Where men look

Why some women on the street are watched, and on the second
don’t even pay attention? Where men look, and that in female
Appearance primarily attracts their gaze? Where men look


  • Men look at the skin
  • Men look at hair
  • Men look at nails
  • Men look at the lips

Men look at the skin

Women may long suffer from visible signs of cellulite on
thighs, but for the male eye, it will go altogether unnoticed.
However, men will immediately pay attention to the rough, dry and
rough skin. A man loves not only his eyes, but his hands. AND
if a man’s hand feels pleasant to the touch and soft, as if
velvet, skin, he loses his head. And to dimples, bumps, irregularities
and other shortcomings of the man there is no interest.
To always have a perfectly smooth, soft and well-groomed skin,
women should regularly use scrubs and moisturizers.
creams and body lotions. In addition, many funds contain
particles reflecting light, making the skin look even and
smooth. Another super tool for sculpturally even skin is
avtobronzant. Tanned skin looks much smoother and
more attractive than white. Therefore avtobronzant really
helps you look like a man’s eyes like a Greek
the statue.

Men look at hair

When a man’s gaze stops on a woman’s hair, he doesn’t
notice a slight mess in a hairstyle. Men even more
like a bed-only hairstyle than perfect
hair brushed and styled with gels and varnishes. Natural curls
testify to you as an attractive person who does not
obsessed with her appearance and easy to talk to.

However, in the male mind immediately imprinted the image of neglected
hair: dull and dry strands look very sloppy.

Female hair should be thick, shiny and healthy – this
basic rule. Regularly visit the hairdresser and get rid of
split ends. To update colors, use toning.
shampoos, and for shine and nutrition – balsams, masks and special

Men look at nails

A man will not notice the trend shade of your varnish, which is two
tones is different from the previous one, but will immediately draw attention to
length and shape of nails. Men don’t like too long and
pointed nails. So trends are trends, and men’s attention is all
same expensive.

Most men like short and well-groomed nails in
form a soft square or oval. Neat lacquer coating also
would be quite appropriate.

Men look at the lips

Lack of lipstick on soft and soft lips will not look
a sedition for a man, but an excessive amount of it will be
provoke. Too thick layer of lipstick means that the man is already
presented her marks on his face, shirt and reputation.

Instead of lipstick that smears and spreads easily,
use a moisturizing balm or shine with a pleasant
fruity aroma and color. If the male gaze will not
distracted by bright lipstick, he will focus on your eyes and
expressive look.

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