Women’s undercut haircut: review options stylish styling

Girls have always sought to emphasize individuality through
hairstyles That haircut is able to transform
appearance, give confidence, and sometimes even life change.
One of the popular hairstyle options is undercard.

Popular hairstyle

Daring and bold haircut is suitable not only for young
to girls. Due to the many options for making and styling any
the fair sex will be able to choose for themselves
suitable option.

  • 1 Undercut: haircut history
  • 2 Who is suitable
  • 3 Options for haircuts and styling with photos
    • 3.1 For long hair
    • 3.2 For medium hair
    • 3.3 For short hair
    • 3.4 Color
    • 3.5 Extreme
  • 4 Nuances
    • 4.1 With or without a bang
    • 4.2 Curly or straight
    • 4.3 For mature women
  • 5 Further care and styling
  • 6 Alternatives

Undercut: haircut history

If you try to translate the name of this haircut, you get
“cut down”. The woman’s hair was spied on by men and
implemented in a variety of options. The main features of her
are shaved (short-cropped) temples and the back of the head, and
elongated bangs. Rarely shorten hair on only one

To practice this hairstyle began in the 20s of the last century.
She came to us from America and England. Warriors first rated all
the benefits of such a haircut. They were disturbed by long strands, and
short no one then wore.

Interesting! The next wave of popularity –
sixties. So men began to get a haircut, and after them beautiful

It is thanks to the girls that this hairstyle has gained the greatest
popularity: she became bold, bold, but at the same time retained
elegance. Anderkat – still in demand
hair cut because fashion for unisex hairstyles are not
is ending.

To suit

Anderkat female haircut

Bright haircut highlights the girl from the crowd and attracts to her
Attention. Therefore, female undercard is a solution for
extraordinary, courageous personalities and creative natures.
Modest and notorious girls hairstyle will not work.

Important! The variety of types of haircuts allows
choose the best option for a girl with any skin tone and
face shape.

Those whose hair does not differ in thickness and rigidity, it is worth
give preference to asymmetric varieties of underkerk. If a
make torn ends, it will give your hair an unusual look and
will provide volume.

Thin girls, as well as owners of elongated
face and sharp chin is recommended to stop the choice
on an asymmetrical haircut. If the face is round, the figure is full, then
the best option is a classic: a short underrk with shaved

Options for haircuts and styling with photos

Anderkat – women’s haircut, the main plus of which – diversity

Long hair

Underder for long hair

This way of cutting is suitable for those who have thick hair and
lush. But it is better to shave one temple, and curls to lay on
other side. At the temple looks interesting picture.
This variation of the haircut is easily modified in a variety of hairstyles.
by curling, braid.

Strands collected in the tail or bundle. If the hair is thin, it’s better
make an asymmetrical haircut.

An interesting solution – shaved nape with
pattern, which can be opened, collecting curls in
high beam, or hide under the strands depending on mood
and circumstances.

On medium hair

Hairstyle for medium hair

With curls of medium length, shaving is also preferable.
one of the temples. With two short cropped sides such
hairstyle fit this rebellion. Medium, long hair
laid back, you can with the use of pile.

Due to the curling and weaving of the braids it is easy to create the most different
hairstyles Anderkat on average hair – quite universal
option, it fits most girls.

Important! On the locks of medium length looks beautiful
asymmetrical hair when the temples are not shaved, but the hair
trimmed much shorter (one or both temples).

On short hair

A common and popular underwriting is
short haircut. Shave both temples or temples and occiput
at the same time. Long strands at the crown of the head and
laid back.

Using gel for the effect of “wet hair”, create careless
styling, reminiscent of a creative mess.

This video shows one of the options for an undercut haircut on
short hair.


Coloring individual strands or zones helps to accentuate
attention to the hairstyle. This haircut makes a girl out of
crowds of people. Heterogeneous coloration is good for those who
The natural color of the curls is dull, dull.

Dark shades of hair contrast beautifully with a pale face.
Zonal strand staining is best left to trust.
stylist, because to do it yourself at home
conditions quite problematic.


If you have enough courage, you can shave the back of your head, make it
or at the temples an interesting pattern or even a tattoo. Such
The solution is rapidly gaining popularity in the world. AT
Extreme variant shaved areas are extensive.

All the pictures on the shaved part look brighter if the hair is dark
colors or tinted, contrasting skin. On light
strand pattern is not so clear. Therefore some girls
first dye the hair, and then make a haircut.

Underworld color


Those who decide to cut the underdraft should choose
good master After all, on short cropped temples any
errors can no longer be corrected. Besides,
an experienced stylist will advise the most appropriate type of this
haircuts for a specific hair type, face shape and age.

With or without a bang

Hairstyle can be like a bang, and even without it. If a
strands are long or medium length, bangs can not do. On short
hair, it is also not required.

Tip! If the bangs are straight, it is convenient to do the comb and
comb it back. Also oblique and asymmetrical

Haircuts with bangs and without it

Curly or straight

Best for haircuts fit straight hair. Their length
does not matter. But the owners of tight curls such
hairstyle will not work. It will not be very impressive
look on curly hair, because the “geometry” of the haircut is not
will be so vividly noticeable.

Naughty curls can be straightened, but for daily installation in
In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time.

Curly and straight hair

For mature women

Anderkat – haircut, which is ideal for young girls,
as well as middle-aged women. Ladies aged and owners
it is better not to do a calm character.

Further care and styling

This haircut allows you to create many images. Its easy
to lay. Since it includes zones with short
curls, a month or one and a half it is necessary
adjust, otherwise the brightness and pattern will be lost. If done
staining, then as the regrowth should be painted over the roots.

After washing it is recommended to dry the hair with
combs and hair dryer, pulling strands. Girls with thin,
wavy and naughty curls for styling is useful

Girls with an undercut haircut

If the haircut has long strands, then they are recommended to comb and
lay on the side or comb back to shaved whiskey
were clearly visible, because this is the main focus of hair. If a
the length of the curls allows them to form curls, curls,
braid braids. This adds even more brightness and individuality.

In the warm season due to the use of gel or
wax styling cream can create the effect of wet hair
or ruffle and tousle strands, fixing them in a chaotic

Tip! For evening or romantic
image should be done at the roots, and the ends of the long strands
screw up.


Short haircuts

If you do not have enough courage to change the image so drastically
or it does not allow work, you can choose a more restrained

  1. Short bob This hairstyle has no age limit,
    because it combines elegance and courage.
    The volume of hair is concentrated in the upper part.
  2. Gavrosh. Unlike an undercate, long strands are formed in
    the back of the head, and at the top they are short.
  3. Bob-car. Haircut looks great when done
    asymmetrically. Elegant hairstyle fits in business
    style, suitable for strict dress code. Big plus
    shearing is versatility in terms of age.
  4. Pixie This version resembles a boyish haircut, it is done
    on short hair, leaving a bang. Long on the nape
    locks smoothly into short. Laid down
    hairstyle in a casual style.

Anderkat is a great way to emphasize individuality. On
short hair cut allows you to create different hairstyles, and on
long curls styling options even more. Do not be afraid
experiment, but trust your hair only to experienced
to the master.

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