Why does hair fall out after giving birth and how to avoid it? The answer is!

hair loss after childbirth photoProblem that may
appear in the life of a woman – is hair loss after childbirth.
Most of them note that the condition of the hair improves in
period of childbearing. The hair is thicker and stronger,
gains shine. During pregnancy, curls almost do not fall out,
so the hairstyle always looks beautiful and lush. These positive
changes are most noticeable in the last months of pregnancy.

The future mommy all these pleasant changes occur due to
the fact that the body is saturated with vitamins, microelements and other
substances that have a beneficial effect on the female
overall health. In addition, hormonal background contributes to
general improvement of the state of hair and its structure. But what
Does it change when after birth the hair falls out badly? About it we tell you
and tell.

Postpartum hair condition

After some time after the birth of the toddler all nice
changes disappear somewhere, and the process of hair loss gradually
it is only getting stronger, and after a couple of months, the woman is already stating
The following facts: hair has become much thinner and no longer looks
as luxurious as during pregnancy. Progression
Alopecia alarming even more. After washing your hair or
scratching constantly observed an impressive amount of that,
definitely not good.

Hair usually falls out after delivery after a couple of months if
this process is natural, then in three or four months the loss
decreases, and the growth of new hairs, on the contrary, increases. But
Often the process can start later and take longer.
long period of time. These major changes cannot fail.
bring discomfort to young mom and not upset her when she
so morally depleted. Sometimes when women see that after
the birth began to fall out hair, they have an erroneous opinion,
that this process is irreversible and the restoration of the old hair is not
will happen. But it is not, because in terms of change,
occurred in the body of a woman, hair loss is quite

hair loss after childbirth causesThere are several major
reasons that, according to experts, have a direct impact
on the deterioration of the hair after childbirth. First of all, a woman is not
must forget that every person falls every day
a certain amount of hair because constantly and regularly
hairs are renewed. Loss curls
irrelevant in the normal state of the body, so fear
such changes do not cause. But 9 months of pregnancy in this
process – a certain pause. When the female body is completely
return to the prenatal condition, hair will fall out
at an accelerated pace, there will be an active “catch-up
missed. ”

In case of non-violation of the blood circulation process
hair loss after childbirth will quickly cease, and their common
condition will not change significantly. Sharp decrease in female
sex hormones (estrogens) in the lactation and postpartum period
– One of the main causes of alopecia in women. General condition of women
hair determine exactly estrogen. By the way, what is
while menopause, hair loses its thickness, also caused by a decrease in
estrogen numbers.

As the factors affecting the state of the young mother’s curls, you need
note and stressful situations arising in this period quite
often, and constant lack of sleep. If we talk about the provision of female
body with all necessary trace elements and beneficial
substances, then the diet in the postpartum period in most cases
leaves much to be desired. The consequence of this is improper
nutrition of hair roots, deterioration of blood circulation and slowing down
hair growth, hair loss becomes even more intense than before.
Hair loss after childbirth can be triggered by prompt
intervention, for example, when a cesarean section is performed.

How to get rid of excessive hair loss after birth

haircut after childbirthIf we consider that
postpartum alopecia is a natural phenomenon of nature
the duration in any case should not exceed the permissible
deadlines. Already 6 months after the birth of the baby hormonal
Changes in the body of a woman should be completed. Therefore, in
this period gradually ceases

But even after full restoration of the hormonal balance in
Some women may be affected by the body’s health.
The above factors. So every young mommy should
“carve out” some time for regular procedures for
head of hair, despite the fact that the care of the baby takes away from her
most of the day. While ensuring the right and most importantly
regular care can get rid of hair loss in
abnormal amount. If you use for real
effective means, not only damaged hairs will be restored,
but also the former condition of the scalp.

Experts recommend newly minted moms need to
visit the hairdresser, get a haircut. We are not talking about ultrashort
haircut, it is better to simply trim the ends, which will accelerate hair growth.
A woman can not stop taking vitamin complexes in the period
breastfeeding. But you need to consult a doctor
for the proper selection of vitamin means. Special
vitamin complexes for nursing mothers, better than anyone else
reducing the need for a woman’s body substances
will be the best option.

With regards to the power of the new mommy there are separate
recommendations. Daily consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and
Natural products will surely improve the condition of the hair.
Marinated smoked and too salty dishes will not bring benefit to
postnatal recovery period.

Proper hair care

A woman concerned about severe hair loss should
follow a few rules of care for the scalp and hairdo. AT
first of all, young mommy should stop using
metal hairbrushes and brushes, because they can pull out
hairs in the process of styling. It is best to buy a good soft brush.
or a comb made from natural material.

It is necessary to wash the head carefully and carefully, it is desirable to use
special shampoos with firming action. Need hair
rinse only with quality balms that promote
easy combing. With this care, the hairs will be lost.
far less. In addition, periodic washing of the head in the grass
broth, too, will benefit.

If after birth the hair falls out strongly, then by no means
Do not use a hairdryer. Even healthy hair can be damaged.
under the influence of a strong stream of hot air. From the application
hair dryer in the postpartum period will suffer even more thin and
weakened hairs. By the way, it is also extremely harmful to go out with
uncovered hair on bright sunlight. For noticeable
Improving the condition of hair after childbirth should always be worn in summer
kerchief or Panama.

Treatment methods for postpartum alopecia

hair loss after childbirth methods of struggleFor no one
the secret is that traditional medicine can work wonders. And in this
situations use various herbal decoctions, infusions and
homemade hair masks will have a positive effect on their condition. But
If such methods fail, you can contact
Special clinic where you will conduct the necessary procedures. They
designed directly for postpartum recovery
hairs and suggest simultaneous application to hair
medicines and massage the skin of the head. Thanks
such complex techniques can achieve the desired results much faster.

Sessions of mesotherapy and ozone therapy are also used in the process.
complex treatment of alopecia after childbirth. For detailed
information about the possibilities of restoring hair after childbirth
It is better for women to consult a trichologist who will advise
procedures and tells you how at home to get rid of
postpartum problems with hair.

And those who surround the baby and mother throughout the day, you need
try to provide mommy a little peace and rest. After all
effective recovery of the body after childbirth will only
when the condition of the woman is relatively calm.

Now you know why hairs fall out after birth and how
prevent such a fallout. We hope that you will not touch this
the problem, and if so happens, then you, guided by our
article, take the right measures to eliminate it.

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