Whitening face at home. Recipes masks and other bleaching agents for skin



  • How to keep the skin white?
  • Rules for the use of whitening face masks
  • Recipes for homemade face whitening masks
  • Home Cosmetics for Face Whitening

It is only in recent decades that fashion has swept us
tanned skin. Women were ready to go to the solarium every day,
buy funds for tanning and bronzing powder, just to
to get a golden tan like a western celebrity. At the very
but in all times the noble whiteness of the skin was valued. it
considered a sign of nobility and belonging
aristocratic circle. And today gradually in fashion
light porcelain leather returns. It becomes the basis
Many fashionable images and inspire stylists, image makers and
makeup artists to create them.

Whitening face

How to keep the skin white?

Light skin is not just another whim and not a fad. AT
The first is the health of the skin and the preservation of its youth.
Scientists have long proven that love for tanning provokes
premature aging and is the main cause of cancer
skin. In this regard, not only bleaching is important, but also
face protection from sunlight. We formulate the basic rules for
bright face:

  • A definitive “no” tan. This also applies to sunlight and
    tanning beds.
  • In the hot season, as little as possible on the street,
    wear a wide-brimmed hat
  • Be sure to use creams with SZF at least 15

Creams and decorative cosmetics with SZF should be in your
arsenal year-round. In winter, the sun does not warm, but ultraviolet
rays continue to damage the skin.

Skin whitening is important not only for those who need
get rid of unwanted darkness. This procedure is needed
owners of freckles, pregnant women suffering from
pigmentation during this period, women with the first signs of wilting
skin and age pigmentation, as well as those who want to remove traces
from post acne.

How to keep the skin whiteness

Homemade tonic for the skin will give freshness with daily

This article will show you how to make homemade lotions for everyone.
skin types.

Rules for the use of whitening face masks

For beauty salons and cosmetology offices fashion
skin whitening is a serious source of income, therefore
experts in this field work tirelessly, inventing new
effective procedures. In fact, all these surveys
centered around exfoliating remedies, plant and essential
oils and products with lactic or fruit acids. All these
components in large quantities can be found in conventional products and
make homemade masks, tonics and other cosmetic ones

Skin pigmentation is easier to prevent than to fight it. Even
if you have the perfect color and noble face whiteness, use
soft whitening agents to maintain them.

Whitening mask is better to do in the evening. First of all,
skin may turn red; secondly it increases
skin sensitivity; thirdly, if after such a procedure, go out
in the sun, you can get burned or hyperpigmented. As in any
In fact, in the bleaching is important not to overdo it. It is long and
a gradual process in which the intensity of the impact is not important,
but consistency and regularity. Before applying the mask
face should be cleaned of makeup and dirt from your usual
means. It is good to apply scrub to remove dead
skin particles and increase the effectiveness of the procedure. Flush mask
need a little warm water, then wipe with tonic or lotion
and apply night cream.

Recipes for homemade face whitening masks

Masks with cucumber

Cucumber pulp and juice are effective and soft remedies for
whitening, which are suitable even for sensitive skin. Also
they are able to saturate the skin with moisture, saving it from dehydration.
By combining cucumber with other products, you can make it effective.
mask for all skin types.

  1. Universal mask for skin whitening
    consists of the pulp and juice of cucumber. Grate a fresh vegetable into shallow
    grater, fold the gauze in several layers and evenly distribute
    cucumber gruel on it. Put the cloth on your face and relax on
    15-20 minutes. For additional anti-inflammatory effect in
    grated cucumber, you can add a few 2-3 drops of tea oil
  2. If your skin is dry and suffers from tightness and flaking,
    make a mask of cucumber and sour cream. Rub the
    cucumber, as in the previous recipe and add to the resulting mush
    tablespoon of thick fat sour cream. The resulting mixture is generous
    Apply a layer on face and leave for 20 minutes.
  3. A mixture of grated cucumber and liquid honey will help fading
    skin. Honey has a powerful anti-aging effect, helps to fight
    wrinkles and flabbiness, and in tandem with cucumber juice is very
    effectively eliminates pigmentation.
  4. If your skin is not sensitive and prone to
    irritations, you can impose a gauze mask, moistened with a mixture
    cucumber and lemon juice. Keep her face should be about 15
    minutes, then rinse well.

Masks for whitening skin

Lemon masks

Lemon is actively used in cosmetology. Acid Contained
in its juice, it acts on the skin in two directions: as a peeling,
removing dead skin cells and as a lightening agent. Besides
Moreover, lemon juice dries. This is his property with success.
use on skin prone to fat, and with great care
on dry skin. In no case do not need to apply a mask with lemon,
if there are wounds from acne or irritation. In addition to the useful
action on the skin, the essential oils contained in lemon, will have
calming effect on the nervous system.

  1. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix it with a teaspoon
    liquid honey. The mixture can be applied to the face with
    cotton swab, gradually adding as it dries, or
    Add a little ground oatmeal to the mixture. If you
    choose the second option, you will also receive additional grinding
    skin. The duration of the mask is 10 minutes for dry skin and 15-20 for
  2. If your skin is very dry and sensitive, then you can
    simultaneously nourish and bleach. For this you need lemon juice
    mix with cream or sour cream. For ease of application you can
    add flour or starch. Spread the mixture over the face.
    and leave for up to 20 minutes.
  3. Effective mask that will gradually get rid of
    acne and lighten traces after them, it turns out finely grated
    raw potatoes and lemon juice with pulp. Apply gruel
    on face or apply gauze dipped in the mixture. Time
    mask actions – from 10 to 15 minutes.

Dairy products masks

Fermented milk products are ideal for bleaching.
sensitive skin. They act gently and, moreover,
provide nutrition and hydration.

  1. 2-3 tablespoons of cottage cheese rubbed through a fine sieve and
    add yolk to it if you have dry skin and
    protein, if not dry. If the skin needs a special, deep
    nutrition, you can add to the mixture a spoonful of sour cream. Apply
    the resulting mask is thick and leave for about 20
  2. Mask of mashed cottage cheese and honey will help clarify and refresh
    skin with signs of aging and pigmentation. Mixture of these components
    can be applied to the face and twice a week because it is nutritious
    and gentle.
  3. For mature skin we recommend masks from fatty kefir with
    by adding castor oil. These components will help smooth out
    wrinkles, lighten and improve complexion, remove
    age pigmentation.

The frequency of whitening masks depends on the type of skin.
Owners of combination skin as well as skin prone to
fat and inflammation can do this procedure 2 times a week.
If your skin is dry, fading or sensitive, more often 1
times in 7 or 10 days you should not put a mask on.

Home masks for whitening facial skin

Home Cosmetics for Face Whitening

Arsenal of home remedies for a beautiful and uniform complexion
not limited to masks alone. Can cook
own and other natural cosmetics that fix and
enhance the effect of the masks. The composition of these funds includes all the same
simple components that we have already covered in previous

  1. Brightening lotion for oily and combination
    skin can be prepared from cucumber and parsley. Need to
    grind to 4 tablespoons of both, bay 100
    grams of vodka. Insist this mixture for a week, then
    strain and dilute with purified water in a 2: 1 ratio. Wipe
    This skin lotion in the morning and evening, it will help make the skin cleaner and
    lighter. Keep the product in the refrigerator.
  2. For dry and sensitive skin can be done
    lightening lotion from cucumber juice with milk,
    mixing them in equal proportions. For the future, this means is not to stock up
    need, it is best to cook fresh every 2-3 days.
  3. Tonic, leveling and brightening the skin, you can
    cook from mint decoction. To do this, a handful of leaves need to fill
    a cup of boiling water and let them brew. In the cooled and filtered decoction
    need to squeeze 2 lemons. The result will be visible at the end of the first
    weeks of use.
  4. Very useful for youthful skin and good complexion.
    rub it with an ice cube every morning. Freeze
    decoction of mint, parsley, chamomile, diluted cucumber and lemon
    juice and pamper your skin with pleasant sensations and natural
  5. Light-skinned residents of northern countries know a lot about
    skin whitening, as they often have freckles.
    Their recipe is a mixture of pounded blackberries and powdered milk.
    This mush should be applied dotted on those areas that you
    want to lighten up. Keep on skin for no longer than 4-5 minutes daily. AT
    Results will be noticeable within 3 days.
  6. An effective and useful scrub is obtained from grated zest.
    oranges and honey, taken 1 tablespoon. Distribute
    mixture over the face with patting movements and easy to massage. Such
    the tool will help to polish and whiten the skin, as well as smooth
    fine wrinkles.
  7. Pound the berries of viburnum and squeeze the juice out of the slurry.
    Moisten them with gauze and make a compress on the whole face. This procedure
    not only whiten the skin, but also saturate it with vitamins with which it is rich
    this berry.
  8. Regular baking soda will help get rid of post-acne. For this
    Simply apply a slurry of soda and water to the problem areas.
    Hold for about 5 minutes and repeat the procedure daily until the effect
    will not suit you. 3-5 procedures are usually sufficient.
  9. Prepare the parsley broth, cool and pour into a container with
    spray gun. Irrigate your face throughout the day as often as you
    I want to. This will not only help to maintain an even skin color, but also
    save her from dehydration.
  10. Do not neglect the capabilities of essential oils. Patchouli, sandalwood,
    citrus, black pepper, palmarosa, vanilla – choose butter,
    which you like, and drop by drop into your night cream
    before application.

Whatever face whitening products you choose, remember
that natural products do not work immediately. Not seeing the result for
a couple of procedures, do not despair, and continue the systematic care.
The reward you will be homogeneous bright face without pigmentation.

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