Why frozen lemon is good for health?

In our blog we often recalled the amazing benefits.
consumption of warm water with lemon in the morning, and did you know about medicinal
properties of frozen lemon? This is a very popular method.
thanks to which we can take full advantage of all
The benefits of this healthy fruit.

The main secret of frozen lemon treatment is to
the ability to use a simple and tasty way of a piece of lemon,
which can do so much for our health – its peel
or zest. Do you want to know how? We will tell.


  • Why is frozen lemon treatment so effective?
  • Natural treasury of vitamins
  • Protecting and strengthening the immune system
  • Frozen Lemon Slimming
  • How to cook frozen lemon?
  • How to eat frozen lemons?

Why is frozen lemon treatment so effective?

First of all, you need to explain why this is called treatment.
frozen lemon. A lot of people with cancer tend to
use this tool as a “supplement” to the sessions
chemotherapy. The reason lies in the antioxidant capacity of lemon.
fight malignant cells and its ability to protect
immunity. As you know, cancer patients undergo some very
aggressive treatments that seriously attack the immune system
the system.

Therefore, in these cases it is very useful. However we can’t
say it is a 100% effective anticancer drug. Like us
already noted, this is an additional therapy that promotes
tumor prevention and counteraction

However, the anti-cancer power of frozen lemon is not
his only virtue. We will explain in a little more detail.
Why don’t you try this tool?

Natural treasury of vitamins

Lemon skin contains at least 10 times more
vitamins than its juice! It is really interesting to know what exactly
in the outer layer of this wholesome fruit are hidden its best
dignity, and usually we lose them, because we do not consume it,
because we always throw away the peel and consume only juice.

Find out what types of vitamins the treatment can have frozen

  • Pectin
  • Vitamin C
  • Flavonoids such as mandarin
  • Over 22 different compounds capable of slowing oxidation

Protecting and strengthening the immune system

It’s fine. Frozen lemon struggles with many daily
diseases that constantly impress us, such as ordinary
colds, infections, flu— Many prepare, for example, infusions from
lemon peel, but it is important to know that when cooking a lemon loses
up to 40% of properties. On the other hand, if it is frozen, then
retains all the benefits and is easy to consume. And he is also very

Frozen Lemon Slimming

As you know, lemon is a very useful fruit for detoxification.
of the body, as well as to fight blood lipids that cause
the appearance of bad cholesterol and are deposited in the form of fat. By
According to nutritionists, it’s worth to consume about 75 grams of lemon each day,
to promote weight loss in a healthy way, and always
accompany such treatment with a healthy diet. Why not
to try?

How to cook frozen lemon?

Cooking frozen lemon is so simple that you don’t
can do without this natural remedy in everyday
life, and not only because it’s easy to do, but also because
It gives dishes an original taste.

Why is frozen lemon healthy?

Pay attention to what you need to do:

What do you need?

  • 2 lemons
  • grater

How to cook?

Just put 2 lemons in the freezer for the whole day. There is no
secrets. Some people cut them in two or three pieces in advance,
to make them easier to rub later, but we recommend freezing them

How to eat frozen lemons?

As we indicated earlier, ideally consume 75 grams
frozen lemon daily. To do this, rub lemons,
only they will completely freeze. Immediately you will notice their natural
aroma. You can add them to the dishes to give them
original flavor. It’s really tasty

We will give you some simple examples of how you can

  • Add 25 g of frozen grated lemon to natural.
    yogurt without sugar.
  • Add 25 g of frozen grated lemon to the salad for lunch, at
    which can include spinach, nuts, fresh cheese and a few
    cherry tomatoes
  • You can add frozen grated lemon to any fresh ones.
    infusions such as chilled green tea or other chilled
    natural drink, perfect for mid-day.
  • Frozen lemon also goes well with any fruit
    a salad. An example of a tasty variation: three strawberries, half a kiwi,
    chopped nuts and about 25 grams of frozen grated lemon
    from above.

As you can see, frozen lemon technique helps to use
the benefits of peel or zest, which we usually throw away.
Remember that from now on you have no more excuse: you and your
family can now have iron health thanks to this
simple means. Why not put two lemons in the freezer
camera today?

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