With or without a veil? Choosing a wedding hairstyle

Cool hairstyleEvery bride
knows how exciting, responsible and at the same time pleasant
choose outfit for your own wedding. This applies to the whole image –
Dresses, hairstyles, jewelry and accessories. Everything should be
impeccable and in harmony with each other. Choosing a hairstyle is
one of the key points of the whole image, so you need to
come up with particular seriousness. Today, stylists offer the most
various wedding hairstyles: both for long hair and for
short, with or without a veil – it remains only to choose the best for

Do I need a veil?

Veil today performs only a decorative function and does not carry
any semantic load, as it was in ancient times.
Therefore, the presence of a veil in your wedding dress is determined by
only by your desire. If you are planning to make it very lush and
an intricate hairstyle, with many beautiful accessories, veils you
will only interfere. On the same hair loose veil, retracted
back, it looks quite organic. If you do not have bangs, you can
choose a veil covering the face. On hairstyles in the Greek style
looks great drop veil with lace.

Owners of long hair

Owners of luxurious head of hair – just a godsend for anyone
stylist and hairdresser, because they can do absolutely any
wedding hairstyles. Weddings are especially popular lately.
hairstyles with different braids and veils. Such options, of course,
Suitable for girls with long hair. Best used
any unusual weaving, for example, the French braid,
square braid, four or more strand braid or fishtail.
Perfectly look decorations in braids. This is another trend.
of the season.

Can it just dissolve?

Loose hair is also gaining popularity among today’s
brides. If you decide to dissolve the hair, it’s still without styling
you can’t do it, because there is a whole day ahead, and you will have a lot
move, causing hair to lose its original freshness.
A great option – remove hair from the face, fasten beautiful
accessory or oblique, and behind dissolve. On loose hair
amazingly look large romantic curls. Wedding
hairstyles from long flowing hair with a long veil – new
spirit of 2013.

Girls with short hair

Most often brides with stylish short haircuts,
prefer wedding hairstyles without veils. They are perfect
other hair accessories are wiggles, large flowers and barrettes.
If you have short hair, and the veil is very desirable, you should not
deny yourself this pleasure. Just choose short and
curvy models.

Subtleties in the selection of hairstyles

It’s no secret that with the help of hairstyles can be adjusted
some features and even flaws of the face. Worth considering
There are several nuances in choosing a wedding hairstyle. For girls with
large expressive features perfectly fit smooth
hairstyles Here you can experiment with makeup – fit
bright, extravagant. Large curls fit girls with thin
facial features. If the girl’s face is a little stretched, you should
avoid high hairstyles that can visually stretch it
more. If you have a low forehead, consider wedding options.
hairstyles with bangs.

Consider and hair type

Hair type is also important when selecting an original hairstyle for
wedding So, if you have thin hair, you do not need to pile them
large accessories or weight of complex designs. Here
something light and airy will do. But the girls with thick
hair perfect for intricate hairstyles, with different
weaves and accessories, because their hair is capable of it

Finishing touch

Choosing a wedding hairstyle for yourself, you can do it yourself
or trust a relative or professional. Anyway
be sure to make a “test output”, that is, try on your image
fully in advance – “from and to”. Dress, makeup, hair, shoes –
see how it will all look together to the last
The moment did not reveal any surprises. For example, it happens that
Your chosen accessory badly fixes the veil, the shoes are tight, and
Hairstyle and make-up are not combined.

Well, if you have time to fix it all and
Meet your happiest day fully armed!

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