Who needs eyelash extensions?

Every woman wants to have long eyelashes, which effectively
frame the eyes, make the look deep and bewitching. If before
it was only possible to achieve the effect of thick and long eyelashes
mascara, now the eyelash extension procedure has become an alternative.
Who and why need lashes, read in our review.


  • Who needs extensions?
  • Types of eyelash extensions
  • How to increase eyelashes?
  • How to remove the extended eyelashes?
  • How to care for extended eyelashes?

Who needs extensions?

The achievements of modern cosmetology have become a real salvation
for those whom nature cheated on their own eyelashes. therefore
extended eyelashes come in handy:

  • those who by nature have small and rare eyelashes;
  • for those whose color of eyelashes is too light and indistinct;
  • those who wish to adjust the shape of the eye with
  • those who do not want to paint daily, but seeks to look
    “with makeup”;
  • for those who want to create an effect of artistic makeup for a special

Who needs eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions

There are several types of eyelash extensions. It depends on
colors of artificial eyelashes, from their length and raw materials:

  1. By size, artificial eyelashes are short, medium and
    long. By color – brown or black.
  2. The length of the eyelashes master selects, focusing on your
    individuality and wishes. If you want to increase eyelashes for
    special events or parties, you can opt for long
    “fluffy” eyelashes. But for everyday life you should choose eyelashes.
    Medium lengths that will emphasize and open eyes, but will not create
    effect of excessive “fluffiness”.
  3. Choosing between natural and synthetic artificial
    eyelashes should be guided by their desires and capabilities
    own wallet. Synthetic is much cheaper, but if such
    artificial cilia will fall into the eye, may occur
    allergic reaction.
  4. Glue for eyelashes is transparent or black. Black use
    in case they want to create eyeliner effect for centuries.

How to increase eyelashes?

The essence of the eyelash extension procedure is that to your present
Artificial beams are attached to the eyelashes or on the eyelids. Do it yourself
such a procedure is very difficult, since it requires considerable
skills. Therefore, it is best to apply for eyelash extensions.
professional master.

In the hands of a professional, you will be protected from damage and
loss of your own eyelashes. The procedure itself is simple and

First, all makeup is removed from the eyelids, the basis of eyelashes
disinfected with a special solution. After that master
picks up bunches of eyelashes that sticks to the eyelids, moving from
inner side of the eye to the outside.

This technology is called eyelash eyelash extension, and
thanks to her you can not worry that artificial eyelashes
fall out along with their own, because the beams stick to
century, and not to your own eyelashes.

There is also a procedure for single eyelash extensions. Master
sticks artificial eyelash to your own with
resin or special glue. This method of extension gives
maximum natural effect, without a hint of makeup. Eyelashes
look natural, grow back and fall off with your

Do not be afraid that all artificial eyelashes will disappear in one
moment as your own eyelashes are replaced gradually, and
You may make corrections from time to time. As a rule, in one
Session increase 60-100 artificial eyelashes.

How to remove the extended eyelashes?

Getting rid of artificial eyelashes is pretty simple and you can
do it yourself at home. For this you need to spread eyelids on the night
olive oil. Fat corrodes the glue that attaches the artificial
eyelashes, and you can remove them without problems.

How to care for extended eyelashes?

After visiting the cabin can not rub or wet eyes, you should
wait for the glue to dry completely. But the next day you can live
with extended eyelashes, as with relatives. To artificial
cilia served you longer, follow the rules of care

  • wash your eyes carefully, do not rub them too much;
  • Do not use makeup remover on a greasy basis.
    fat corrodes glue for eyelashes;
  • do not sleep face in the pillow, otherwise all the eyelashes will remain on

Keep in mind that after the complete loss of artificial
eyelashes you will be disappointed with your appearance and bored for
its lush and thick eyelashes. So remember, maybe
happen that without extended cilia you will not be
imagine life.


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