Why and how to peel aspirin?

Aspirin peeling is gradually gaining immense popularity.
due to the antibacterial action of the beneficial additives and
acetylsalicylic acid, which are part of it. Similar
the procedure can be performed at home and it will show
excellent result on problem skin. Similar mask in the cabin
will cost the visitor a tidy sum, so beauticians
advised to do a facial peeling at home and enjoy the beautiful
the result. After applying aspirin, which when buying
will cost a penny, the skin will be clean and shine health.
Aspirin peeling specialists refer to a number of chemical procedures.
body and face care, it is more gentle than
mechanical, which create microscratches on the skin.

Contraindications to frequent use

Aspirin helps dissolve sebum and improves breathing
cells, but experts call some contraindications
it is necessary to take into account:

Acetylsalicylic acid as a peeling

Although acetylsalicylic acid usually treat headaches and
other pains, this tool found another interesting use –
in the field of beauty of the face.

  • It is not recommended to use face peeling with aspirin
    people who are intolerant to acetylsalicylic acid;
  • in any period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is better not
    apply similar procedures;
  • with some allergic and venereal diseases
    There are contraindications to the use of scrub for skin with
  • in the presence of scratches or other mechanical damage to the skin
    cover cosmetologists recommend postponing the procedure and wait
    complete healing of wounds and cracks;
  • wax epilation, irritation or slight rash
    refers to reasons followed for a while
    put off peeling;
  • for sensitive skin
    prior consultation with a specialist to determine
    pore conditions and obtain approval for such cleansing

Peeling should be carried out no more than once a week for
people with oily skin and every other week for owners
sensitive or dry skin of the face or body.

To achieve a positive effect, you must not
less than 10 treatments. If redness, burning, or
allergic rashes; be sure to wash your face and lubricate
soothing cream or peach butter.

Recipes for the use of peeling with aspirin

After applying face peeling with aspirin, the dead ones are removed.
the horny layers of the skin, and the cells are cleaned, and they receive more
amount of oxygen. It contributes not only to the rejuvenation of the skin
cover but allows day and night cream to be better absorbed and
give the cells maximum of nutrients. Acetylsalicylic
acid, which is part of the peeling, has anti-inflammatory
and antibacterial effect, traces of
faded acne, and slightly evened out skin color. Peeling for
Faces with aspirin can dry pores, so cosmetologists
advised to supplement the mask with moisturizing and nourishing components.
The person receives not only cleansing, but also comprehensive care, suitable
a similar procedure for the whole body; peeling will be especially useful
Aspirin for the back, buttocks and décolleté. Women who have
oily or mixed skin, prone to sebaceous blockage
glands and the presence of ingrown hairs, will love a similar procedure and
become her fans. There are many recipes.
peels with acetylsalicylic acid:

  • classic recipe that is used by the owner of oily and
    prone to obstructions and skin rashes;
  • soft scrub for sensitive skin with olive or peach
  • peeling using various vegetable oils,
    constricting enlarged pores;
  • Aspirin mixture is used to obtain a whitening effect.
    with sour cream;
  • tea tree oil will have an anti-inflammatory effect and
    small amount of clay in conjunction with acetylsalicylic
  • universal recipe, which is gaining popularity, which includes
    honey and aspirin.

To avoid side effects such as rosacea,
excessive dryness of the skin, peeling or redness, necessary
adhere to the recipe when preparing and observe
specified proportions.

Recipes peeling with aspirin

In addition to the normalization of the fat and sweat glands,
using acetylsalicylic acid in the tissues starts
blood circulation that helps restore skin

Classic peeling recipe:

  • release 5 tablets from the shell and pour half tea
    spoons of warm water;
  • after softening the tablets add one teaspoon of honey and
    a few drops of vitamin A and E;
  • All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to pre
    cleansed skin;
  • keep peeling no more than 5 minutes, and when washing off with light
    in circular motions to massage the skin.

Peeling with the presence of anti-inflammatory effect:

  • 1 tbsp. l blue clay;
  • 2-3 tablets of acetylsalicylic acid;
  • 1-2 drops of tea tree essential oil;
  • 1-2 drops of essential oil of bergamot.

All components mix and add a little boiled water to
obtain the consistency of thick cream.

The most convenient way to apply a facial peel with a brush, it allows
avoid spreading the mixture and accelerates the process of imposing a mask.
Leave on face for 10 minutes. To avoid drying out,
put wet gauze on top.

After peeling, you need a specialized solution
neutralize the effects of chemicals on the skin. For
its preparation take 1 small spoon of baking soda and dissolve
in 250 grams of warm water. Moistened sponge or cotton pad in this
mix and wash off the mask after the allotted time. Result
after the procedure, many people notice right away: acetylsalicylic acid
gives not only peeling, but also lifting effect, it can be seen
significant reduction in enlarged pores, visibly matting
act. Cosmetologists recommend using this mask when
teen pimples and rashes, after a few masks will be
see a significant improvement.

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