hold out, but hair from six months or more. Found for yourself
Is the right kind of chemical curl? Yes

How to make a chem.zavivku at home?

What tools are needed?

The list of required tools may vary.
depending on the method used perm. In the general list
The following items are included:

  • curlers or bobbins of the required diameter – from
    20 to 80 pieces;
  • comb with a narrow handle;
  • chemical foam sponge
    composition is small;
  • sponge for fixer distribution is average;
  • disposable rubber gloves;
  • beaker;
  • glass or porcelain breeding bowls
    composition – 2 pcs .;
  • peignoir or old towel to protect
  • terry towel – 2-3

Household perm products

  • Preparation for a wave of hair – “Curl”, “Londa”,
    “Wella”, etc.
  • Fixative – industrial or home
  • Balsam conditioner for curly or dry


Permanent perm preparations vary by
its type and mode of action on the hair shaft. On sale
You can find the following types of reagents:

  • alkaline;
  • acidic;
  • foamy;
  • gel-like.

How to make wet chemistry at home?

“Wet” chemistry creates a wet effect on the hair
brilliance – as if you just got out of the shower or hit
under the rain. This result can be achieved through special
chemical compositions marked “for wet chemistry” or with
styling products.

The second option is preferable, as the styling gel
easy to apply and wash off. This will allow you to experiment with
images much more often. For this:

  1. Get wax or styling gel with the effect of “wet hair”
    choose a medium with a high degree of fixation.
  2. Wash your head and dry the curls with a hair dryer with
    nozzle diffuser.
  3. Apply a little styling on the palm and spread
    through the hair, gently squeezing them bottom-up.

Note! The effect of wet chemistry can be obtained and
on naturally curly hair.

How to make large curls?

Large curls can be obtained with large-sized curlers.
Keep in mind that the larger the curl, the faster it will straighten under
own weight. To create curls in the Hollywood style
choose curlers with a diameter of 3 centimeters or more. For
the embodiment of a light and careless romantic hair can be
use a mix of curlers of different diameters and sizes.

Stages of the curl “curl”

“Lokon” the most popular composition for self-permanent
stacking, so the step-by-step home-waving algorithm will be
be considered on his example:

  1. Test for an allergic reaction. For
    apply a few drops of chemical composition to your palm or
    behind the ear. If redness has begun or you feel an itch –
    the tool will have to change to the same with less aggressive
  2. Wash your hair with shampoo – watch that
    so that the hair does not leave a trace of sebum, dandruff and
    styling products.
  3. Prepare the necessary tools – pour out
    mortar in a bowl, place nearby brushes, a sponge and clamps for
    hair, wear rubber gloves.
  4. Treat the hair with a solution. Separate strand
    on the top (its width should correspond to the width of the curlers)
    Sponge reagent and generously spread throughout the future
    curl. Scroll on the curlers. Repeat with each subsequent
    straightforward. After all the hair is twisted, walk wet.
    sponge over the head again to make sure that all the curls
    evenly processed.
  5. Put on a plastic cap. Greenhouse
    effect will enhance the effect of chemical composition.
  6. Hold the composition for 15-30 minutes. Strictly
    follow the instructions and vary the exposure time depending on
    what result you want to get. Toward the end of the term
    excerpts, remove one curler and check the degree of intensity
    curl. If he repeats the shape of the curler is not enough, then leave
    composition on the hair for another 5 minutes. If the received curly
    completely satisfies you, then remove all the remaining curlers and
    rinse hair with running water without disturbing the integrity
    the resulting styling.
  7. Apply retainer. For convenience, transfuse
    Foam the product in a bowl and with a wide sponge. Generously
    spread out each curl and leave for 5-10 minutes for
    impact. Rinse with warm running water.
  8. Apply an indelible hair conditioner. Sometimes
    he is included in the set of tools. If there is none, use the ones that
    designed for dry or frizzy hair.

Important! Within 3 days from laying
refuse to wash your hair with shampoo and try not to use

Carrying out neutralization

Means to neutralize the “curl” can be made
on their own. For this you will need:

  1. citric acid – ½ tsp;
  2. hydroponite;
  3. shampoo – ½ tsp;
  4. water is half a glass.

Mix all ingredients and apply half to hair.
the resulting substance. Hold 10 minutes – this time
enough for exposure to chemicals on the cuticle. Take off
curlers and apply the remainder of the neutralizer for another 5-7 minutes.
Rinse the hair with running water and let it dry naturally.
by, then comb with a rare comb.

Fixation procedure

After the hair is given the right shape they need
to fix. It’s best to use ready fixer, however
if you wish, you can make it yourself from the following

  • Hydroperit – from 2 to 6 tablets depending
    on the length and thickness of the hair;
  • shampoo – 15-30 ml;
  • water – 20-60 ml.

Apply it to the hair with a sponge, after protecting
face bandage from chemical reagents. The tool is aged on
hair for 5-10 minutes and then washed off with warm water without

Basic rules for the procedure

How to wind strands on bobbins?

In winding hair on bobbins and hair curlers have their own rules,
which should be followed to get a good result:

  • The strand should be two times thinner and a couple of centimeters
  • When winding, pull the strand to the side of the cheekbones.
  • Make sure that the strand adjoins the bobbin along the entire length.
    equally tight – so you get neat spirals.
  • If you want to get a mane of small curls – take two
    times more bobbins and wind them as thin as possible
    strands. This will give a better effect than if you share one.
    wide curl on several smaller ones.
  • If you strive to get the effect of natural curls –
    use curlers of different sizes.
  • If you want to get neat, even strands –
    make a markup on your head. There are 4 types of markup for
    Curls: brick, spiral brick, rectangular,

How to apply the composition?

Spread the chemical composition of the hair with a brush
for painting hair or a small sponge. Do not spare the funds, but also
Do not apply too much at once – so you can not control
degree of impregnation of hair rods. Best do it in 2-3
stage, stopping at the moment when the strands just stop
to absorb moisture and it will begin to drain on the skin.

Important! Treat the hairline and
protective cream ears and tie a bandage to make the process
Curling more comfortable and safer for the skin.

After all the hair is processed – wear a cellophane
hat and warm with a towel on top.

Curl without curling and curlers

If you don’t have bobbins or hair curlers on hand, you can
use one of the following available tools:

  • Paper – twist small paper out of thick paper.
    rolls, if necessary, secure the edges with scotch tape. Wind the wet
    hair on improvised papilotki, tie the ends of the rolls
    between themselves and leave to dry completely. This method is good
    the fact that the paper quickly absorbs water and accelerates drying
  • Pencils – with the help of pencils you can
    get a lot of small curls in afro style. Put the
    pencil to the root of the hair and twist the strand evenly in a spiral. Have
    Secure the tip and root with a rubber band or clip.
    Sprinkle with water and leave until dry.
  • Socks – 10-15 long cotton socks will help
    you create for the night on your head soft curls, even without
    water use. Twist the sock into a bundle and wrap it around it.
    strand, leaving a little free space on the top and bottom knitted
    products. Tie both ends of the sock together
    fixing the sock on the head. After all the hair is curled –
    go to sleep and the next morning you will get a great styling!
  • Cocktail tubes – another way
    get small curls. Wind a thin strand on the tube and
    fix with the help of two stealth – at the root and the tip.
    Spray the hair out of the spray bottle with water and leave to
    complete drying.
  • Bezel-gum. With a round bezel for
    Greek styling, you can create soft curls at the very tips.
    To do this, put a bezel on your head and make a Greek hairstyle,
    wrapping the strands one by one around the rim. After a few
    hours remove the gum and enjoy the result.
  • Pigtails braided for the night is a way
    Perm well known since childhood. Need to braid clean and wet
    hair. The smaller the pigtails, the better the result will be.
  • High beam. This styling method is good for
    long and straight hair. By making a high beam at night, you protect
    hair from chafing and traumatization, and get a beautiful styling
    with volume at the root and curls at the tips. To do this, collect
    high tail at the crown, secure it with a rubber band and a loose
    twist the length of the hair into a bundle and wrap around the base

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Often, non-compliance with instructions and inattention lead to
that expectation from perm is too far from reality. To the most
common mistakes home “chemistry” include:

  • Buying substandard or overdue
    funds – from cheap unknown and overdue funds
    You can wait for any effect. From the lack of results in
    principle, to dry hair. Before buying a drug always
    consult a specialist or read reviews from people
    who have already used it. Pay attention to the date
    manufacturing printed on the packaging.
  • Wrong winding on curlers or bobbins –
    careless, weak or, conversely, too tight winding can
    reflect on the hair is not the best way (wrinkles, stretching,
    section). Twist hair pretty tight, but do not pull them
    at the root, and also make sure that there are no loops and
  • Neglect instructions and recommendations.
    Changing the order of action, the amount of chemical composition or
    exposure time may cause hair color change, deterioration
    their quality, section or even loss. Do not deviate from
    manufacturer’s instructions and always test for allergic
    the reaction.

What are the expected results after the procedure?

After perming your hair will be:

  • voluminous;
  • elastic;
  • ductile styling;
  • tougher.

Note! After chemical
curling hair becomes more dry at the root, which is
significant advantage for oily hair and minus for dehydrated.

How to care for a perm at home


Cosmetics for hair care after chemistry aimed at
elimination of the negative effects of the procedure – dryness, fragility and
section. Pay attention to the composition – in such products more often
total contains panthenol, keratin, and vegetable proteins
origin. Ask a consultant to choose a remedy for you.
taking into account the type of perm and term wear.

If specialty stores professional
There are no cosmetics in your city, choose products with
marked “for dry”, “for brittle”, “for curly” “for
damaged “, etc. Not superfluous will be indelible masks and
air conditioners.

Do not overload curled hair with excessive moisture – after
for permanent styling, they are too susceptible to moisture. Scales
imbibe too much, which will lead to gluing and
weighting strands.

Hair shampoo after perm

Here it is necessary to adhere to the same rule as when choosing
care products – shampoo should be designed to care after
perm or have the mark “for curly hair.”

During the wash, pay more attention to the root zone, and
Try not to touch the curls – this will help to keep their shape and
avoid premature deformation.

How to pack hair?

The main task when styling curly hair is to emphasize them.
spiral structure. The following types are suitable for this task.
styling products:

  • gel;
  • mousse;
  • foam;
  • wax;
  • cream.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer only on the mode of cold air. With
If you prefer, you can use a diffuser to give a haircut
more volume.

How to remove the perm?

If for some reason you need to get rid of the chemical
Curling, then do it in several ways:

  1. Turning to the salon for the service of rectification.
    A hairdresser will apply a chemical reagent to your hair
    make your hair straight. This procedure is fraught with damage.
    and drying the hair lengthwise, so resorting to it is worth only
    at the very least.
  2. Stretching hair curling – the effect of curling
    last until the first washing of the head, and after it the strands can
    twist is not the same as before, becoming less accurate.
  3. Cut off. The most radical and effective
    method of getting rid of annoying curls. You can get rid of
    lengths, making a fashionable short haircut or cut the tips

Homemade masks

The following recipes will help you restore your health.
hair after the perm:


Heat olive oil in a water bath or in a microwave.
to a comfortable temperature and distribute through the hair with
comb with rare teeth. Wear a plastic cap on top.
and wind the turban out of the towel. The longer the exposure time – the
better for hair. If possible, leave the mask overnight. Wash off
soft shampoo.

Reference! Olive oil can be replaced
castor, burdock, sea buckthorn, coconut or grape oil


Mayonnaise is a rather fatty product that contains healthy
for hair structure egg white and mustard, hair stimulating
follicles and the growth of new rods. Spread some product by
hair, collect the bundle and leave for an hour to impact. Wash off
plenty of warm water and a mild shampoo.

Beer with burdock

Mix decoction of burdock root with dark beer, heated to 60
degrees Soak the hair with the resulting liquid and leave it on.
several hours. Rinse with running water.

Hairstyles for hair with a perm

Let’s sort some hairstyles on hair with chemical
perm |

On short hair

  • Pin up and retro. Curly short hair
    in themselves are good as a hairstyle. The image can be made more interesting.
    if you put a bezel on your head, tie a scarf with a bow up or
    to pin the bangs on the face with a spectacular hairpin.
  • Wet hair – classic “wet styling”
    appropriate for any length. For short hair you will need a bit

On medium hair

  • Bulk styling – dry immediately after washing
    hair dryer with a nozzle diffuser and fix the result
  • Side – lay hair on one side, and hair
    on the free temple fix stealth or weaving
  • Bundle – collect the bundle on the back of the head with
    bagel and release a few curls to create an effect
    careless and romantic styling.

Long hair

Variability styling for long and curly hair
limited only by your imagination. You can adapt everything
habitual styling under curly hair and making spectacular high
tails, bunches, braids and malvinki. The main thing – do not overtighten
hair elastics and do not overload with styling products.

Frequently asked Questions

Expert Opinion Anastasia answers the hairdresser-makeup artist Ask
question is it possible to do perm on dyed

Perform a perm can be no earlier than 1-2 weeks after dyeing.
It is extremely undesirable to carry out procedures in one day, since
hair rods need time to restore their
natural structure.

What is the difference biowave from perm

[link_webnavoz] biowave [/ link_webnavoz] is carried out with
herbal-based medication. They do not damage the hair,
but do not curl them in a cool spiral. The effect of such styling is more
soft and less resistant.

Why not take a perm hair?

The reasons for this may be several: poor-quality composition, too
stiff hair or individual characteristics of the body.

Reference! There is an opinion that chemistry may not
to take from people with low blood pressure and sugar in
blood, so do not do “chemistry” on an empty stomach.

How long does a perm hair hold?

On average, the effect of perm keeps from 3 to 5
months. As the roots grow, a correction can be made.

How much time is done perm in the cabin
and at home?

Permanent perm takes from 1.5 to 5 hours in the cabin, in
depending on the chosen technique, the means used, the length and
thick hair. If you curl yourself –
Feel free to multiply the estimated figure by 2. And where will you do
perm? DomaV salon


Perm saves time in the morning
laying, saving him to sleep and chat with loved ones. Thanks
a variety of modern cosmetics it can be done
even at home. The main thing – do not save money on the means
For curling and do not neglect reading the instructions!

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