Why does hair grow fat fast in winter?

In winter, most women are familiar with the same problem: hair
become “uncontrollable”. The thing is, in response to the cold
the sebaceous glands located on the scalp secrete in several
times more sebum. This is a kind of protective mechanism against
the damaging effects of negative temperatures.

Hair care in winter In addition, not in our favor play
hats and styling products. The combination of these factors
just “kill” the created hair and turn a woman into something
unsightly. How to deal with this problem?

How to keep hair in winter?

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  • How to keep hair in winter?
  • Is it possible not to wear a hat in winter?

First of all, it is necessary to reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands.
Owners of hair prone to rapid contamination should
apply a balm no more than once a week, avoiding application
to the roots. Effectively use herbs decoctions with the addition of
essential oils. This tool will give hair ease and

Applying hair balm

Can I dye my hair in winter? No matter how
It sounds amazing, experts advise in the winter to paint
hair. This method dries hair and, thus, hair
manages to save for a longer period of time. Refuse to winter
period from the use of varnishes and gels. Turned out sticky
Airtight “compress” – a real torture for hair!

Can I dye my hair in winter?

Partially solve the problem of hair prone to fat, will help
proper nutrition. Enrich your diet with fresh
fruits and vegetables. But from spices, marinades and smoked meats on
time will have to be abandoned.

If you have thin hair, do not grow them below.
shoulders. In winter, hair is nutritionally deficient.
substances. And the longer they are, the worse the nutrition. As a result –
hair becomes even thinner and lifeless. With this type of hair
Balsams and masks are essential items.

To avoid “sleek” hair, use the following
Exercise: Move each centimeter half a week
the side. Such a “training” will give your hair
additional volume.

Prefer brushes with natural bristles. With
greasy hairs of the nap will remove excess fat and distribute it
evenly over the entire length. And with dry hair can be applied to
brush a few drops of nourishing oil and distribute it along

Is it possible not to wear a hat in winter?

No matter how great sometimes the desire to abandon the headdress in order
save styling, do not fall for it! Coming out of the warm room
with bare head, the vessels of the scalp in the cold sharply narrowed.
As a result, there is a malnutrition of the hair. And this
will immediately affect their condition and appearance. And certainly
don’t go out with wet hair for any reason
the weather! In warm rooms or transport, on the contrary, a hat
should be removed. This will serve as prevention of overheating and lack of
of air. In addition, at high temperatures, the sebaceous glands are strongly
are activated, and excess fat leads to heavier hair and their

Winter hair hats

If you are a lover of fur hats, then when choosing them
also need to be careful. Make sure the fabric is natural,
used for lining. Synthetic fabric and natural fur –
poorly matched components. The fur should be shiny and not
crumbling The presence of “bald” sites is strictly excluded. Selectable
the cap should not be too tight. Ideally, it can be mashed in
hands, after which she almost immediately takes the original form.

If you have too greasy hair, but you are cold
in winter, your hair will be saved by a knitted fur hat. Moreover, the density
knitting should be such that you can stick your fingers through

At temperatures up to minus 10, you can wear a hood, scarf or
lightweight hat, preferably from natural yarn. With more
in low temperatures, you should change the headgear to warm
knitted or fur hat.

Girl in a hat

The beauty of all sorts of hats is also that with the help of them you can
hide or correct some natural flaws and
features For example, with a low height it is recommended to wear
small hats made of fur or wool. Owners of major features
individuals should be coarse-knit, and
also fur hats with a long nap. But these same accessories are not worth it.
use very tall or full ladies. Berets well
look with an elongated face. And chubby women
caps will do.

Finally, we mention such an extravagant headdress as
hat. Previously, she was considered part of the female hairstyle, and therefore
tightly attached with all kinds of pins and hairpins to
hair. It is not uncommon to see a hat on the head of a modern
women. Their simplified form and functionality allows
use hats in everyday life, found their admirers in

Hats for women

But extravagant and unusual caps can be seen on
Traditional English Royal Racing. They last five days,
one of which, Thursday, is called “female.” On this day, ladies
wear their trendy hats and fight for the title of the best
hats of the year.

There were even certain rules that need to be known in order to
try on this or that hat. For example, wide-bang classic
hats are worn with a closed dress or suit. If a woman has a dress
open, a miniature hat fits. And pantsuit is good
It is combined with a headdress in the “men’s” style. By the way, with
evening toilets do not wear hats! This headdress
designed exclusively for daylight hours.

Tips from YouTube on the choice of hair care products
in the winter

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