Who is the hair mask with brandy?

From the now popular alcoholic drink is made
very productive mask for hair with cognac. Such
home remedy for growth and strength of hair struggling with excess
fat and split ends, provides volume and healthy
shine hair. What is the use of cognac hair mask, and
what compositions can be made on the basis of the drink will be


  • The benefits and effects of brandy treatment
  • Tips for masking on cognac
  • Common Homemade Cognac Mask Recipes

The benefits and effects of brandy treatment

Cognac as a cosmetic tool, nourishing and enhancing development
hair follicles, starts a stage of intensive growth. This
alcohol-containing product has an increased
the content of tannins, acids and other valuable compounds for
restoration and healing of hair. Masks on cognac peculiar
regulation of sebum, and hence the reduction of strong
oily hair. Due to the fact that alcohol has a drying
effect, with dry, thin hair or dehydrated
the percentage of brandy (even the smallest fortress) in
compared with other components of the mask (vegetable oils,
honey, eggs, cream, kefir) should be the smallest. With
oily hair, on the contrary, the brandy part in the blends should be
the greatest.

To eliminate alcohol odor after the procedure hair
rinsed with warm water, which dripped a few droplets
essential oils. When the hair is dry, the smell will not remain and

Like any cosmetic tool, a mask based on brandy
has indications and contraindications.

What type of hair needs brandy treatment:

  • with slower growth;
  • breaking and dry;
  • dropdowns;
  • with greasy luster;
  • with dandruff;
  • tarnished;
  • weakened and thinned.

Cognac treatment should not be done with:

  • microdamage to the scalp (cracks, scratches,
  • frequent use of masks with constant dry hair and their
  • highly sensitive scalp type;
  • allergic reactions and individual intolerance.

Tips for masking on cognac

All cognac products are applied necessarily in the form of heat.
(heated by water bath). The composition is distributed over
cleaned and slightly moisturized hair. When flushing the mixture with
head shampoo is usually not required. However, when present in the mixture
honey or oils to wash your hair without shampoo
very problematic. After soaping the hair, rinse
mineral water or water, acidified with lemon juice (lemon
or acetic acid) or a decoction of medicinal plants (burdock,
chamomile, sage, nettle).

The tool is initially applied to areas of the scalp, rubbed
its roots. And only after that they dab their hair along the entire length.
Carefully handle all the ends. To create a physicochemical
processes the treated head is covered with foil and placed under
heat insulating coating.

Before applying the product to the head, it is recommended to hold
allergy testing.

For this, a certain amount of the mixture is spread on the wrist and
look at the reaction of the skin (about an hour). If the skin is calm
reacted to the components of the mixture, then it can be applied to

If, at the time of the procedure, signs such as
unbearable burning, the composition is washed off with abundant water.

The course of the use of masks with the basis of brandy for medicinal purposes
makes 10-15 procedures. During the week, the mask is applied one
or two times.

Common Homemade Cognac Mask Recipes

Simple recipe

Cognac in an amount of 2 tsp. either room temperature (either
slightly warmed) with circular motions rubbed into the hair roots on
over a couple of minutes, and then distributed over the entire length, especially
carefully processing dry tips. Before treatment, the hair is washed and
dried naturally. After processing the head is wrapped
film, and on top of it – a towel. After 30 minutes wash off
water, and rinse your head with any decoction of herbs that were
marked above.

Cognac-honey mask recipe

For the preparation of hair masks with cognac and honey take
Cognac in the amount of 3 tbsp. and melted through the water bath
Honey in the amount of 1 tbsp. and mixed. Another warm mass is rubbed into
roots and spread her hair all over. Kept under polyethylene
and insulating coating for about 30 minutes. Wash off with shampoo,
rinsed with a decoction of burdock rhizomes.

Cognac-yolk mask with henna and burdock oil

Take 1 tsp. cognac, 1 tsp burdock oil (or any other
vegetable), 1 tsp no colored henna in powder, one yolk
the eggs.

First rub henna with yolk, then pour brandy with butter.
The mixture is treated roots, and after and the entire length of the washed and
moisturized hair. The mixture is kept for 30 minutes. under polyethylene and
cap Wash off with shampoo, and then rinsed with a decoction of herbs.

Cognac honey composition mask with yolk

For the preparation of such a honey hair mask with brandy and
Egg requires 1 tbsp. drink, 1 tsp honey, one egg yolk.

First mix the yolk and honey, pour brandy. By mixture
the roots are treated first, then the entire length is moistened and washed
hair. The head is hidden under two layers of cover (film with a towel),
wait 30 minutes, and then rinse with copious amounts of water.

Honey hair mask with cognac and oak bark

A tablespoon of bark is poured with brandy (50 g) and left for 4
hours Strain, combine the infusion with liquid honey. Cooked
mass is applied to the roots with circular movements of the fingertips,
treat them the entire length of treated hair and kept under
cover 30 minutes. The remains are washed off.

Cognac-yolk mask with corn oil

Pound the yolks of a pair of eggs with a spoon of butter, pour 1 tbsp.
cognac. Mass covered with film and insulated. 30 min. hold
Wash off the rest of the mixture with water. As required use

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