Women’s braid will decorate any wedding!

wedding hair spitWedding can
without effort to rank as the most significant moments in the life of each
women. On this day, everything should be perfect, because many people dream
about him since childhood. And, of course, the bride should be on this holiday
life is the most beautiful and charming. This will help you to wedding
hairstyles with braids.

It is the appearance of the hair that makes the image of the bride
complete. Therefore, girls are so carefully selected hairstyles on
wedding, depending on the dress, face type, hair, accessories, etc.

Why precisely braids?

Braids are great to arrange wedding
hairstyles because:

  • braids allow you to perform the most diverse and original
  • pigtails give the image of coquettishness;
  • The use of braid makes the hairstyle more robust so that it
    could not spoil until the very end of the celebration;
  • you will need a minimum amount of funds for
  • braid is suitable for hair of different lengths and types.

What can be spit?

Pigtails can participate in a wide variety of hairstyles. Herself
Spit itself can be a true work of art. But when
we are talking about wedding hairstyles, we can consider a few

  • Rim

This hairstyle is very popular among modern brides, because
that it is quite simple to perform, but it looks elegant and
romantic You just weave a braid so that it
resembled a bezel. At the wedding, this option fits very well,
because the hairstyle lasts a long time and her hair is suitable for her
almost any length.

  • Greek braid

This hairstyle will be a great addition to the dress in style
Greek goddess.

  • Spit on its side

The name speaks for itself. You just need to use
weaving braids on one side so that you get a gentle and
romantic image.

  • French braid

This hairstyle perfectly emphasizes the femininity of the bride. Can
make it out of slightly curled hair, leaving some curls

  • Spikelet

This option has long become a real classic, it is the most
strict and practical. Doubt the resistance of this hairstyle you do not
have to.

Selection based on the shape of the face

Of course, when you choose your wedding hairstyle, you need to
focus on the shape of the face. For girls with a round face is better
all suitable variants of braids with a voluminous crown. It will help
somewhat visually pull out the shape. Oblique bangs optional
smooth out the flaws. Square shape will help soften the wedding
hairstyles from soft braids.

From different sides you can try to leave thin strands and curl
them so that the facial features do not look too harsh. BUT
Owners of an oval-shaped face for a wedding can be tried
any variants with pigtails.


accessories for the wedding braidFor the most important day in life
women come up with a wide variety of accessories that
can be placed on the hair. The most common option – veil.
But not every girl wants to hide all her beauty
hairstyles under the veil. Compromise option – veil and spit on its side.

Another accessory is a veil. It can be mounted on the top with
small charming hat. The crown or diadem can also
to be quite successfully used, for example, in the Greek style.

Flowers and ribbons fit perfectly in almost every
hair with braids. It looks gentle and refined. To your wedding
You will arrive as a real princess.

What should be the dress?

According to stylists, with a haircut from braid, you can choose any
the dress. But you can especially note the wedding dresses in retro style,
greek style and asymmetrical dress (open shoulder
carelessly cover with a free braid).

Most importantly, choosing an image for such an important day, do not
worth being afraid to experiment. Of course, you need to do it
in advance, and not on the eve of the solemn event. But if you
get ready in advance, you are limited only by your imagination and
professionalism of your master. And remember: the bride on this day
should be not only the most beautiful, but also the happiest!

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