Why does dandruff appear in the ears?

In the ears, as in any other part of the body, there is
sebaceous glands, and rather large sizes. When the work of these
the glands are disturbed and they produce more or less than needed
the amount of fat, then dandruff appears in the ears. No danger
for life, this anomaly is not, however, constant itching and
peeling of the skin in the ears makes people look for ways to get rid of
ear dandruff (seborrhea).

Dandruff in the ears


  • Symptoms and diagnosis of ear seborrhea
  • Causes of desquamation in the ears
  • How to treat dandruff at home?

Symptoms and diagnosis of ear seborrhea

Seborrhea appears where there is hair: head, eyebrows, ears.
Most often, such peeling occurs among owners of the dry type.
skin. Dandruff in the ears is similar to dry crusts, detached epidermis,
which appear in the ear canal due to dandruff
on the scalp. Almost a third of this disease is affected.
total population of our planet.

Dandruff (seborrhea, otomycosis, desquamation in
ears) – an infectious fungal disease that affects
the ear canal and sometimes the eardrum or ear

During normal operation, dead skin cells disappear.
imperceptibly and without particular pathologies, but the cells that are affected
fungal infection, do not have time to ripen and disappear, remaining
wet, they stick together and combine into white flakes –

With the defeat of the auditory canal otomycosis can be observed
the following symptoms signaling the presence of fungal

  • visible peeling of the skin;
  • the appearance of white flaking pieces of the epidermis;
  • burning;
  • itching;
  • feeling of dryness in the ear canal.

If itching and scaling occur due to another disease,
for example, otitis, the list of symptoms is significantly expanded,
however, mainly seborrhea is characterized by these symptoms.
and pathogenesis.

More accurately diagnose a problem, identify a disease and
only an expert can establish the reasons. In the presence of
these symptoms should consult a doctor who will take
from the ear canal smear for the presence of otomycosis.

Peeling in the ears

Causes of desquamation in the ears

The reasons why dandruff appears in the ears may be the most
different, but ear seborrhea almost always occurs not as a separate
pathology, and at the same time with otomycosis on the head. Therefore the reasons
peeling in the ears is directly related to the nature of the occurrence of normal

  • non-compliance with personal hygiene;
  • poor diet (fasting or eating fast food and
    other junk food);
  • decreased body immunity;
  • drastic hormonal changes;
  • chronic diseases of the endocrine, digestive tract, nervous system;
  • the presence of bad habits;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • fungal infections;
  • liver disease;
  • consequence of boils or otitis;
  • too dry skin and other skin pathologies.

Whatever the causes of seborrhea in the auricle, in any
if there is any discomfort in the auditory canal,
It is necessary to consult an otolaryngologist. Specialist will assign a course
treatments to get rid of discomfort.

Causes of seborrhea in the ears

How to treat dandruff at home?

To get rid of seborrhea in the ear does not need to go to bed
in the hospital, you can use various tools at home
conditions, but with great care. If otomycosis
is a consequence of some infectious or fungal
diseases, then first of all, the appointment of primary treatment

In other cases, hormone therapy is prescribed.
An otolaryngologist is most likely to prescribe a medical ointment.
and creams with sulfur, tar or salicylic acid. Will add on
dandruff in the ears preparations and ketoconazole, selenium disulfide and
zinc, which help get rid of seborrhea, killing the fungus. Doctor
prescribes an individual course of treatment, depending on the cause
diseases and skin type.

Traditional medicine recommends making homemade dandruff masks and
apply tampons with infusions of chamomile and vegetable oil:

  1. With seborrhea in the auricle, it is necessary three times a day.
    insert cotton swabs soaked into the ear canal for 15 minutes
    warm olive or sunflower oil. Then the tampon is removed, and
    softened skin is cleaned with a clean cloth.
  2. Pour 100 ml of boiling water 1 tbsp. chamomile flowers, insist 25
    minutes, strain and add 3 drops of any vegetable oil. AT
    moisten the swab with this mixture and repeat as described in the previous
    recipe procedure. The course of treatment – 3 times a day, for
    of the week.

In addition to the use of medicines and folk recipes for
treatment of otomycosis, personal hygiene must be maintained, regularly
removing dry epidermis.When it is impossible to wipe your ears with alcohol,
poking around with foreign objects and daily use
cotton buds.

Attention! Only a specialist can assign the correct
treatment, so before applying the recipes of traditional medicine,
you must consult with your doctor, otherwise self-treatment
may cause damage to the eardrum and loss

Dandruff in the ears is unpleasant, but completely treatable.
disease, the main thing – to correctly identify the causes and timely
start treatment to get rid of annoying itching. Be
are healthy!

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