Why does hair fall out on my head?

hair loss“Curls, golden curls, curls
lush, thick – young crown charms! “- Once exclaimed the poet.
The decoration of any female head – well-groomed, strong hair. But
sometimes, lovingly rubbing a hair brush, a girl or
Mature lady with chagrin sees hairs, which for some reason left
her hairstyle

According to statistics, hair loss on the head is a problem,
which occurs more often in men than in women. But beautiful
half of humanity is also subject to anxiety about their
losses. Let’s try to understand in more detail what the reasons for the fallout are.
hair in women and men.

What is the reason who is to blame?

Before you start to seriously worry about falling in
hair in men or women of a cause caused by some disease
you need to carefully consider the tips of the fallen hair. If on one
of which there is a thickening – hair bulb, try to hold
simple test It is necessary not to wash your hair for a couple of days, and then lightly
pull a bunch in the area of ​​the crown and temples. If in the hands of left
no more than five hairs, nothing to worry about. But if they are easy
leaving their seats, it’s time to sound the alarm. After all, for a woman thick and
shiny hair is not just a decoration, but an indicator of her health. AND
first of all – female.

1 reason. Baldness in men is not for nothing considered a sign
male power: the main reason that they have very much
hair falls out – a high level of sex hormone testosterone. But
the increase in its level in the body of women suggests that
female sex hormones are produced in insufficient

For women who have crossed the 45-year-old frontier, this is quite
natural state. But the presence of this cause of hair loss in
girls and young women may be indicative of violations
ovarian function – the main glands responsible for producing
female hormones. Fluctuations in hormonal levels during pregnancy and
after childbirth, during puberty can also cause
hair thinning.

If in the absence of other reasons at the young blossoming woman
very hair fall out, this is a sufficient reason to appeal to
gynecologist-endocrinologist. The survey may show that
women’s health is all right. Then you have to look for other
causes of hair loss in women.

2 reason. For those undergoing treatment for oncology and other
Severe diseases of men and women causes hair loss are obvious. it
exposure to radiation therapy and long-term medication
(cytostatics, antibiotics, neuroleptics, hormonal drugs
and others).

3 reason. Traumatic alopecia (alopecia) can
occur both in men and women and in children as a result
negligent brushing, braid braiding or wearing
hairstyles in the form of African braids and dreadlocks. With constant
hair tension is disturbed the blood supply to the bulb, which leads to
hair loss. In severe cases, scar tissue is formed, in
which hair cannot grow. Hurt hair can and
improper perm.

4 reason. Nesting (focal) alopecia sometimes
arises for unexplained reasons. At the same time suddenly appear
rounded bald patches on the head, in the beard of men, on the eyebrows.
Scar tissue is not formed.

5 reason. Focal baldness and fungi cause
microsporum and trihofiton. On the head there are limited
plots without hair. Dermatomycosis in men, women and children
usually accompanied by itching and flaking, inflammatory
phenomena. Dry or greasy dandruff and hair loss are
signs of seborrhea, in a large number of cases also caused
fungal infections.

6 reason. The body and men and women quickly lose
large amounts of fat as a result of poorly chosen diets for
weight loss. However, the intake of mineral
substances necessary including for the formation of hair. All this
creates causes of hair loss in girls and young men
concerned about acquiring the perfect figure for the beach season and
abusing various methods of rapid weight loss.

Treatment involves removing the cause

With an established reason, hair loss is much easier.
pick up adequate treatment. If there is a suspicion that the loss
the headache in men or women is caused by the disease, the best
the decision is to visit a doctor of the appropriate profile –
gynecologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist. The specialist will be able to
understand the problem and assign the appropriate
therapy. With the elimination of the underlying disease that caused the loss
hair on the head, this problem also disappears.

For treatment, a specialist may prescribe drugs like proscar.
for oral administration, cream or lotion with minoxidil, shampoos against
fungal diseases (nizoral and others), laser therapy or
massage, homeopathic remedies.

If the reason is a personal inattention to
its main decoration, the main recommendation for women (and
men) there will only be a call for gentle hair care and
full balanced nutrition. You should never try
lose more than 3 kg in a month.

Treatment of weakened hair can be done using
proven popular recipes:

  1. Aloe leaves from bush age at least 3 years old crush and
    squeeze the juice out of them. Dampen gauze cloth in juice
    scalp and cover with plastic wrap. Compress hold by
    30 minutes in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Treatment damaged by dyeing, bleaching or curling
    hair can be done with oil compresses. For this you need
    heat 100 grams of olive oil to a pleasantly warm condition and
    mix it with 50 g of lemon juice. Means applied to the scalp,
    put on a plastic cap and wrap a head with a towel. Leave
    compress for 1 hour. After the procedure, wash your hair. Such treatment
    hold once a week.
  3. From hair loss well helps decoction of birch buds (1
    Art. l on 1 l of water) which boil 15 minutes and after cooling to
    nice warm condition used to rinse hair after
    every shampooing.
  4. Strengthen hair will help long-term use of such a mask:
    50 g of rye flour to steam 100 g of boiling water for 5 minutes. Separately
    Beat 2 yolks and 100 g of olive oil, add juice from 1 lemon
    and 1 tsp. mustard powder, mix the resulting mass with steamed
    rye flour. Rub the tool in the hair roots should be light
    by touch. Then put on a plastic cap and wrap your head.
    Hold the mask for about 30 minutes and rinse with warm water. Mask can be applied
    every other day for half a year or longer. She helps well from
    hair loss.
  5. Pepper tincture is used to enhance hair growth: 1 pod
    chili peppers insist on 100 g of vodka for 3 weeks in the dark. This
    tincture is not applied in pure form. You can add 1 tsp. at
    hair masks, balm or conditioner. Or make a mixture of 1
    yolk, 1 tsp. tinctures and their usual shampoo in quantities
    which is needed to wash your hair. Means to put on the roots
    hair, gently rub and leave for 15-20 minutes under the cap.
    Rinse it off with slightly warm water so that the yolk does not clot.

Why do babies’ hair fall out?

hair loss in babiesA special case is hair loss in
newborns. The first hair with which a child is born
called fluff. They can sometimes reach a length of 2-3 cm and
look thick and dark, and may resemble a gentle fluff on
the head of the baby. In any case, do not be afraid if this hair
suddenly begin to thin and fall out. This happens when the head is rubbed.
o pillow or mother’s hand, most often in the occipital region.

The cause of hair loss in newborns –
their physiological replacement with real ones. This process can begin
at the age of 2-3 months and continue until six months.

In some cases, when babies lose their hair, causes
may be in sweating with rickets. If it is true,
The associated symptoms should also manifest as increased
temperature, marble skin, constipation and poor sleep. In such
situations are best to ask your pediatrician for advice.

And for a healthy baby falling out of a gun, most likely
will lead to the fact that on the head of it just grow thicker and
strong, real hair.

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