Why dandruff appears on the head – from what it happens and how to treat

Every healthy person is updated once a month.
horny layer of skin. However, for several reasons, this process may
accelerate. Then dandruff appears.

What is dandruff?

The content of the article:

  • What is dandruff?
  • Causes of dandruff
  • Symptoms and types of dandruff
  • Dandruff treatment and what can help
  • Best tools
  • Physiotherapy
  • Traditional methods of treatment
  • Prevention
  • Features of the use of therapeutic dandruff shampoos
  • Scalp Hygiene
  • Conclusion

Seborrhea, or dandruff is the process by which exfoliated
there are too many skin on the surface of the head. When the quantity
of such scales exceeds the norm, “decorates” clothes and brings with it
a lot of inconvenience like itching and redness
serious problem. IMPORTANT! Dandruff is contagious. therefore
do not use other people’s hairbrushes and other
hygiene items of the scalp. Just get rid of
dandruff is impossible, especially since it deals only with self-treatment.
It is important to identify the cause of the problem and based on it.
select the desired therapy.

Causes of dandruff

It is believed that at the root of the disease lies the activity of a particular
fungus due to a number of reasons. But in reality everything is not so simple.
We need to consider all possible ways of occurrence.
seborrhea. And it is worth starting with the most basic. Causes of dandruff

Disruption of the skin glands

Fatting disorder is what causes either
excessive or insufficient sebum production. In the first
skin becomes too oily, clogged pores appear and
acne, and on the head then appears greasy dandruff. In the second case
the skin lacks moisture, it dries out and exfoliates more strongly.
It also causes dandruff.
Violation of the glands of the skin

Normally, sebum creates a protective layer on the skin and does not give
microorganisms, including fungi, to develop. When
some kind of failure occurs, and these processes are disturbed, maybe
increase the activity of fungi.

Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal background, especially in women, is very
unstable. Any stresses, changes in nutrition, in
environment can lead to his frustrations.
Violation of the hormonal background

At the age of 14 to 25 years old
stable hormonal background of the body. It is during this period that
develop seborrhea. Due to the constantly shifting hormone balance can
disrupt and sebum production process. Therefore appear
problems with the skin and including the scalp. Same way it
occurs in pregnant women.

In adulthood such problems also
happen, both in men and in women. In this
If you treat the symptoms in the form of seborrhea before
Balance the disturbed balance of hormones.


The main factor causing dandruff is excessive activity.
on the surface of the skin of the fungus Malassezia furfur. It is he who leads to
the appearance of “snow” on clothes. How does this happen?

Causes of active fungal reproduction

Excessive sebum production creates a favorable environment for
microorganisms. This fungus feels great in such
setting. And when it starts to multiply quickly, it annoys
scalp. Skin cell renewal cycle accelerates
heads that do not have time to flake properly. And it manifests itself
in the form of dandruff. hair

Also, its reproduction is affected by the predominance in the body.
male hormones. Immunity disorders due to
malnutrition, stress, diseases can also cause

IMPORTANT! The reasons for the development of fungus are many. Basically
they are associated with failures in immunity and in hormonal background as in
root cause.

Skin diseases

But not only the reasons listed above affect the appearance
white scales. Many skin diseases can also be
the cause of their occurrence. But in this case, we are still
We are not dealing with dandruff.

For example, psoriasis. It is a chronic non-contagious
the disease leads to the fact that the skin in different places can
silvery, well-defined scales appear that itch and
exfoliate. If the lesions are present on the scalp, then
start hair loss. It also occurs for various reasons.
but they are often much more serious than when
seborrhea. sick skin

With dermatitis and eczema, the skin also reddens, itches and
peels off. But external manifestations are different from dandruff.
Another thing is that dermatitis and eczema may underlie the appearance
seborrhea. Then, curing this root cause, you will get rid of
manifestations of dandruff.

Other factors

In addition to the main reasons listed above, a number of
additional. These include:

  • unsuitable water and care products;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals derived from
  • violation of the conditions of hair drying and care
  • the presence of hereditary diseases and
    susceptibility to seborrhea;
  • permanent state

hair wash

REFERENCE At the heart of the appearance of signs of seborrhea
There are always internal or external causes associated with
improper care. It is important to find out in each particular
case that leads to its development, and already on the basis of
this to pick up the treatment.

Symptoms and types of dandruff

Symptoms of seborrhea are always about the same:

  • the appearance of flakes of skin flakes;
  • itching and irritation of the skin surface;
  • redness of the skin;
  • in some cases – violation of the integrity of the skin, the appearance
    eels and scratching.


All this indicates the problem of seborrhea.
However, we should not forget that the course of the disease is always
individual. There are also several types of dandruff in
depending on the root causes.

Let’s sort them in order.

  1. Dry dandruff Featured are dry whites
    skin flakes, dry scalp with irritation and redness,
    severe itching, weak thin and splitting hair, perhaps their
    dropping out. The reason lies in the insufficient production of fat and
    excessive dryness of the skin due to this.
  2. Oily dandruff. There are two subtypes:
    thick and liquid. They differ in external
    manifestations: when thick fat clogs the pores, causing comedones,
    with liquid pores, on the contrary, enlarged, and fat flows from the pores. AT
    in any case, the hair in this course of the disease is always oily,
    scalp suffers from scratching due to acne either
    pustules, the yellowish scales themselves are usually glued together and
    attached to hair. Appearance is not very aesthetic,
    and frequent washing of the head does not solve the problem. The basis lies
    excessive fat formation and violation of his output.
  3. Mixed type. Combines both types, and on
    one part of the head may be dry dandruff, and on the other –
    fatty Often with this course of the disease appear pockets
    Alopecia – scalp alopecia.

Do not let the disease take its course, because it is fraught
appearance of more serious problems in the form of baldness and infections
organism of various infections.

REFERENCE Identify the causes of each
The type of seborrhea requires complex body studies.

Dandruff treatment and what can help

It is important to distinguish seborrhea symptoms from others.
diseases. And in order to find a solution for
each case – | should refer to
dermatologist and trichologist. Full body examination
identify the root cause and allow to eliminate it and the consequences in the form of
dandruff trichologist

Funds for the treatment of seborrhea, there are many.
Consider the main ones.

Best tools

You should not hope that there is any one medicine or
drug capable of destroying dandruff on the vine. More often
it is necessary to use several of them simultaneously.
dandruff shampoos

To start, after passing the examination, the doctor identifies
the root cause of the appearance of “snow” and prescribes drugs to combat
this problem.

This may be hormonal means in violation of the general background,
and also problem-oriented drugs.

It also prescribes a special diet and vitamin-mineral
supplements. And the external manifestations are removed with
special shampoos, ointments and hair care products and


It is useful not only to remove the symptoms and treat the body from the inside, but
and go through some procedures.

  • For example, ozone therapy dries the skin, which is useful for oily
  • Laser therapy helps improve blood circulation and eliminates
  • And mesotherapy can even improve immunity.

So, if the doctor prescribed to visit these procedures, to his
opinion should listen and go through them completely. They are not only
will remove problems with dandruff, but also improve the overall condition of the skin
head and hair. mesotherapy

Traditional methods of treatment

Herbal medicine is a good adjuvant
for getting rid of dandruff. This method is tested by time and
has established itself on the positive side.

For example, in oily seborrhea, essential and
natural oils in the composition of the masks and as additional
components to care products.

Rinsing the hair with a variety of herbal decoctions also helps
get rid of the effects of seborrhea. Best act
herbs such as chamomile, St. John’s wort, nettle, calendula and
others. folk remedies

Sea salt and apple cider vinegar as mask components
help exfoliate the skin, destroy the fungus and its
manifestations. But the main thing here is not to harm yourself, therefore
the exposure time on the hair must be strictly observed.


In order to prevent recurrence of seborrhea, you can use as
special care products like shampoos and hair masks,
and popular recipes.

It is important to choose such methods of prevention that work in
specific case. However, too strong drugs are not
should be used without the permission of the doctor. doctor trichologist

Features of the use of therapeutic dandruff shampoos

When choosing hair care products in the presence of dandruff it is important
that they contain the following substances:

  • ketoconazole – a substance that destroys the fungus;
  • Bifonazole – with similar properties
    a remedy with a big plus – getting used to it does not occur, in
    difference from the previous one; bifonazole
  • salicylic acid – exfoliating
    a component that also prevents new dandruff;
    salicylic acid
  • tar and sulfur – exfoliating and cleansing
    skin components. tar and sulfur

Shampoos containing these components can not be used
constantly. It is necessary to alternate them with conventional care products and
make sure that there is no addiction.

At the beginning of treatment, the frequency of use of such shampoos and
hair products at least twice a week, then it is reduced to
once in 1.5-2 weeks.

Scalp Hygiene

When washing you should use suitable for your hair type.
facilities. The frequency of washing the head – at least once every two days. Regularly
pillow covers and towels need to be changed, ideally replaced
pillow It is also useful to comb the hair with a frequent comb and
to massage the scalp while applying care products and
masks. Hair Mask

IMPORTANT! If the hair is not heavily soiled,
Get rid of dandruff can be much faster. Therefore so
It is important to monitor their hygiene.


So, the causes of seborrhea, as well as methods of its treatment,
there are many. The main thing is to find the root of the problem and
According to him choose methods of getting rid of dandruff. With
competent approach and compliance with all instructions of the attending specialist
this delicate problem will quickly become a thing of the past and never again
will not come back.

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