Which shampoo is best for oily hair – rating in 13 nominations

Choosing the right shampoo for oily hair is not a problem.
lungs, even with all the variety of tools on the market. In this
This article will cover the main types of shampoos for fatty
hair and the most popular tools among buyers. Shampoos for greasy hair


What should be the ph shampoo for oily hair?

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  • What should be the ph shampoo for oily hair?
  • Belarusian shampoo for oily hair
  • Men’s shampoo for oily hair
  • Korean shampoo for oily hair
  • Japanese shampoo for oily hair
  • Finnish shampoo for oily hair
  • Low cost oily hair shampoos
  • Professional shampoo for oily hair
  • Antiseborrheic shampoo for oily hair
  • Pharmaceutical shampoos for oily hair
  • Shampoo with zinc for oily hair
  • Sulfur-free oily hair shampoo
  • Herbal shampoo for oily hair
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The level of acidity or Ph is the indicator from which
Depends whether shampoo is suitable for your type of hair or not. Usually he
is indicated on a scale from 1 to 14 – where 7 is a neutral environment.
The same acidity in pure water without impurities.


  • Shampoos with an acidity value of 7 are considered
  • Shampoos with indicators below 7 –
  • Shampoos with indicators from 7 and above –

Every person has scalp and hair
individual acidity level, which indicators
range from 4.5 to 5.5.

During shampooing, shampoo directly affects alkaline
the balance of the hair, and ideally, it should lead the indicator to
neutral pH. ph shampoo

  • For oily hair, it is recommended to use shampoos with
    Ph from 6 to eight.
  • For dry and weak – from pH 5.5 to 7 or slightly alkaline.
  • For thin children’s hair – only neutral with Ph from 6 to

Most mass market shampoos are not labeled.
acidity levels and so choose the right product.
can only trial and error.

If your hair after washing is too dry, squeaky and bad
comb, then the shampoo was too alkaline. If,
on the contrary, they quickly get dirty and stick together – too acidic.

Belarusian shampoo for oily hair

Vitex “Daily Recovery”

Country of manufacture: Belarus

Shampoo gently washes sebum without destroying.
Protective fat layer and not over drying hair. Aloe juice
compensates for moisture deficiency and normalizes hydro balance. Suitable for
daily use. Vitex

Price: from 140 rubles.

Cashmere with AHA-acids for greasy and dirty hair

Country of manufacture: Belarus

Cashmere proteins and fruit acids normalize the work of sebaceous
glands, make the scalp more saturated, and hair – more
soft and obedient. Removes static, facilitates combing and
makes hair silky from root to tip. Cashmere with AHA-acids

Price: from 127 rubles.

Men’s shampoo for oily hair

Le Petit Marseillais Cedar & Minerals Shampoo Gel

Country of origin: France

The unique fresh aroma and cleansing properties of Cedar leaves
Lebanon – that’s why this shampoo is so valued by men. It strengthens
hair follicles wash away sebum and give a sense of purity
for a long time. Le Petit Marseillais

Price: from 159 rubles

Schauma “Fresh Mint”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Herbal extracts and peppermint contribute to
soft but effective cleansing, give a basal volume and
normalize sebum production. Schauma

Price: 83 rubles.

Kerastase “Homme Capital Force anti-oiliness effect”

Country of origin: France

The shampoo is suitable for daily care of hair, prone to
rapid contamination. Taurine, in combination with vitamin and mineral
complex and ceramides strengthens hair follicles and
It makes the curls smoother, shiny and elastic. Kerastase Homme Capital Force anti-oiliness effect

Does not overdry, does not cause itching and irritation, so that
suitable for even the most sensitive scalp.

Price: 1780 rubles.

Nivea shampoo-care Men “Extreme freshness with menthol”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Menthol gives the scalp a feeling of coolness and freshness, relieves
from sebum and makes hair clean for long. Fits
for daily use. Nivea Shampoo-Care Men

Price: from 179 rubles.

Horsepower with sandalwood oil

Country of manufacture: Russia

Ingredients include 100% natural organic oil.
Austrian sandalwood. It moisturizes the scalp, gives a feeling
freshness and purity. Soft, tart and warm aroma of sandalwood
persists on the hair for several days. Horsepower with sandalwood oil

Price: from 503 rubles.

Timotei Men “Cool and Fresh”

Country of origin: Sweden

Sea salt actively cleanses the pores of fat and dirt and
promotes cellular respiration, and ginseng extract tones
hair follicles and prevents hair loss. Suitable for
normal and greasy hair. Timotei Men Coolness and Freshness

Price: from 157 rubles.

Faberlik “Expert Pharma”

Country of manufacture: Russia

The unique complex “Defenscalp” regulates the activity of sebaceous
glands, eliminates disease-causing fungi and bacteria, eliminates
itching and flaking. The effect is noticeable from the first application.

Price: from 199 rubles.

Dove Men + Care “Menthol Freshness”

Country of manufacture: England

Menthol removes from the scalp an unpleasant feeling of itching and burning, and
special lipid complex prevents natural leaching
protective layer. Dove Men + Care

Price: from 165 rubles.

Korean shampoo for oily hair


Country of manufacture: Korea

Shampoo designed for very greasy and thick hair.
Asian type. Effectively eliminates pollution,
normalizes sebum production, softens hair and smoothes
transition from roots to tips. Kerasys

Reference! Some Korean shampoos are not
suitable for thin and blond hair, as they begin to overdry

Price: from 990 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Korea

Makes even the most rigid hair soft, supple and light.
Eliminates the effect of prilizannosti and fat content due to adjustment
work sebaceous glands. Contains antibacterial ingredients
prevent the development of seborrhea. Seondo

Price: from 55 rubles.

Japanese shampoo for oily hair

Lebel “COOL ORANGE Hair Soap Cool”

Country of manufacture: Japan

It has in its composition three valuable for oily hair ingredient –
peppermint oil, orange oil and bamboo extract.
Organic orange oil cleanses the scalp of excess
sebum, promoting cellular respiration, and peppermint oil
relieves itching, irritation and peeling. Prevents hair loss
and dandruff development. Lebel COOL ORANGE Hair Soap Cool

Price: from 1310 rubles.

Shiseido “Super Mild Shampoo”

Country of manufacture: Japan

According to numerous reviews of satisfied customers,
Shiseido – produces some of the best shampoos in Japanese
cosmetic market.

Means gently washes greasy roots, returning hair
natural volume and natural elasticity. Leads to normal
fat metabolism in hair follicles. Shiseido

Contains medicinal extracts of pharmaceutical chamomile, rosemary and oil
wheat germ. Citric acid in the composition normalizes the level
acidity oily scalp.

Price: from 620 rubles.

Finnish shampoo for oily hair


Country of origin: Finland

Great for thorough cleaning of hair and scalp
despite the neutral Ph. Does not allow hair to dry
rods and clogged pores. It has no chemical fragrances, dyes and
silicones in the composition. Suitable for sensitive and irritated
scalp. Neutrale

Active ingredients: horse chestnut extract and extract

Price: from 254 rubles.


Country of origin: Finland

Shampoo made from environmentally friendly ingredients
of plant origin, thanks to which it acts gently, but
efficiently. Prevents the development of oily seborrhea and psoriasis,
strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss. Does not contain
silicones and weighting oils. RITTÄIN HIENO SUOMALAINEN DEGNARY

Price: from 190 rubles.

Low cost oily hair shampoos

Head & shoulders “Citrus Freshness”

Country of manufacture: USA

Delicate formula with citrus extract, promotes soft
cleanse and eliminate dandruff. The result is noticeable after the first
shampooing – hair becomes clean, elastic, easy
combed and do not get fat throughout the day. Head & shoulders

Price: from 146 rubles.

Elseve “Valuable clay”

Country of origin: France

The ideal solution for oily hair at the roots, but
dry on the tips. Blue, green and white cosmetic clay
restore water and fat balance, normalizing hair condition
and scalp. Due to the absence of silicones in the composition, hair
keep a fresh and tidy look for 72 hours or more. Elseve

Price: from 159 rubles.

Garnier Fructis “Freshness”

Country of origin: France

Shampoo is designed to care for normal, but often
contaminated hair. Fruit extracts fill hair
freshness and give a pleasant aroma for 48 hours. Garnier Fructis

Price: from 157 rubles.

Pantene “Aqua Light”

Country of origin: Sweden

Eliminates greasy unhealthy shine and imbues hair with moisture.
Due to the absence of silicones and weighting oils, it is ideal for
daily use on quickly dirty hair. Pantene

Price: from 120 rubles.

Palmolive Shampoo 2 in 1 “Freshness and volume”

Country of manufacture: USA

Green apple and citrus fruit acids gently clean
hair from root to tip, returning their natural volume and shine.
Does not destroy the natural protective layer. Palmolive Shampoo 2 in 1

Price: from 175 rubles.

Syoss шампунь “Pure&Care”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Eliminates 2 problems at once – dirty roots and dried up tips.
It has a consistency of medium thickness, which is easy to distribute by
head. Syoss Shampoo

Reference! Syoss products originally
intended for salon use, but now it can
found on the shelves of simple cosmetic stores.

Price: from 250 rubles.

Gliss Kur “AQUA CARE”

Country of manufacture: Germany

The series promotes deep moisturizing and healing the skin.
heads, and as you know – healthy and nourished skin does not produce
fat more than you need. Minimizes draining effect
sunlight, hot air and styling products. Gliss Kur

Price: from 250 rubles.

Avon advance Techniques “Healthy Radiance”

Country of manufacture: USA

The product is intended for those girls who can not refuse
use a hair dryer, but at the same time trying to get rid of fatty
roots. Thoroughly washes hair from dirt, grease and styling.
means, without breaking a natural protective layer. Avon advance Techniques

Price: from 150 rubles.

Crimean rose henna

Country of manufacture: Russia

Henna and Calendula Extracts Rich in Phytoncides and Flavonoids
have a beneficial effect on oily scalp, relieve inflammation and
itch triggered by the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria.
Keeps hair clean for a long time and prevents the development of seborrhea.

Price: from 130 rubles.

The beauty

Country of manufacture: Russia

Another remedy that is great for blended hair
type Cleans and naturally lifts hair roots
giving them a natural volume. Thanks to UV filtering particles in
composition prevents burnout in the sun. Charm

Price: from 110 rubles

Dry shampoo oriflame “HairX”

Country of origin: Sweden

An ideal purchase for those who can not wash their hair because of
lack of time – compact dry shampoo from “oriflame”! One
spraying and quick scratching is enough to noticeably
refresh styling. Dry Oriflame Shampoo

Price: from 460 rubles.

Pure Calendula Line

Country of manufacture: Russia

Due to the healing properties of calendula, yarrow and sage,
shampoo regulates sebum production and gives a feeling of cleanliness
for a long time. Does not overdry and does not weight the hair, so that
Suitable for daily use. Clean line

Price: from 72 rubles.

Professional shampoo for oily hair

Ollin “Roots to Tips Balance Shampoo BioNika”

Country of manufacture: Russia

This shampoo acts in two different directions – deeply
cleanses the scalp of fat and horny scales and nourishes
hair rods with micronutrients. Contains lipid
complex and D-panthenol. Ollin

Price: from 340 rubles.

Schwarzkopf “BC bonacure scalp genesis purifying shampoo”

Country of manufacture: Germany

The rich formula of shampoo deeply cleanses the hair and skin from
packing materials, excess sebum and sweat, providing bulbs
access to oxygen and nutrients. Corporate complex
active ingredients “StemCode”, contains panthenol and liquid
keratins so that hair becomes soft, alive and
elastic. Schwarzkopf BC bonacure scalp genesis purifying shampoo

Price: from 1868 rubles

Loreal professional “SERIE EXPERT”

Country of origin: France / Italy

The shampoo is made using the “PUR BALANCE” technology and is suitable for
cleaning both greasy and normal hair. Neutralizes the negative
the influence of hard water and normalizes the production of sebum. Loreal professional

Price: from 950 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

Natural organic oils and extracts penetrate deep beneath
skin and nourish hair follicles. Suitable for regular
use on the combined type of hair and previously painted,
Dried curls. Keratins and proteins support health and
keep youthful hair GKhair

Price: from 550 rubles

Angel professional

Country of origin: France

Valuable seaweed extracts have on the hair
double action – eliminate excess greasiness, and restore
natural protective layer of the scalp. To enhance the effect
recommended to use in tandem with cream “Water Element Ice
Sea Mud Nourising Cream “. Angel professional

Price: from 494 rubles


Country of manufacture: England

Real salon care in one tool! Airs,
smoothes and cleans hair in just one wash. Extracts
tea tree and sunflower take care of the scalp, saturating it
micronutrients and destroying seborrheic fungi and
bacteria. Tresemme

Price: from 285 rubles

Kapous Professional Treatment

Country of manufacture: Italy

Balanced composition and nutritional complex, with vitamins
Groups A, B and C promotes intensive cleansing and simultaneous
moisturizing hair from root to tip. Shag after
The procedure looks incredibly well-groomed and healthy. Kapous Professional Treatment

Price: from 318 rubles.

Kapous “Profilactic”

Country of manufacture: Italy

Due to the unique aroma of grapes and light texture, washing
The head of this shampoo turns into a real spa procedure.

Organic Orange Extract and Vitamin Mineral
complex heals the scalp soothes irritated
epidermis, normalizes the lipid balance and maintains it in
norm Kapous

Price: from 342 rubles.

Wella regulate

Country of manufacture: Germany

Regulates sebum production, normalizes the lipid balance and
keeps hair clean for long. Acts only on excess skin
lard, without drying the dermis. Wella regulate

Price: from 800 rubles.

Klorane “Oil Control”

Country of origin: France

The shampoo dissolves sebum and the horny layer of the epidermis,
gives hair a noticeable volume and well-groomed appearance. Contains extract
nettle. Facilitates combing and does not cause allergies. Klorane

Price: from 509 rubles

Constant delight

Country of manufacture: Italy

Used in the salon for pre-treatment of hair before
strengthening procedures – Botox, lamination, shielding
etc. It cleans deeply over the entire length and has a powerful
antiseptic action. Contains camphor oil extract
Iceland moss and citrus extracts. Constant delight

Note! To achieve the best effect
foam shampoo on clean hair, leave for 3-5 minutes, after
Rinse off with water.

Price: from 517 rubles


Country of origin: France

Suitable for delicate cleansing of mixed type hair.
Natural oils of macadamia, jojoba seeds and avocados prevent
Drying length due to the cleansing of the roots of sebum.

Price: from 383 rubles.

Estel “Otium volume shampoo”

Country of manufacture: Russia

When developing a unique formula of shampoo, two were taken into account.
oily hair problems – lack of volume and rapid contamination.
Active ingredients have a positive effect on microcirculation in
tissues. After bathing the hairstyle keeps its freshness and effect for a long time.
“freshly washed head”. Estel

Price: from 425 rubles

Antiseborrheic shampoo for oily hair

Ducray Squanorm Oily Dandruff

Country of origin: France

Salicylic acid, Sabal palm extract and Piroctone olamine
eliminate the root cause of oily seborrhea and suspend growth
pathogenic bacteria. As a result, the scalp stops
itch and get dirty more slowly. Hair becomes soft, voluminous
and healthy. Ducray Squanorm Oily Dandruff

Price: from 850 rubles

Сlear “Vita abe”

Country of origin: France

By reducing the sebaceous secretion, reduces the activity of the fungus and
pathogenic flora responsible for increased dandruff.
Removes keratinous skin that prevents penetration
nutrients to hair follicles. Renders
preventive effect on hair prone to fat.

Price: from 280 rubles

Matrix Biolage “Scalpsync Cooling Mint”

Country of origin: France

Menthol extract pleasantly cools the skin, relieving itching and
irritation. Eliminates existing dandruff and discourage
education new. Suitable for normal, sensitive and oily
scalp. Removes static and facilitates combing. Matrix Biolage

Price: from 670 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Ukraine

Selenium disulfide (Sultene) is a drug actively used in
dermatology for the prevention and elimination of fungal infections
scalp. Exfoliates the cornified layer of skin and
slows the growth of new epidermis cells. Sulsena

Price: from 312 rubles.

Pharmaceutical shampoos for oily hair

Vichy “Dercos”

Country of origin: France

As a result of numerous research and development, scientists
VICHY’s laboratory has identified a direct relationship between growth
the malignant fungi Malassezia and the appearance of seborrhea. Active
formula with Selenium DS eliminates the root cause of itching and restores
microbiome balance of the scalp. Vichy

Price: from 842 rubles.

Shampoo 911 “Tar”

Country of manufacture: Russia

A series of chemist’s shampoos “911” is distinguished by a democratic price and
by efficiency. Tar shampoo helps to quickly eliminate
manifestations of seborrhea, psoriasis and various types of fungal lesions.
Quickly relieves itching, peeling off dead skin cells and washing off
excess sebum. Shampoo 911

Note! Shampoo has a specific
The smell of tar soap. Many people compare it to the smell of a fire
which is long washed from the hair.

Price: from 120 rubles.

Panthenol “Avanta”

Country of manufacture: Russia

This shampoo is a salvation for those who can not find a soft, but in
same time effective remedy for hair oily at the roots, but
dry on the tips. More than 87% of the subjects noted that with
regular use of the scalp gets less dirty and hair
become thicker and stronger due to the protective layer created by
pantheon. Panthenol Avanta

Price: from 348 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Russia

The shampoo is recommended for cleansing problem scalp,
normalization of the lipid balance and eliminate signs of seborrhea.
Contains active ingredients of natural origin: oil
tea tree, nettle extract, sage, horse chestnut and
burdock. ALERANA

Wheat liquid proteins condense weakened hair shaft
and make the bulbs more durable.

Price: from 395 rubles.

Tar shampoo for greasy hair

Country of manufacture: Russia

Our great-grandmothers also actively used birch tar for
cure psoriasis, itching and dandruff. Tar in the shampoo
has astringent, antiseptic effect, cleans pores,
dries oily skin and normalizes the work of sebaceous glands.
The tool has a very affordable price and is available in stock.
almost any pharmacy or supermarket. Tar shampoo for oily hair

Price: from 140 rubles

Green pharma

Country of origin: France

Tea tree oil and lemon peel extract effectively
dissolve too thick fatty layer, leaving a protective lipid
layer intact. Organic extracts of geranium, lavender, Altai
cedar strengthen hair follicles, soften and tone up hair.
Green pharma

Price: from 160 rubles.

Recipes grandmother Agafi “First Aid Kit Agafi Dermatologic”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo actively cleans and conditions oily hair,
contributing to the normalization of cellular respiration and nutrition of hair
rods. Relieves itching, removes small rashes and inflammations,
prevents the development of seborrhea. Does not contain sulphates and parabens.
Grandmother Agafi's Recipes

Price: from 92 rubles.

Apivita “Shampoo for very oily hair with mint and
propolis ”

Country of origin: Greece

The product pleasantly cools the head while washing, tones
hair follicles and gives the rods pleasant smoothness and

The healing properties of calendula, nettle cotton and rosemary
restore the healthy structure of the scalp, relieve inflammation
and normalize sebum production. Apivita

Price: from 860 rubles.

Skin “Body Care”

Country of manufacture: Israel

The shampoo is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and mud, with high
content of vitamins and minerals, as well as sea buckthorn extract. is he
cleans and refreshes the scalp, accelerates and normalizes the exchange
processes, and also promotes the growth of new, healthy hair. Not
contains parabens and sulphates. Skin

Price: from 1220 rubles

Salerm Biokera Champu Antigrasa

Country of manufacture: Spain

This shampoo helps in the short term to normalize the production
sebum and return hair natural volume and pomp.
Restores Ph level without draining and not over-saturating the skin.
heads. It conditions hair, relieves itching and inflammation.
Salerm Biokera Champu Antigrasa

Price: from 560 rubles


Country of manufacture: USA

The shampoo is unique in that it contains microscopic sponges,
absorbent excess sebum and exfoliating keratinized
skin layer. It has a matting effect and helps to normalize
fat production by reducing the number of washes needed
heads. Redken

Price: from 1400 rubles


Country of manufacture: Italy

Shampoo is suitable for both prevention and treatment.
disorders of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.
Contains a unique complex of active ingredients Tiolisina®
Complex with a high content of panthenol. Tethys

Price: from 600 rubles

KORA “Biobalance”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Normalizes the microflora of the scalp, accelerates
healing of wounds and microcracks, prevents the occurrence of excessive
greasiness. KORA

Saturates follicles with biologically active substances, making
hair more voluminous and pleasant to the touch.

Price: from 196 rubles.

Oberbal with mint extract

Country of manufacture: Poland

Thanks to extracts of organic sulfur and peppermint, shampoo
has an antiseptic, stimulating and caring effect on
distressed curls prone to fat. Normalizes water and
fat balance, keeps fresh and clean for a long time. O'Herbal with mint extract

Price: from 287 rubles.

Repharm “Power of the Seas”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Sea minerals and polypeptides gently clean the root zone from
excess sebum and restore the structure of the hair and skin on
cellular level. Aloe vera extract activates dormant hair
follicles and suppresses itching. Repharm

Price: from 230 rubles.

Nexxt “Shampoo Lotion System Balance”

Country of manufacture: Germany

The unique enriched formula of shampoo-lotion contributes
rapid absorption of active ingredients in the upper layers of the epidermis,
eliminate excess itching and remove excess sebum. Nexxt

Price: from 250 rubles.

Periche “Oily Hair”

Country of manufacture: Spain

The shampoo used antiseptic properties of the extract.
wormwood, nettle and Italian cmin. Means normalizes secretion
sebaceous glands, makes hair more voluminous, obedient and
resistant to temperature extremes. It has a pleasant fruity
apple flavor. Periche

Price: from 525 rubles.

Shampoo with zinc for oily hair

Shampoo 911 “Zinc”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Indicated for use for problematic scalp prone to
the formation of excess sebum and various seborrhea. Zinc
removes redness, destroys pathogens and removes
irritation. Shampoo 911

Note! Unlike tar
shampoo from the same series, zinc shampoo acts more gently and
not so drains the skin.

Price: from 120 rubles.

Libriderm “Zinc”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Contains in its composition Zinc Perition – a substance, especially
effective against seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and various
kind of skin inflammation. Regulates the sebaceous glands,
prevents falling out. Liberoderm

The second active ingredient is allantoin – contributes to the speedy
healing of damaged tissue, moisturizes the skin and prevents
excessive dandruff.

Price: from 398 rubles

Sulfur-free oily hair shampoo

Iherb NaturOli “Extreme Hair Soap Nut”

Country of manufacture: USA

Natural composition, environmental friendliness and lack of sulfates in
composition make this shampoo the perfect remedy for fat
roots and dryness on the tips. Iherb NaturOli

Soap nut extract and vegetable oil complex
normalize the work of sebaceous glands without harming the natural
protective layer on hair rods.

Price: from 1600 rubles

Estel otium

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo based on allantoin and zinc, gently removes
pollution from the scalp and hair scales. Itching and
inflammation disappears, skin calms down and fat production
naturally normalized. Despite the mild chemical
composition, the product effectively washes the head and contributes
preservation of purity for a long time. Estel otium

Reference! To enhance the effect of shampoo,
use it in combination with a tonic of the same series.

Price: from 430 rubles.

Planeta Organica “Savon Noir”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo is designed for daily care of oily hair and
problem scalp. Gently washes away the pollution,
condition hair and removes static. Planeta Organica

Price: from 98 rubles


Country of manufacture: USA

Organic shampoo is perfect for blended hair care.
type – quickly getting dirty at the roots and parched at the tips.
Some say that shampoo doesn’t foam well, but that doesn’t diminish
its washing and conditioning properties. Amway

Price: from 690 rubles.

Delicare nature “Volume and balance”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Shampoo eliminates shine, soothes itchy skin,
strengthens hair follicles and promotes new hair growth. Not
contains components that cause allergies or irritation,
so that even the most problematic skin is suitable. Delicare

Price: from 139 rubles

Nano organic

Country of manufacture: Russia

Contains natural drying extracts of bark of oak, willow,
vitamins A, C, E, F and B5. Revitalizes the scalp
head, normalizes water-fat metabolism in the tissues. Nano organic

Price: from 300 rubles.


Country of manufacture: Ukraine

A mild, sulphate-free shampoo formula suitable for daily use.
use on problem and oily skin. Does not overdry the fabric
normalizing sebum production. DeLaMark

Contains organic, antibacterial nettle extracts,
green tea, sage and aloe vera. Citric acid brings Ph
oily scalp to acceptable levels.

Price: from 600 rubles.

Yves Roshe “Cleansing with Nettle”

Country of origin: France

Nettle extract normalizes sebaceous glands due to
why the curls stay clean and fresh longer. After use
hair shine health and cleanliness. Yves Roshe

Price: from 308 rubles.

Ecolab “Balancing”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Ecolab shampoo consists of more than 95% of the ingredients
natural organic origin. The product has no harmful
impurities that cause allergies, sulfates and parabens. Ecolab

Verbena oil nourishes epidermis cells with vitamins, makes the skin
more resilient and resistant to bacterial or fungal infections.
Ginger extract stabilizes sebum production and saturates
moisture, and the witch hazel extract acts as a powerful antiseptic and

Price: from 259 rubles.

Herbal shampoo for oily hair

Botanic therapy

Country of origin: France.

Garnier is not the first year occupy a leadership position among
manufacturers of cosmetics for hair care, and
this time they decided to focus on naturalness. Herbal shampoo
“Botanic Therapy” is enriched with extracts of Aloe Vera, Orange Flowers,
and tea tree. The product is suitable for daily care.
normal, combined and prone to fat hair.
Botanic Therapy

Price: from 150 rubles

Concept Peeling Shampoo

Country of manufacture: Russia

The shampoo has a lightweight extract formula based on extracts.
citrus and seaweed. Eliminates excess skin from the scalp
sebum and smoothes hair shafts with no effect
weighting Concept Shampoo Peeling

Special scrubbing microparticles remove dead particles
skin, and improve microcirculation, thereby preventing

Price: from 295 rubles

GREEN MAMA “Black currant and nettle”

Country of manufacture: French-Russian production

Russian beauties, famous for their thick and thick braids,
often washed their hair with herbal decoctions of nettle and leaves
black currant. The recipes of this drug have survived and
found implementation in cosmetics. Shampoo from “Green Mom”
delicately dries the scalp, strengthens local immunity and
saturates tissues with vitamins of groups A, B, C and P. GREEN MAMA

Organic acids normalize Ph level and promote
maintaining a sense of freshness and cleanliness for a long time.

Price: from 201 rubles.


Country of origin: Greece

Shampoo has a unique composition, based on more than 80%
components of natural origin. Nettle and liquorice extract
normalize the microflora and prevent excessive secretion of skin
fat Korres

Note! With regular use
shampoo gives a steady effect of purity, so you can
reduce the number of head washes to an acceptable minimum.

Price: from 769 rubles.

Solid mustard shampoo

Country of manufacture: Russia

Solid shampoo is very economical and easy to use – it
resembles a bar of soap, which is enough just a little to foam in
hands to get a thick and soapy foam. Contains in composition
mustard and coconut oils, nettle extract, chamomile, pharmacy,
vanilla, avocado and peptides silk. Solid Mustard Shampoo

Price: from 165 rubles

MI&KO “Можжевельник”

Country of manufacture: Russia

Juniper essential oil normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands and
prevents the development of seborrhea, and extracts of hops and yarrow
return natural freshness to hair and reduce inflammation.

Price: from 490 rubles

Natura Siberica “Volume and balance”

Country of manufacture: Russia

The shampoo contains a rare and rather valuable arctic extract.
raspberries, which is 5 times richer in vitamin C than raspberries
ordinary. In tandem with elfin pine, arctic raspberry
gives stunning results on greasy hair, making them more
light and springy. Natura Siberica

Price: from 284 rubles.

Shamtu “Herbal Cocktail”

Country of manufacture: Germany

Shampoo “Herbal Cocktail” fully justifies its name
composition, rich in healing herbs and plants. Nice
consistency and aroma give a feeling of freshness and comfortable cleanliness
for a long time. Shamtu

Price: from 188 rubles.


Country of origin: Latvia

It has a complex chemical composition that performs the main
task in the care of oily hair – washes away sebum, not
drying and not subjecting the ends to the section. Washes even heavy
oil masks. Active ingredients: nettle extract, lavender,
rose hips. DNC

Price: from 217 rubles.

Londa Purifying Shampoo

Country of manufacture: Germany

The shampoo has anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and
degreasing properties due to a special formula with an extract
jojoba, white tea and calendula. Suitable for daily washing
even if the skin is sensitive and prone to allergic
rash. Londa Purifying Shampoo

Price: from 431 rubles.


What to do hair oily after African

– After unraveling African braids, many girls note,
make hair look greasy, unkempt, hard
combed or altogether – fall out. The fact is that being
woven into a tight braid, the hair is not washed enough. In them
accumulates sebum, residues of styling products or shampoo.
As for loss, it’s not healthy hair that falls out, but those
that naturally fell out during the time of wearing the braids, but so
remained in weaving. Enough to make moisturizing a few times
mask and comb your hair thoroughly, and then wash it with shampoo to
normalize the situation.

Oily hair after cancellation ok what to do?

After the abolition of oral contraception, the body needs some
time to normalize hormonal balance. Period
“restructuring” is often associated with increased sebum production,
rashes or weight gain. Between 2 and 8 months
The situation stabilizes on its own.


As you can see, you can find shampoo for oily hair in any
segment. This could be a mass-market tool.
advertised product for salon use, pharmacy
drug or organic soap solution. Also, don’t forget
about folk recipes and, if necessary, contact
qualified doctors.

The main thing – listen to your own feelings after washing
heads and do not be afraid to try new things. So you are more likely
pick that shampoo that suits you.

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