Which sulphate-free shampoo to choose and for what he is needed

Experts have long argued about the dangers of sulfates, which
found in most popular shampoos. More
buyers around the world began to abandon detergents for
hair that contains surfactants, peg-s, sulfates and parabens.
Alternative to them – sulfate-free shampoos, which are becoming
more sought after. They have a number of differences from the ordinary and act
hair softer. Sulfate-free shampoos

Pros and cons, benefit and harm, the better – all the pros and cons

The content of the article:

  • Pros and cons, benefit and harm, the better – all the pros and cons
  • Sulfate-free shampoo: what is different from the usual
  • average cost
  • FAQ
  • Best non-sulfate shampoos – TOP 10 rating
  • After nanoplasty
  • Keratin-free, good sulfate-free shampoo
  • For colored hair
  • Sulfate-free shampoo – list after botox
  • For curly hair
  • For damaged hair
  • For greasy hair
  • List of sulfate free dandruff shampoos
  • For hair volume
  • Mass shampoos
  • Professional sulfate free shampoos
  • Cheap, budget-free shampoos
  • Pharmacy
  • Hair loss
  • For daily use
  • Baby
  • For blondes
  • Moisturizers
  • Cleansing shampoo
  • With keratin
  • Coconut
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Shampoos Belarusian manufacturers
  • Korean sulfate-free shampoos
  • Israeli
  • Thai

The most dangerous sulphates are considered to be lauryl sulphate.
sodium (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) and sodium laureth sulfate
(SLES). They are contained in almost all shampoos.
popular brands. These substances effectively cleanse hair and skin.
heads from dirt and grease, but they are highly toxic and difficult
derived from the skin, which negates all their benefits.

Such drugs tend to dry the scalp, which is why
increased fat synthesis, a feeling of pollution of the head, and
wash it more often. This is the first sign.
the fact that it is necessary to go to a sulfate-free shampoo.

Funds that do not contain sulfates, have
following advantages:

  • They do not dry the scalp, do not violate the fat balance and allow
    longer time to keep clean hair.
  • Do not wash paint off the dyed curls.
  • Do not leave harmful components on the epidermis of the head,
    can cause irritation, allergies and even some
  • Can be used after keratin straightening.
  • Maintain a natural fat balance, which is why the structure
    the hair is not damaged, and the strands look more alive and

beautiful hair

Sulfur-free shampoos contain safe ingredients.
cleansing ingredients such as Decyl Glucoside, Coco Glucoside,
Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl
Glutamate. They are easily washed off the scalp and do not break.
its natural defense mechanisms.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting some disadvantages:

  • Sulfate-free shampoos are more expensive than
  • Sulfates improve foam formation and when washing
    heads need fewer such shampoos.
    Sulfate-free shampoos are less economical and are consumed faster.
  • To get used to such means, you need
    time. One reason for this is the lack of foam, to which
    everyone is used to. At first it may seem that they can not clear
    the scalp is full, and the strands become less voluminous. But this
    temporary occurrence. About a month after applying curls
    will look much better.
  • Sulfate-free formulations can not completely wash off hair
    residues of styling products. Therefore if you often them
    apply, sometimes you will need to use funds with
  • Also, they do not clean dandruff too well,
    although there are drugs aimed precisely at eliminating this

However, non-sulfate products for hair are more
soft, gentle and safe. Their application will allow you to see
obvious improvements after only a few weeks.

Sulfate-free shampoo: what is different from the usual

The main difference between these shampoos can be seen from their composition – in them
no sulfates. Since there are no surfactants in the composition, the agent is very
little foaming when used. Chemicals in the composition
replaced with natural oils and extracts. Preparations carefully
clean the strands and scalp, providing them with additional nutrition
after dyeing, keratin straightening and other procedures.

REFERENCE. Sulfate-free shampoos are often called
organic, but it’s not exactly the same thing. Composed
organic shampoos may be present sulfates, what will be
testify their composition.

How to determine non-sulfate shampoo by composition

The easiest way to determine if a drug is
sulfate-free – look at its composition. It should
missing components such as SLS, ALS, SLES,
ALES. Parabens and silicones are also not included.
Usually these shampoos are offered by organic manufacturers.
cosmetics. no sulfates

The composition of such funds may vary depending on
manufacturer and the problems they are solving
are directed. Usually its main components are as follows:

  • purified (sometimes thawed) water;
  • soap root extract;
  • taurates, glycosides, isethionates, extracted from coconut oil,
    considered one of the best care products;
  • vitamins, minerals;
  • glutamates are derivatives of amino acids due to which
    products become hypoallergenic;
  • essential and vegetable oils;
  • extracts of plants, giving hair benefit and a pleasant aroma:
    rosehip oil, flax milk, calendula extract, chamomile,

Some products may contain alcohol, panthenol,
betaine, taurine.

average cost

In the market of cosmetics can be found as sulfate-free
luxury shampoos as well as budget funds. Average
the cost is 500-700 rubles, although you can buy this
a tool for both 200 and 2000 rubles – it all depends on the budget
and manufacturer. cost


How to use a sulfate-free shampoo?

Sulfate-free shampoos are applied like normal ones, but there are a number
rules to consider for maximum

  • The product needs to be poured into the palm and lightly.
    warm to organic ingredients in the composition
  • The head is moistened with warm water. Means is applied on
    hair. At the same time, special attention should be paid to problematic
    zones prone to fat.
  • Then a little more shampoo is applied to the strands.
    length. It is recommended to leave it for five minutes to
    strands managed to feed on useful ingredients.
  • Rinse off with hot water, otherwise
    shampoo will be bad to foam and hard to wash off.

washing hair

Owners of long curls need to soap them a couple of times,
to rinse well. If the hair is short, enough
apply a small amount of shampoo once.

IMPORTANT! Keep the sulfate-free shampoo needed
a cool place as high temperatures can cause
the destruction of some components in the composition of the tool.

What can replace sulfate-free shampoo?

In the absence of special means it can be replaced.
baby soap that needs to lather strands and wash it off with warm
water You can also use detergent preparations.
intended for babies (“from the first days of life”). Another variant
– Prepare a natural shampoo at home. shampoo at home

Why does the head from scratch-free shampoo itch?

The reasons for this phenomenon may be several. First of all,
unscrupulous manufacturers often add to the composition
artificial components, but camouflage them under other names.
Moreover, even with a completely natural safe
allergic reaction to one of
components. If the problem occurs repeatedly, you need to
change the tool and consult with the trichologist.

Best non-sulfate shampoos – TOP 10 rating

Many manufacturers of cosmetics for curls have already begun
release sulfate-free shampoos. You need to choose them with
taking into account the features of hair and problems that need to be addressed.

Repeated winner of natural cosmetics ratings without
sulfate is a company Mulsan Cosmetic.

All Mulsan cosmetic products are as safe as possible.
composition. Due to the high content in the means of extracts
plants, valuable oils and vitamins, shampoos have a quick
effect on the hair and scalp, solving a number of problems. Due to lack of
in compositions of sulphates, silicones, parabens, dyes, cosmetics
suitable after procedures nanoplasty, keratin straightening,
Botox and others

The line of products also includes a hypoallergenic series for
children The shelf life of products is only 10 months, which
indicates the presence of only natural ingredients in cosmetics.
Due to the limited period of validity, Mulsan Cosmetic products can
purchase only on the official website mulsan.ru Company
provides free shipping throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

Consider a list of the best tools for each category.

After nanoplasty

Nanoplasty – a procedure involving restoration
hair structure. To consolidate its results, it is recommended to wash
head sulfate-free shampoos. You can pay attention to
The following products:

  • Natura Siberika (Russia, about 200 rubles).
    Drug on a natural basis, which, due to the presence in the composition
    Siberian herbs moisturizes the strands and strengthens their structure. Means
    does not cause itching and redness. The reviews noted that it is bad
    foams, but this is typical for all funds, which are not
    sulphates are included. After nanoplasty
  • Organic Shop (Russia, from 150 rubles). In line
    sulfate free shampoos are presented for various problems
    and types of strands. Of the benefits noted natural composition and
    affordable cost. Organic Shop
  • Grandma Agafya’s Recipes (Russia, from 100
    rubles). Funds are based on herbal infusions and other
    popular components. Shampoos are offered in a wide range.
    assortment. Of the advantages there is a low price and lack of
    in the composition of harmful substances. Recipes grandmother Agafi
  • Estelle (Russia, from 400 rubles). Shampoo
    Estel Professional Otium Aqua does not contain
    sulphates and moisturizes hair, eliminating their problem
    electrification. The brand also offers another non-sulfate shampoo,
    Estel CUREX Classic, including keratin and
    vitamin b5. Estel Professional Otium Aqua
  • Coco Choco (Israel, about 1500 rubles).
    Professional tool that is suitable for use after
    nanoplastics and keratin straightening. It helps to fix
    results of the procedure and provides strands with gentle care.
    Coco Choco
  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure (Germany, about 500
    rubles). This tool is great for colored hair. It
    contributes to their restoration and color fixation. Schwarzkopf Bonacure
  • Yves Rocher (France, about 300 rubles). it
    soft remedies gently cleanse the scalp of fat and dead
    cells. The product is completely environmentally friendly and safe.
    Yves Rocher
  • L’Oreal (France, from 500 rubles).
    Loreal elseve sulfate-free shampoo is designed to dry
    shag It moisturizes and delicately cleanses them,
    contributing to nutrient saturation and recovery.
    Loreal elseve
  • Ollin (Ollin) Professional (Russia, from 500
    rubles). Safe and soft premium shampoo that includes
    yourself bamboo extract. Suitable for daily use.
    Ollin (Ollin) Professional
  • Amway (USA, about 800 rubles) Shampoo
    Satinique by Amway makes hair smooth and soft. No
    sulfates, and the cost of funds is quite affordable. Amway

Keratin-free, good sulfate-free shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are especially important after keratin
straightening. They provide an opportunity to consolidate the results of the procedure and
provide hair gentle care. Can use funds
listed above or pay attention to the following

  • Dudu (Italy, about 850 r.). Natural
    premium organic cosmetics can be used after
    keratin straightening or botox. Means carefully cleaned
    strands of any type and give them extra volume. Dudu
  • Kapous (capus) with keratin magic keratin
    (Italy, about 450 rubles). Professional shampoo
    restoring hair and ensuring their smoothness. Helps on
    for a long time to keep the result keratin straightening.
    Kapous (capus) with keratin magic keratin
  • Kerastase (France, from 1500 rubles)
    Designed for unruly hair. It smoothes them, gives
    softness and shine. Advantage of means before others
    sulfate-free formulations in that it foams well.
  • Lakme (Lakme, Spain, from 1000 rubles). Soft
    composition that does not dry the hair, but gives them moisture and health.
    Good for dyed curls, as it promotes
    color preservation. Lakme
  • Osmo (UK, about 2000 p.). Series
    sulfate free shampoos from this manufacturer based on
    natural ingredients, including fruit esters. Means
    helps maintain keratin straightening results and
    keeps hair healthy. Osmo
  • Oriflame (Sweden, from 300 rubles). Means
    gently cleanses the hair, gives them a healthy shine and pleasant aroma.
    Contains burdock extract, rose oil and argan, vitamin F.
  • Selective (Italy, from 3000 rubles).
    Multifunctional means, nourishes the hair and
    restoring the scalp. Suitable for regular use.
  • Paul Mitchell (USA, from 1000 r). Shampoo contains
    keratin. In addition, it has a yellowing neutralizer,
    so it suits blondes. Paul Mitchell
  • Chi (USA, from 1000 rubles) Composition contains
    bamboo charcoal. Its use helps to keep healthy.
    shine, clean the strands with high quality, restore their health and
    attractiveness Chi
  • Sulfate Free Matrix Biolage Shampoo (Matrix
    Biolaj, France, from 600 p.). The tool deeply nourishes the strands and
    thoroughly cleanses them. It will help restore curls affected
    numerous experiments. Sulfate Free Matrix Biolage Shampoo

For colored hair

Sulfate-free shampoos are recommended for colored hair,
since sulfates contribute to the washout of the dye. Can draw
focus on the following remedies:

  • Tigi Sulfate-Free Shampoo (Tigi, Italy,
    about 1000 p.). Professional tool for daily
    application. Sates strands with moisture, contributes to their recovery and
    provides deep cleansing without harmful components. Tigi
  • Lebel (Japan, from 700 rubles). Soft
    a tool that not only helps preserve the color of the strands, but
    also moisturizes them, gives an attractive smoothness. label
  • Evalar (Russia, from 650 rubles). Tool can
    used for hair affected by dyeing. It contains
    natural proteins that contribute to the recovery of strands and
    helps to cope with their loss. Evalar
  • Indigo (Indigo, Germany, from 400 rubles).
    Shampoo architect designed to restore hair.
    It is useful at their constant coloring, drying by the hair dryer, frequent
    the use of thermometers. Indigo
  • Wella (Vella, Germany, from 1000 rubles).
    The tool helps to maintain color fastness, gives shine,
    moisturizing and pleasant aroma. There is a remedy designed
    specifically for blondes. Wella
  • Nexxt (Next, Germany, from 250 p.). This
    The product restores hair and smoothes it. Suitable for
    regular use. Nexxt
  • Redken (Redken, USA, from 1000 p.). A drug
    designed for light hair, both dyed and natural.
    It makes them more dense and voluminous, effectively restores,
    gives shine. Redken
  • Revlon (USA, about 1000 rubles) Means
    Prevents leaching of pigment from the hair, thereby facilitating
    maintaining color fastness. It also protects strands from negative
    factors from the outside. Revlon
  • Faberlik (Russia, from 250 rubles).
    Professional nourishing shampoo, deeply restoring and
    neatly cleansing strands. Contains natural oils. Faberlik

Sulfate-free shampoo – list after botox

One of the popular procedures is botox for hair. She is
significantly improves the health and appearance of the strands. To long
save results, it is recommended to use sulfate-free
shampoos Few remedies that are good yourself

  • Ollin black rice (Russia, from 420 rubles).
    The tool provides the hair with gentle care after Botox.
    Components in its composition give lightness and silkiness to the strands, and
    black rice extract thickens their structure and protects against
    negative factors from the outside. Ollin black rice
  • Kaaral (Kaaral, Italy, from 600 rubles).
    Effective restorative shampoo that helps to return
    life even the most weakened strands. Kaaral
  • Barex Contempora
    (Italy, from 500 rubles). Professional Amplifier
    the result of procedures such as botox and keratin straightening.
    Barex (Bareks) Contempora
  • Lador keratin lpp shampoo (Korea, from 600
    rubles). The composition contains keratin, proteins and silk. Strand after
    this cocktail is saturated with moisture and find an attractive
    radiance. Lador keratin lpp shampoo
  • Angel (Angel, France, from 400 rubles). Shampoo
    very soft, it delicately cleans strands, and thanks to vegetable
    extracts in the composition saturates them with moisture and gives shine. angel
  • Vichy (Vichy, France, from 600 rubles). Means
    gently cleanses, gives strands health, and also has a healing
    action and contributes to their recovery. Vichy
  • Charm (Russia, from 300 rubles). The beauty
    Professional strengthens the strands and gives them volume, makes them alive,
    thick and shiny. Charm
  • Wed-1 (Korea, from 800 rubles). Esthetic house
    CP-1 Bright Complex Intense Nourishing Shampoo – Korean product,
    which made a splash in social networks. The tool is intended to donate
    hair smoothness and return them to health. Wed-1
  • Londa (Germany, 400-500 rubles).
    Sulfate-free shampoo Londa is useful to use after Botox
    hair. It will consolidate the results of the procedure and help warn
    problems with curls in the future. Sulfate-free shampoo Londa

For curly hair

Curly hair is usually hard and naughty, so they need
special care For curly curls fit the following tools without

  • Joiso This brand offers special
    Curl product controlling obstinate curls. They will become more
    soft and easier to fold. Curl
  • Capus. Smooth and shampoo
    Curly provides delicate cleansing strands and
    balanced nourishes them. This is the perfect choice for the naughty,
    stiff curls. Capus. Smooth and Curly Shampoo
  • Schwarzkopf Professional. Manufacturer
    Offers Mad About Curls High Foam Cleanser
    Shampoo, which helps maintain health, volume and
    the softness of the luxurious curls. Mad About Curls High Foam Cleanser Shampoo,
  • Bielita Organic. Soft remedy with
    phytokeratin suitable for any hair structure. With him curls
    become obedient, radiant and healthy. Bielita Organic
  • Sebomax Sensitive Shampoo will fit in
    if the scalp is irritated or very sensitive. Her
    The recovery will have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair itself.
    Sebomax Sensitive Shampoo
  • Paul Mitchell. Regenerating shampoo
    containing such a component as Marula oil. Balanced
    The composition has a beneficial effect on curly locks. Restorative
  • Racken Offers a special tool for
    curly hair that gently cleanses, maintains normal
    moisture level and protects against external influence. For curly hair
  • Elea Professional Luxor Curl (Bulgaria).
    Sulfate-free shampoo for regular use, which is not
    contains aggressive components and does not spoil the porous structure
    curly curls. Elea Professional Luxor Curl
  • Soft Shampoo Tahe Soft Shampoo For Curly
    Hair straightens and makes them more manageable. is he
    gives softness, smoothness and shine. Soft Shampoo Tahe Soft Shampoo For Curly Hair
  • Marc Anthony. Shampoo designed for hard
    and naughty curly hair. He makes them soft and supple, and
    The complex of oils in the composition gives curls radiance and moisturizes them.
    from the inside. Marc Anthony

For damaged hair

Weak and affected strands are recommended to wash
sulfate free shampoos. Note the following

  • Concept Argan Oil Treatment
    restores strands from the inside, helps to cope with such
    problems like brittleness, dryness, dull color Concept
  • Paul Mitchell. Regenerating shampoo with oil
    maruly gives new life to strands damaged by
    staining, continuous use of thermometers and improper
    care. Paul Mitchell2
  • UA Profi Sulfate Free Shampoo For Damaged
    Hair. Means specifically designed for damaged
    hair. The unique formula contributes to their gentle cleansing and
    careful recovery. UA Profi Sulfate Free Shampoo For Damaged Hair
  • CHI Silk Infusion. The composition includes extract
    silks, in view of which the affected strands become smooth, soft
    and radiant. CHI Silk Infusion
  • Lab High-quality shampoo that combines deep
    restoration of curls and their thorough cleansing. Lab
  • Natura Siberika. To recover the affected
    hair brand offers sea buckthorn shampoo with effect
    lamination. Natura Siberika
  • Bielita Organic. Mild shampoo with
    phytokeratin helps to return new life to the affected strands.
    Herbal extracts give them health radiance and struggle with
    brittleness. Bielita Organic2
  • Erayba (Spain) Keratin Professional
    shampoo. The composition contains keratin, panthenol, vitamin B5.
    Carefully restores strands, gives them nutrition and hydration.
    Keratin professional shampoo
  • O’Herbal (Poland). This medicinal drug
    contains flax seeds. It nourishes the hair, moisturizes them, helps
    regain radiance and elasticity. O’Herbal
  • Joanna (Poland). Includes probiotics and
    other active ingredients that restore the natural
    balance the microflora of the scalp, thereby contributing to and
    recovery strands. Joanna

For greasy hair

Owners of greasy hair are advised to pay attention to
funds that are directed to the regulation of the sebaceous glands. AT
including the following:

  • NANO Organic. Remedy for greasy hair,
    which helps to forget about such problems as itching and dandruff, and
    for a long time keep a sense of purity. Natural ingredients on
    which is based composition, regulate the fat content of the strands and
    provide their well-groomed appearance. NANO Organic
  • Biotin B-Complex Therapy. Firming shampoo
    which can be used for hair of any type. Bold strands
    It will help to keep clean and well-groomed look longer. Biotin B-Complex Therapy
  • Kallos Cosmetics. Hair Pro-tox Shampoo
    includes hyaluronic acid, keratin and collagen. it
    contributes to their nutrition, hydration, recovery, and
    clean and fresh. Hair Pro-tox Shampoo
  • Vichy Dercos. Remedy with strong healing
    action to get rid of a wide range of problems with
    hair It can be used by owners of fatty strands. it
    the tool will be a real find for oily hair. Vichy Dercos
  • Matrix. The brand offers an effective remedy.
    for cleansing oily strands to help restore skin balance
    scalp, cope with dandruff and effectively remove greasy
    highlight. Matrix
  • Estelle For hair prone to fat,
    Suitable shampoo Otium Aqua. Although his
    the primary task is moisturizing, it will provide quality care
    and in this case. Otium Aqua

List of sulfate free dandruff shampoos

There are tools to combat dandruff:

  • Mon Platin (Israel, from 500 rubles).
    Intensive formulation for treating or preventing dandruff, suitable
    for all hair types. Mon Platin
  • NANO Organic. Means fights dandruff and
    excessive oily hair. NANO Organic Dandruff
  • Matrix. Already mentioned brand is also good
    fights dandruff, eliminating not only unpleasant manifestations, but also
    their cause. Matrix2
  • L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color (France,
    from 1450 rubles). Although the tool is designed to preserve color
    strands, it also deeply and effectively cleans them, helping to fight
    with dandruff. L’Oreal Professional Delicate Color
  • Schwarzkopf Professional (Germany, about 600
    rubles). These remedies are often recommended after keratin
    straightening. At the same time, they help warn many
    Problems. Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Estel Aqua Otium (Russia, from 600 rubles).
    Professional tool prevents dandruff, moisturizing
    scalp and smoothing strands. It contains betaine, proteins and
    amino acids. Estel Aqua Otium
  • Kapous Professional (Italy, from 750 rubles).
    The shampoo is recommended for use with combined hair –
    fatty at the roots and dry at the tips. He protects them from negative
    external influences and prevents the absorption of harmful salts. Fits
    for daily use. Kapous Professional
  • Cocochoco (Israel, from 1600 rubles)
    Professional shampoo that contains cactus pulp extract
    and soy protein. Prevents dandruff and allergies, effectively
    cleans. To improve the result, it is recommended to supplement it.
    masked from the same series. Cocochoco
  • Teknia Gentle Balance (Spain, from 490
    rubles). Universal remedy suitable for regular
    application. In the composition there is akai oil, rich
    antioxidants and has regenerating properties.
    Teknia Gentle Balance
  • AVEDA (USA, from 3000 rubles). Product
    qualitatively moisturizes the scalp. Quinoa proteins in the composition
    fill the voids in the hair rods and restores the structure
    strands. Essential oils in the composition give the strands a pleasant aroma.

For hair volume

Owners of fine hair are advised to pay attention to
The following tools can add volume to them:

  • Charm. The tool has become popular among
    owners of thin strands – with the task of adding volume it
    copes no worse than with quality washing. For the volume of hair
  • NATURA SIBERICA. The manufacturer’s line includes
    shampoo for thin and weak hair, which makes them bulky and
    healthier. NATURA SIBERICA
  • Logona (Germany). The series includes shampoo with
    beer and honey to strengthen the strands, increase
    and soft moisture throughout. Logona
  • Muslan Cosmetic. Sulfate-free shampoos
    Suitable for thin, weak hair. In addition to volume, they guarantee
    healing and recovery, for which the almond extract is responsible and
    birch buds. Muslan Cosmetic
  • Lakme Teknia Gentle Balance. Shampoo fights with
    lack of volume, brittleness, dryness. Contains antioxidants and
    red algae. Lakme Teknia Gentle Balance
  • Shampoo BigSexyHair Sulfate Free Volumizing
    Shampoo is perfect for creating volume.
    At the same time, it gently cleanses the hair and scalp.
    BigSexyHair Sulfate Free Volumizing Shampoo
  • Jerden Proff Sulfate Free Shampoo Drug with
    keratin, suitable for thin, dry and loose strands. Already
    after the first applications, clear results will be visible. Jerden Proff Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • Periche Professional Keratin Argan Care
    Shampoo. Caring keratinizing agent,
    able to deal with a wide list of problems, including
    lack of volume. Periche Professional Keratin Argan Care Shampoo

Mass shampoos

Mass market brands offer a good selection of products with
natural composition:

  • Recipes grandmother Agafia. Budget label
    cosmetics that attracts natural composition and
    by efficiency. The line includes several facilities for
    different types of hair. Recipes Agafya
  • Fructis. Remedy helps protect stamina
    color, helps to restore and effectively clean the strands.
  • Londa. The shampoo aims to fast
    restoration and feeding of damaged strands. It also contributes
    their smoothing and leveling. Londa
  • Syoss (Ciez). The manufacturer offers detergent
    Color Fixing, ideal for dyed strands.
  • Clean line. Natural product that
    attracts with an affordable price and a good result. Clean line
  • Avon Sulphate Free Micellar Shampoo
    cleans strands of quality, helping to maintain their health.
  • Vella. Balanced Formula
    the composition, after the application of which the strands will find radiance and pleasant
    aroma. Vella
  • Shauma. The brand offers baby shampoo without
    sulfates, which gently cleanses the hair and scalp, does not
    provoking discomfort. Shauma
  • Gliss chickens. Based on organic acids
    and polymers that penetrate deep into the hair structure, and not only
    cleansing it, but also restoring it. Gliss chickens
  • Pantin. Inexpensive means providing
    high-quality care and careful restoration. Pantin

Professional sulfate free shampoos

For best results it is recommended to use
professional tools. They are expensive, but the hair after them
applications really transform:

  • Constant Delight. Product suitable for
    regular use. Lactic acid, oil
    argan and panthenol. Constant Delight
  • Matrix. The means of this brand can
    Use for professional home care.
  • Indola (Holland). Professional shampoo with
    keratin, leveling and healing strands. Indola
  • Coco Choco. Leading the ratings
    professional tools. Coco Choco
  • Capus. Professional tool designed
    not only for cleansing, but also for leveling hair. Capus

Cheap, budget-free shampoos

From the budget well proved the following:

  • Grandma Agafya’s recipes; Recipes Agafya
  • Natura Siberika; Natura Siberika
  • Organic Shop; Organic Shop
  • Clean line; Clean line
  • Belita


There are a number of products that can be bought at the pharmacy. They
designed not only for cleansing hair, but also for their treatment:

  • Horsepower. Ideal for growth and
    strengthen hair. It can also be used if strands tend to
    to fall out. Horsepower with sandalwood oil
  • Alerana. The tool is rich in natural
    plant components that have a complex effect.
    Helps to cope with the fallout. Alerana
  • Vichy. One of the most popular non-sulfate
    shampoos for scalp treatment, soothing and
    restoring strands. Vichy
  • Natura Siberika. Affordable and effective
    funds on a natural basis. Natura Siberika

Hair loss

Many sulfate-free shampoos are suitable for fighting loss.
hair. From the most effective it is worth noting the following:

  • Horsepower;
  • Vichy;
  • Alerana;
  • Evalar;
  • Nano Organic.

from hair loss

For daily use

Almost all shampoos are suitable for regular use.
Of particular note are the following:

  • Ollin. Professional drug for
    delicate daily cleansing and care for dull,
    dry hair. Acts on the hair structure, restoring them
    from the inside. ollyn
  • Kapous Professional. This is a popular tool.
    different in that it is suitable for daily use.
    Kapous Professional


For children, sulphate-free shampoos are the most suitable option.
Pay attention to the following remedies:

  • Baby Teva (1300 rubles). Baby shampoo
    which is based only on natural ingredients, including
    oils. Baby Teva
  • Wakodo (1000 rubles) Soothing baby
    means allowing, in particular, to clean the baby’s scalp from
    milk crusts. Wakodo
  • Mommy Care (600 rubles). Facility based
    on the extract of olive, wheat germ, aloe vera. Thanks to them
    children’s hairs receive gentle and safe care. Mommy Care
  • Mustela (600 rubles). Suitable for kids with
    first days of life. After applying the composition of the baby’s hair will not
    confused, become soft and supple. Mustela
  • Natura House Baby Cucciolo (450 rubles).
    The product is based on organic ingredients, which is not annoying
    the scalp and mucous membranes of the eyes are therefore ideal for children.
    Natura House Baby Cucciolo

For blondes

Owners of blond hair can pay attention to such

  • Tethys. Provides gentle care and
    restoration of bleached locks. Tethys
  • Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo. Fits
    for both dyed and natural blond hair. Created from
    taking into account the peculiarities of their structure, guarantees protection and
    recovery. Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo

Also means for blondes is present in a series of Wella.


For high-quality hydration can pay attention to
The following products:

  • Libriderm. Hyaluronic Oil Shampoo
    Argans, guaranteeing high-quality hydration strands. Moisturizers
  • Natura Siberika. As part of the funds
    moisturizing ingredients are present that restore dry
    a head of hair. Nature Siberika2
  • Nano Organic. It also moisturizes.
    Nano Organic

Estelle, L’Oreal and

Cleansing shampoo

Recommended for deep and gentle cleansing
the following means.

  • Concept Deep cleansing reconstructive
    a drug. Cleansing Shampoo
  • Lepot Sea buckthorn shampoo, excellent
    Suitable for colored hair. Lepota
  • il gele. Usmy oil shampoo delicately and
    gently cleanses, in addition, moisturizes and restores curls.
    il gele
  • Ecolab Soft composition with firming action,
    Easy and gentle cleansing strands. Ecolab
  • Tsubaki. Japanese cleanser that
    recommended for use on dry scalp. Tsubaki
  • Tressemme. Professional Sulfate Free
    shampoos with which the locks for a long time retain a sense of cleanliness and
    restored from the inside. Tresseme
  • Shot (Italy). Means suitable for cleansing
    greasy hair and scalp. Shot
  • Luxor. The drug from the manufacturer ELEA
    Professional, which not only gently cleans, but also adds
    volume ELEA Professional

With keratin

Keratin shampoos promote recovery and smoothing
pryadok These include Cocochoco, Estel, Kapus, Kerastaz.


Coconut sulphate shampoo offers already mentioned brand
Organic Shop You can also pay attention to the products of TM


Italian products have proven themselves in the market
due to high quality and efficiency. Sulfate Free
Products offered by companies like Kapous Professional, Shot,
as well as shampoo with argan oil Bingo Hair shampoo with argan oil Bingo Hair


Japanese detergents have not yet received wide
distribution. These include shampoo
Label, which is effective, but quite expensive.
The tool helps to soothe the scalp, relieves peeling and itching.

Shampoos Belarusian manufacturers

Belarusian products – the best value for money
quality. The most popular representative is Belita,
offering inexpensive sulfate-free drugs. Belita

Korean sulfate-free shampoos

Popular Korean manufacturer – firm
LA`DOR. Most sulfate free shampoos include
keratin and aimed at deep recovery. LA`DOR


The most popular representative of Israeli products –
brand coco choco. These are professional shampoos that
optimal use after keratin straightening. Coco Choco2


Fans of Thai cosmetics can pay attention to
medicinal herbal composition for washing Kokliang. He is based
on natural plant ingredients and helps to cope with
hair loss. Kokliang

As you can see, the choice of sulfate-free shampoos is enough.
wide. It is worth thinking about switching to them if you feel
that when using conventional detergent strands very quickly
contaminated if itching, burning, dandruff occurs. Shampoo without
sulfates will help cope with these problems and provide
Careful care and restoration of curls.

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