Why does the head itch badly?

The scalp can be very itchy if a person has psoriasis.
or parasites (pediculosis) started in the hair, but the main reason
head itch is dandruff (seborrhea). Periodically peeling skin
the head occurs in every person and the occurrence of dandruff
indicates a malfunction of the body. I am glad that it is
The disease is treatable, regardless of the cause.
But how to get rid of dandruff and cure seborrhea?

How to get rid of dandruff


  • Causes of dandruff
  • How to cure seborrhea on the head?
  • Pharmaceutical Dandruff

Causes of dandruff

The main causes of seborrhea is sebum secretion.
from enlarged pores, due to which many dry scales are formed, and itching
due to the high frequency of their detachment. But there are others
factors affecting the appearance of dandruff. And before you start it
treatment, you need to establish the causes of peeling of the skin.
Only then can you figure out how to get rid of dandruff and itching.

We list because of what may appear dandruff and itching of the head:

  1. Severely dried skin of the head can cause
    the occurrence of seborrheic dermatitis. Most often, this happens
    in winter due to a sharp change in temperature when leaving
    warm room in the cold.
  2. If the skin is of a sensitive type, then the head may
    itch badly because of a balsam conditioner or shampoo with
    lauryl sulfate. In this case, you need to very carefully flush
    cosmetics with water and apple cider vinegar, and
    no additional treatment is needed.
  3. Diseases such as psoriasis, Parkinson’s disease, heart attack and
    stroke, can cause peeling and itching of the scalp, while
    gray spots develop on the skin.
  4. Rare washing of the head (less than 1 time in 5 days) can also become
    cause the development of seborrhea, since sebum and scales
    accumulate, if you rarely wash your hair and use shampoo,
    which is not suitable for this type of hair.
  5. Allergy to cosmetic hair care products (mousses,
    masks, paint) also often provoke dandruff, which
    accompanied by reddening of the skin, burning and peeling
  6. One of the most common causes of seborrhea
    is a strong stress and weakened immunity, provoking
    active growth of new cells and sebaceous excretions.
  7. Malnutrition, Smoking, and Alcohol Abuse
    lead to metabolic disorders, and as a result, to the emergence of

Excessive mental stress often becomes
cause dandruff and head itch. Thinking a lot is bad!

In addition, there are people who are at risk.
appearance of seborrhea. For example, children are practically not observed
of this disease, but in adults up to 35 years dandruff occurs
Often. Young people also very often have seborrheic
dermatitis. In this case, men are 3 times more likely to suffer from this disease than
women. Experts attribute this to the secretion of sex hormones,
affecting the sebaceous glands of the head.

Causes of Dandruff

How to cure seborrhea on the head?

After the doctor has determined the cause of this
unpleasant disease, you can start looking for a way to
get rid of dandruff. Treatment should be comprehensive and, except
local application of lotions and dandruff shampoo
food must be adjusted: it is imperative
eliminate fatty and spicy foods, confectionery, sweets, and
baking, and include in the diet more foods rich in vitamins and

To cure dandruff with the help of a medicated shampoo can only be
If the cause of seborrhea is only in the scalp and
No more serious malfunctions of the body. But if the problem
more deeply, then a trichologist or a dermatologist, rather
all, prescribe physiotherapy, whose methods are also effective
struggling with dandruff. After a thorough diagnosis of the condition of the hair and
Scalp is assigned to one or another method:

  1. Mesotherapy can not only cure seborrhea, but also strengthen
    hair, restore and accelerate their growth, including after
    chemotherapy. The essence of the method is that the scalp with
    special injections are introduced nutrients and
    vitamins that treat the skin and eliminate flaking.
  2. Head massage treatment improves blood flow to
    hair follicles, and effects on certain points
    promotes restoration, nutrition and better hair growth. AT
    As a result, the condition of the scalp is significantly improved.
  3. Ozone therapy is another common treatment.
    seborrhea, in which the secretion of the sebaceous glands is normal,
    hair follicles strengthen, itching is relieved. This procedure
    used in two versions: a special ozone solution is introduced
    using droppers or injected directly under the scalp.
  4. Plasma lifting involves treating the skin of the head from
    dandruff by injection with the patient’s own blood plasma.
    The method allows you to effectively deal with seborrheic dermatitis, and
    also significantly reduces sebum secretion, enhances regeneration
    hair, relieves itching, irritation and inflammation of the scalp.
  5. Cryomassage is a new way to heal the scalp from flaking.
    and itching. The effect is achieved by treating the skin with snow
    carbonic acid or liquid nitrogen. Hair follicles experience
    stress due to a sharp spasm of blood vessels and their subsequent expansion,
    blood circulation increases and nourishes
  6. Laser therapy provides treatment by activating
    metabolic processes and recovery of hair with the help of laser beams.
    It takes several processes lasting 10-15 minutes to
    cure seborrhea and hair loss.

Methods of modern cosmetology and trichology are able to cope
with almost any aesthetic problem.

Dandruff Treatment

Pharmaceutical Dandruff

You can also buy a remedy or dandruff shampoo
in pharmacies. This method will be effective for initial symptoms.
disease and not running stage of seborrhea. Consider three
effective drugs for the scalp fungus that
causes peeling and itching:

  1. Nizoral is an antifungal medication used for
    prevention and treatment of dandruff, pityriasis versicolor, seborrheic
    eczema of the skin of the head. This tool is not just temporary
    eliminates the symptoms of the disease – desquamation and itching, but completely
    destroys the fungus. First, the head is washed with ordinary shampoo, and then
    Nizoral is applied to the scalp and hair for 3-5 minutes, then
    washed off. For treatment, apply 2 times a week for
    months, and for prophylaxis 1 time in 14 days.
  2. Sebozol – ketoconazole treatment dandruff shampoo,
    used to eliminate head itching and flaking. Means
    applied on pre-washed head for 5-7 minutes after
    Why rinse with warm water. When treating Sebozol use 2 times a
    week for 4-5 weeks. To prevent the use of this
    Medical shampoo 1 time in 3 weeks.
  3. Ketoral – shampoo based on 2% ketoconazole solution.
    It is used for persistent dandruff, which is accompanied by strong
    itching. Ketoral permanently removes desquamation and soothes.
    irritation. Shampoo applied to wet, washed hair, delicately
    rubbed into the skin, left for 2-3 minutes and washed off. Use
    2 times a week for 3 weeks. For prophylaxis – 1 time per
    a week It was Ketoral who helped me.

At the same time other means (mask, conditioner, balm)
when using medicated shampoos applied on the head
can not.

Thus, there are many ways how to get rid of
dandruff It takes only time and desire to take care of your

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