Why does dandruff appear?

Dandruff is a very unpleasant phenomenon, both for women and for
men and children. It blocks the access of air to the scalp, so
by weakening the hair and also causes strong incessant
itching and the appearance of terrible peeling, which spoils the appearance.
However, this is not just a temporary inconvenience, but a real one.
a disease that requires proper treatment at the first symptoms
occurrence. First of all, you need to find out from what appears

The appearance of dandruff


  • Causes of dandruff
  • What causes the scalp in men?
  • What causes dandruff in children?

Causes of dandruff

The appearance of dandruff on the scalp due to activation
microscopic fungus that lives on the skin of a person always.
When adverse factors affect skin immunity occur
and of the organism as a whole, this fungus instantly manifests itself, very
multiplying rapidly, causing seborrhea, dermatitis, dandruff,
peeling and itching.

Causes of dandruff and fungal activation factors can be the most

  • problems in the bowels;
  • psoriasis, eczema, cardiovascular diseases;
  • stress and nervous strain;
  • lack of trace elements and vitamins;
  • frequent overwork;
  • metabolic disease;
  • too frequent or, conversely, rarely washing the head;
  • moving to a new place of residence;
  • improperly selected cosmetic care products
    hair – contact dermatitis;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • shampooing with hard water;
  • frequent blow-drying is common in women.

In women, dandruff can be caused by hormonal disruption during
pregnancy and after childbirth, but 5-7 months after birth
child’s body is restored and the condition of the scalp
improves independently due to internal resources

Causes of Dandruff

What causes the scalp in men?

For women, the fight against dandruff at the first sign of her
appearance becomes paramount, but men are often not
pay attention to the problem until the disease causes
severe consequences – hair loss, skin inflammation, infection and
etc. Therefore, for men, as a rule, more serious
treatment of seborrhea than for women.

It is also widely believed that dandruff is more common in men than
in women (49%). In fact, the male incidence rate
only a little more sex (51%). This is due to the fact that men
sex hormones are produced that affect hard work
sebaceous glands, which in turn provokes peeling and itching of the skin
heads. And before you begin treatment, you need to find out the reasons
appearance of dandruff in men.

Fact: After 50 years, the incidence of seborrhoeic
dermatitis (dandruff) is dramatically reduced!

  1. The appearance of flaking scalp in men may be due to
    unhealthy diet: eating fried foods, bread,
    macaroni, cakes, chips, hamburgers and other fast food.
    Excessive carbohydrate intake leads to impaired metabolism
    substances, and then to the occurrence of dandruff, which is cured only
    only dieting is no longer possible. Need help
    specialist and comprehensive treatment.
  2. It happens that a man eats properly, uses
    useful products, but dandruff still appears. In this situation
    seborrhea causes an allergic reaction to eating nuts,
    honey, fish, seafood. Food allergies are one of the most
    common causes of scaling of the scalp in men, and only
    allergen analysis will help identify the product that causes such
    body reaction.
  3. Hormonal imbalance is another reason for greasy hair,
    Acne and oily skin, dandruff. The reason must be sought in the imbalance
    androgen and estrogen. If a man is at a young age, then especially
    you should not worry: hormonal background up to 25 years is very unstable,
    therefore, similar problems arise. If the man is an adult, and
    he has problems with the scalp, in this case you need
    sound the alarm: seborrhea and acne after 25 years testifies to failures in
    the work of the adrenal glands and testicles.
  4. Sometimes dandruff appears after severe stress or nervous
    breakdown. Big load for the nervous system – another reason
    seborrheic dermatitis in men. In this case, get rid of dandruff
    soothing herbal teas will help (from valerian,
    motherwort, lemon balm, mint) for stress relief and multivitamin
    complexes to tidy up the scalp.

Men, as well as women, can struggle with peeling of skin like
drugs and folk remedies from
dandruff Pharmaceutical shampoos against seborrhea with
selenium, salicylic acid, zinc or ketoconazole.
Nicotinic acid and special serums for hair recovery
will help get rid of the hated seborrhea. However whatever
these tools were not good, they are needed from time to time

Dandruff in men

What causes dandruff in children?

Dandruff in a child is a very common disease,
the cause of which, in most cases, is the wrong
hair care. However, sometimes the appearance of seborrhea in children can
become a consequence of more serious exchange violations in
the body.

If dandruff appears in a child of several months,
you should not worry. Seborrheic crusts in infants is
a natural occurrence due to the fact that the sebaceous glands have
these babies are still not working properly, and the scalp gets coarse,
dries and peels off. As a rule, by 6-8 months seborrhea
the child passes by herself and special treatment is not required. Worth
to improve the power of the mother and abandon round-the-clock donning
hats baby.

In older children, other causes of seborrheic

  1. Psoriasis, eczema, helminthic invasions and pediculosis – for these reasons
    Very often, dandruff occurs in a child of 5-10 years.
  2. Unstable work of sebaceous glands due to frequent washing of the head
    or improperly selected shampoo. For the establishment of work
    sebaceous glands can be rinsed with infusion and decoction
    medicinal herbs (nettle, anise, rosemary, sage, yarrow,
    mint, parsley, tutsan).
  3. Allergic reaction to pollen, food,
    medicines, household chemicals or hair care products. AT
    In this case, only the identification of an allergen with the help of
    special samples.
  4. Endocrine and cardiovascular disorders, disorders
    Gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Damage to the scalp by fungal infections.
  6. Unbalanced nutrition, micronutrient deficiencies (zinc,
    calcium) and vitamins (B, C, H).
  7. Hormonal changes. The most common hormone failure occurs
    in adolescence for this reason dandruff appears
    child in 11-13 years. Therefore, skin peeling may occur.
    children 9-10 years old when the child enters puberty.
  8. Stress can also provoke dandruff in a child, for example
    in 3-4 years when entering the kindergarten, or in 6-7 years when entering
    to school in adolescence due to emotional experiences
    (first love, misunderstandings with parents, problems at school,
    experiences because of the upcoming exams).
  9. Genetic predisposition. If someone close
    relatives often develop seborrheic dermatitis, then high
    the likelihood of dandruff in a child from this family.

How to get rid of skin flaking in children? Very important not
start the problem by performing the correct and timely treatment.
Need to stop using adult shampoo, wash
head 1-2 times a week, choose suitable means for the child
hair care products. In addition, it is necessary to revise the diet.
nutrition, providing the growing body with healthy trace elements and
vitamins, and also to protect the child from experiences and stresses.

Dandruff in a child

To make an accurate diagnosis of what causes dandruff in women,
men or children can only be a specialist – a dermatologist. The same
will be able to prescribe the correct treatment with drugs
or approve either, prohibit the use of one or another
folk remedies for dandruff. Therefore, in the presence of this problem
Be sure to consult with a specialist.

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