Whiteheads: causes and methods of removal

Whiteheads on the face is a fairly common problem. This
cosmetic defect of the skin does not cause pain, but
poisons life for those who want to look perfect. Scientific
the name of the rash – “milia”, in the people white eels are called
“prodrugs”, since the accumulation of sebaceous gland secretion under the thin
a layer of skin looks like white grains of grains. Insure
yourself 100% of the occurrence of milia is impossible, therefore it is important to know
All about precautions methods struggle with unpleasant phenomenon.


  • Causes of white acne
  • Professional methods of dealing with catapults
  • How to get rid of white eels yourself

Causes of white acne

Increased activity of the sebaceous glands is one of the main
causes of white eels on the skin. To restore normal
the functioning of the glands, the skin is regularly treated with drying
means. However, the use of such funds should be
rational because dry skin is a stimulating factor
for even more fat production.

Negative habits affect skin condition:
alcohol and smoking destabilize work
whole body, affecting the functional activity of the skin.

Prolonged exposure to solar radiation, frequent visits
tanning beds can cause not only the development of such a serious
diseases like melanoma. These factors often provoke
the occurrence of rashes or acne on the skin.

Whiteheads on the face may result from some
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Adherence to special
diet and medication help get rid of the disease and eliminate
negative effects on the skin.

Disruption of the liver – one of the causes of skin
problems. The liver plays the role of a filter in the body, and in case of failures in
body organ intoxication occurs, as
evidence of a skin rash.

Lack of diet or consumption of large quantities
junk food high in fat, salt can lead to
skin lesions with white acne.

Hormonal background is one of the most important conditions for
proper body function. Hormonal disruptions always entail
the appearance of skin problems.

Oily skin and frequent skin contact with dirty hands –
also the reason for the formation of white eels. Bacteria getting on
due to excess sebum do not fall off with keratinized
particles. They stay on the body and begin their active
activities contributing to the formation of acne and acne.

Professional methods of dealing with catapults

With the appearance of white acne on the skin, first of all, it is necessary
consult with a qualified cosmetologist. When
plentiful rashes on the face, experts most often recommend
carrying out hardware procedures for cleaning the face or use
mechanical method of removing whiteheads.

Electrocoagulation helps to get rid of whiteheads, during
which soft tissues of the body are burned by electric current.
The metal loop of the electrocoagulator is heated by
direct electric current, and with its help beautician excised
neoplasm. This technique allows you to remove the skin defect of all
in one session. After the procedure for several days
antiseptic treatment required.

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Mechanical cleaning helps to remove beddings from the skin of the face.
The procedure is performed by hand. Pre-patient skin
steam, then the master removes the seedlings using sterile
tools – Vidal’s needle and Uno’s spoon. It should be noted that this
the most traumatic way, but the most effective.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face implies exposure to the skin.
short ultrasound waves penetrating the deep layers of the skin.
The procedure lasts about 15 minutes and promotes skin renewal and
pore cleansing

Vacuum cleaning is carried out using a vacuum massager,
pulling out dirt particles from the pores and stimulating intense
blood circulation, which increases skin tone to a large extent.
The procedure time is only 20-25 minutes.

When galvanic cleaning effect is achieved due to
electromagnetic radiation. It softens greasy plugs, and
melted excess fat goes to the surface of the skin. Duration
procedures – 15-20 minutes.

How to get rid of white eels yourself

Whiteheads can be removed mechanically.
on their own. Before the procedure, the face is thoroughly cleaned.
cosmetic lotion with alcohol content, then evaporated with
using herbal bath. The skin over the eel gently pierce
disinfected with a fine needle and squeeze fingers
content (for extrusion, you can use a spoon of Una, if
such is available). The treated skin area is treated

The procedure is quite simple, but achieved at home
necessary sterility is not always possible, therefore it is better to trust
a professional This will help avoid infection of tissues,
scarring or scarring.

There are several non-invasive ways of getting rid of whites.
eels. One of them is wiping the face with a salicylic solution.
acid 1% (a more concentrated solution may provoke
burn). Cotton disc dipped in salicylic acid, face skin
rub twice a day. Acid can be used topically.
solution exclusively on the affected skin.

A great tool in the fight against white eels is a bath.
Once again, when visiting the steam room, take a broom made of oak
or birch twigs. Wash your face with soap and thorough skin.
and beat yourself easily with a broom in the face. It will help open the pores and
to clear them, will deduce slags and toxins. After that face and hands
use alcohol with alcohol and try to gently squeeze acne
from enlarged pores.

For the treatment of whiteheads and acne using regular aspirin.
The drug has anti-inflammatory properties, dries and
quickly heals acne and acne. Aspirin tablets (10 pieces)
powdered, pour warm water (2-3 tablespoons),
stirred. Drain excess water, aspirin mixture is adjusted to
problem areas (aspirin can also be mixed with lotion or
liquid honey). The duration of the mask is 5-10 minutes. Procedure
It is recommended to do no more than twice a week.

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